The Little Angels Pat Wasmond Home is a loving residence for children and young adults with severe disabilities and complex medical needs. It is a state-of-the-art facility offering round-the-clock skilled nursing, therapeutic and habilitation services in a warm, caring environment. Founded in 1958 by Elgin residents Pat and Bob Wasmond, it may not be a home in the traditional sense, but it does provide the most important aspects that make a home--love, care and support.

The Little Angels Cathy Freeman Center for Developmental Training, a dynamic therapeutic day program for young adults with severe disabilities is adjacent to the residence. Both facilities are located on Rt. 58, on the eastern edge of Elgin, IL.


About Bikers

With all the attention biker gangs in Waco Texas are getting, we need to remember that the great majority of bikers are top notch citizens who work hard to benefit our communities. The work that EAO (Elgin Area Organization of Motorcycle Riders) does by holding the Little Angels Pledge Run is a great example. On May 17th this event raised nearly $100,000 for the Little Angels Center for Exceptional Care in Elgin. Over 28 years, their run has produced approximately $5,000,000 to benefit the disabled children and young adults at Little Angels. Their hard work and loyalty to helping our kids should be getting more publicity than the bad apples in Texas.                        


  Open Letter to the Illinois General Assembly

April 2015

The Little Angels Center for Exceptional Care is an agency in Elgin, IL that operates the Pat Wasmond Home, a long-term care facility serving children and young adults with profound disabilities and complex medical needs, and the Cathy Freeman Center, a developmental training program for young adults with profound disabilities and complex medical needs.

The State of Illinois’ proposed budget for FY2016 which includes a 12% cut in Medicaid rates for facilities like Little Angels would be catastrophic.

Little Angels has had their rates frozen since 1994, with a few nominal cost of living adjustments. Our funding was then reduced in other ways, canceling any 'adjustment.' To add insult to injury, Little Angels suffered a significant funding cut and loss of revenue in July of 2012. The latest proposed cut for FY2016 would mean a loss of $600,000 annually for Little Angels.

Little Angels has been doing its part to balance the State’s budget for over 20 years. There is nothing left to cut and the agency absolutely cannot survive another decrease in funding.  Without Little Angels, our very vulnerable population will be left with few, if any options.

I implore you to visit our facilities and meet the children and young adults who so desperately need our care and service. Please contact Mary Jean Adkins to schedule a visit. (maryjean@little-angels.us; 847.741.1609 x 101)

I understand that difficult decisions must be made to balance the budget. But these decisions cannot continue to be made at the expense of our state’s most vulnerable citizens.


Shelley Lewis, Executive Director
Little Angels Center for Exceptional Care


To look up who your Illinois Senator and Representative is click here.




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