10 Best Apps to Make Your Smartphone Baby Monitor

Parents are always worried about their baby’s security and a modern day baby monitor can be really handy these days. With the advancement in technology, it is possible to transform your smartphone into a baby monitor with the minimum possible fuss. You can use your smartphone’s camera to keep any eye at your baby all the time. Such a contraption can be very useful in situations when you are not able to keep an eye at your babies all the time. Without wasting any time, let us discuss some of the smartphone apps that can help you transform your phone into a baby monitor.

Part 1: How to turn old smartphones into baby monitors

You can quite easily convert your old smartphone equipped with a camera into an active baby monitor. If you are a new mom or dad and in the midst of a travel, you can easily your baby monitor to ensure that your baby is fine and safe from any potential hazard.

Access to internet and a smartphone equipped with a camera are the two most important things required in this regard. This needs a couple of phones that are in active condition working on the same WiFi network and a suitable application to make it all happen. You have to configure one phone with the camera directed towards the baby and kept at a distance safe enough to let you view the baby and the surroundings. You need to ensure that the smartphone that is being set up to keep an eye at your baby is plugged into the power supply and is configured to the same WiFi network that you are using.

Part 2: Top 10 Baby Monitor Apps

Now, let us start discussing the top 10 apps to help convert your smartphone into a baby monitor.

1 – Baby Monitor by Dormi

The best baby monitor app that you will come across on Google Play is the Baby Monitor by Dormi. It can be installed on both the devices that are to be used for monitoring your baby and can be used with or without an internet connection. The baby monitor application lets you monitor your baby even when you are in the midst of travel and allows connection of multiple devices to the same child device.

Price: $8.99


  • The responsiveness of microphone has to be adjusted. The application gets configured to the noise levels automatically
  • Notifications are issued in case of missed calls and texts on the child device
  • The parent smartphone begins to vibrate when the baby starts weeping
  • Top quality night vision mode is also incorporated
  • Even when the screen is off, the application works in the background

2 – Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV or MacOS. Once the baby monitor application has been installed, it has to be run simultaneously on both the devices which are known as the child unit and the parent unit. The application seamlessly converts your Apple device into a safe and secure Baby Monitor.

Price: $3.99


  • Compatibility with a wide array of devices
  • Support for noise and motion alerts
  • Video baby monitor
  • When the battery gets low in the child device, notifications are issued to the parent device
  • Support for multiple parent and child devices

3 – Baby Monitor by Faebir

The Baby Monitor by Faebir is an app designed for Android powered devices that boasts a simple and intuitive user interface. It is a highly functional application and issues notifications when the baby makes a movement or begins to cry. The alerts are sent via voice calls, text messages or VOIP calls.

Price: Free


  • When the baby cries, alerts are issued via VOIP calls, text messages or voice calls
  • When the battery gets low in the child device, notifications are issued to the parent device
  • Even when the screen is off, the application works in the background
  • Adjustable microphone responsiveness
  • Auto-recovery options from temporary issues

4 – Baby Monitor by CodeGoo

Touted as one of the best baby monitor applications, the Baby Monitor by CodeGoo carries out a regular phone call to the number stored in the application. It is a handy app during travels.

Price: $4.99


  • Compatibility with a wide array of devices
  • Provides support for most of the carriers
  • Support for FaceTime

5 – Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps

The Baby Monitor HD application by Sunshine Apps lets you monitor your baby through your Apple device over WiFi or 3G cellular internet. So, with this handy baby monitor app, you can keep an eye at your baby whether you are travelling or you are at home. It produces high quality video display and top notch audio output that portrays the highest performance when coupled with a retina display and offers a maximum of four real time video streams simultaneously.

Price: Free


  • Camera configuration is as easy as it can get
  • Loaded with camera tilt options
  • Active support group lets you contact the users of this app all over the world
  • Double tap zoom feature
  • Digital video and audio monitor

6 – Baby Monitor 3G

The Baby Monitor 3G is available for both Android and iOS powered devices and lets you convert your smartphone, computer or tablet into a safe baby monitor with the minimum possible fuss. The baby monitor application can be easily downloaded from Apple app store and Google Play Store. It lets you view real time video feeds of your baby right on your smartphone. It also lets you adjust the microphone sensitivity of the child unit to listen to distinct sounds in your baby’s surroundings.

Price: $5.99 (Android), $3.99 (iOS)


  • Offers unlimited range
  • Provides support for recording videos
  • Compatible with multiple parent devices
  • Configurable microphone sensitivity
  • Issues vibration alerts in case of any motion detection from the baby’s room
  • Safe and secure

7 – Baby Monitor and Alarm

Baby Monitor and Alarm is yet another smartphone baby monitor application that has been developed for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to providing support for call to parent functionality, the noise recording feature is also something to look forward to. Whenever a noise is detected in the baby’s room, a call is placed to the parent device. Parents can also replay the noises for easy reference.

Price: $2.99 (Google Play), $2.99 (iOS)


  • Safe, reliable, user-friendly and intuitive
  • Noise recording that can be replayed for easy reference
  • Creation of activity logs
  • Call to parent functionality
  • Mommy’s voice feature

8 – WiFi Baby Monitor

Live video and audio broadcasts are transmitted by the WiFi Baby Monitor. Parents can zoom in and out to view in detail the baby’s activities. The password protection feature has been incorporated for cameras while support is also provided for multiple parent devices. The baby monitor app is available for both iOS and Android powered devices.

Price: Free


  • Top notch video and audio broadcasts
  • Video zoom in and feature
  • Configurable video resolution
  • Support for multiple parent devices
  • Password protection for cameras

9 – Third Eye

Third Eye is a baby monitor application that is compatible with all Apple devices and lets you keep an eye at your kid through audio and video real time feeds. When connected over the same WiFi network, you can listen to crystal clear audio from the baby’s surroundings and even record those audio clips.

Price: Free


  • Support for multiple parent devices
  • Live video feed
  • Live audio broadcast
  • Remote recording feature

10 – Bluetooth and WiFi App Box

The Bluetooth and WiFi App Box provides support for iPhone. You just have to get it downloaded from iTunes and off you go with monitoring your baby seamlessly from a remote location. It lets you use both the front and rear cameras in addition to capturing images of the baby’s activity.

Price: Free


  • Save images while monitoring
  • Use front and rear cameras
  • Configurable snapshot cameras


The above mentioned applications can go a long way in helping you keep an eye at your baby and ensure that he remains safe from any potential hazards even when you are away.