Nursing bags also referred to as medical bags are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, designs and functionalities that can be of interest for nursing professionals of disparate backgrounds and proclivities.

Every bag in our list is not designed specifically for medical purposes only. However, we have taken care to include those bags in our list with sizes, functionality and designs that make them ideal for the nursing professionals. As a matter of fact, any bag that is functional can be used as a nursing bag
and there are tons of nursing professionals who love to purchase branded bags such as Vera Bradley.

To help you out in your search for the ultimate nursing bag, here is a list of the 10 best medical bags and totes for nursing professionals.

Each of the enlisted bag or tote has its own specialty that enable it to distinguish itself from the crowd and can be used a nursing bag
at the workplace. These bags have made their way to our list owning to their top build quality, versatility, functionality, design, customer rating and overall aesthetic appeal.

1 – Vera Bradley Large Duffel

The Vera Bradley Large Duffel bag is a popular designer bag that has plenty of room and is available in a wide range of colors and designs that can go with tons of outfits. The bag boasts dimensions of 11” width, 11” height and 22” length while the shoulder strap is 16” in length that is sewn from the bottom up to allow for optimum storage and reliability.

The Vera Bradley Large Duffel bag is one of the most reliable, durable and trendy nursing bags
that you will come across on the market. The bag is available in more than 50 different colors or textures for those who are looking for more options and styles.

2 – ADC Nylon Medical Bag

The ADC Nylon Medical bag is a nursing bag
for nursing professionals who are looking for lots of space and compartments to adjust all their gear.

This is a highly functional medical bag that comes with a primary compartment along with 11 gusseted and 2 zippered interior pockets. Moreover, there are a couple of additional exterior pockets for swift accessibility of essentials such as smartphones, stethoscopes and bandage scissors.

A couple of inbuilt carrying handles make it easier for the bag to be trudged along while the shoulder strap is padded for those who love being hands free. The ADC Nylon Medical bag is available in tons of colors such as black, navy and dark green.

3 – Vera Bradley Vera Tote

The Vera Bradley Vera Tote is for those who love to carry with them designer ware and a bag that is spacious and contains enough compartments to put all their gear in them.

The tote has six pockets in the interior and a couple of pockets on the outside. The compartment slots make it easier for nursing professionals to sort out and keep track of different equipment while they are on the go.

The dimensions of nursing bag
are 19.25” x 14.75” while the strap drop is 11” in length that allows for easy carrying. Similar to the large Duffel bag, the Vera Bradley Vera Tote also comes in a wide array of colors and patterns to suit your moods and apparel.

4 – EZ View Med Bag

Hopkins Medical Products bring to you the EZ View Medical Bag that is yet another highly nursing bag
that comes with 16 zippered pockets along with 12 quick zip organizers.

The bag also comes with a separate container compartment and a reliable strap for easy handling. The bag has been designed while keeping its utility and functionality in mind and is able to provide both of the said features with remarkable success.

5 – Rothco Vintage Medic Bag W/ Cross

The Rothco Vintage Medic bag is a simple bag with a spacious primary compartment and a shoulder strap that can be adjusted. The bag offers a vintage style medic design with a cross and flap cover elements. It is available in black, sage, olive and khaki colors that further add to the bag’s vintage persona.

The Rothco Vintage medic bag is a wonder option for nursing professionals who are looking to keep their gear in a large main compartment of a bag that boasts a simple design.

6 – Oversized Tosca Tote Handbag Style 9201

The Oversized Toscan Tote handbag is a nursing bag
that comes with sufficient storage space. It has a large lined compartment with interior zip and slip pockets that let you carry plenty of stuff.

The dual carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap offer style as well as diverse carrying options. The Oversized Tosca Tote Handbag is available in black, burgundy, orange, olive green, tan and teal.

7 – High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag

A very popular messenger bag, the High Sierra Tank pack is available in tons of colors and patterns. It is made of polyester material and comes with a quick release adjustable flap with a hook and loop closure.

The High Sierra Tank pack comes with tons of pockets including an accessory lid, mesh beverage compartment and a cell phone pocket along with the main compartment space.

8 – Everest Deluxe Sporting Tote

The Everest Deluxe Sporting nursing bag
is an impressively lightweight tote bag that comes with a zippered main compartment and separated zippered pockets at the bag’s bottom.

The inner and outer pouches let you carry additional gear while the bag is available in different colors including black, khaki, burgundy, royal blue, hot pink, dark purple and torques.

9 – Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag

The Nurse Mates Nursing Bag
comes with plenty of storage space and pockets that let nursing professional all their conventional medical equipment.

Made with water resistant fabric, the Nurse Mates nursing bag
comes with top quality zippers to ensure durability and can be cleaned with ease. It is available in tons of different colors and designs that are suitable for both male and female nurses along with nursing students.

The bag comes with dual handles and a removable shoulder strap for diverse carrying options.

10 – Authentic Pigment 14 Oz Pigment-Dyed Large Canvas Tote

The Authentic Pigment 14 Oz Pigment-Dyed Large Canvas Tote is made from 100% cotton canvas material and comes with nylon webbing handles that make it easy to carry them.

The bag has a large primary compartment that is complemented with a snap closure design for storing large things. There is a zippered pocket that hangs in the inside while the exterior pocket can be accessed with ease.

The Authentic Pigment 14 Oz Pigment-Dyed Large Canvas nursing bag
comes in a wide range of colors including khaki, green, denim, java, putty and poppy to cater for customers of varying tastes and inclinations.

Things to consider when opting for a nursing bag

There are tons of important things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing an appropriate nursing bag or tote to keep all your gear with you and carry it around. Some of the main factors include the size of the bag, durability, ease with which it can be cleaned, portability, luxury and the overall design.

In addition, the items that you plan to put in your carrying bag, its size and the capacity of the main compartment are some of the other factors that are of great significance.


The size of the nursing bag
should be dictated by the items that you intend to place in it.

If you end up with a bag that is too small for your liking, you will have it filled up too early and there will be no space left to place your essential items.

If you are skeptical that the bag might be too small, it is wiser to go for a slightly larger bag to be on the safer side.

You can also consult your friend, coworker or a nursing student about their opinion regarding nursing bag
that they recommend depending on the items they carry.

Some of the items that you will be carrying in your bag may include a planner, a stethoscope, bandage or dressing scissors, thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, batteries, medical tape, alcohol swipes, lotion, smartphone, water bottles, food items and other such essentials.

Compartment and pocket space

As discussed above, you should go for nursing bag
that is able to carry all your essentials in it without any hassle. In addition, you should be looking for a bag that comes with compartments and pockets that let you sort different items out with ease.

If you end up with a bag that is spacious enough to keep all your medical gear in it but does not have compartments and pockets, then you can go for travel organizers to sort your items out.

Mobility and portability

Since you will be carrying your bag on daily basis, so it becomes vital that you are able to handle and transport your bag from one place to another with seamless ease.

A nursing bag
or tote with a comfortable shoulder strap or even a backpack can help you carry your medical equipment without any hassle.


If you intend to use your bag for a longer period of time, then durability of your bag is an aspect that you should never compromise on.

Ensure that you opt for a bag that is made of formidable materials and a reliable shoulder strap.

It is fact that the price of a medical bag that can help you carry all your medical equipment without any hassle will depend on its features and design. So, if you purchase a bag that is made of weaker materials or has a strap that is flimsy in nature, it will be vulnerable to breaking down when the bag gets too heavy. In that worst case scenario, you will have to spend more money in getting the bag replaced with a new one. It is always prudent to spend some extra money on a nursing bag
of better quality.

Ease of cleaning

While working at the hospital or any medical center, a bag that consists of materials that can be cleaned with ease is really important. It can get dirty and collect germs and other nasty residue in such a hostile environment.

However, if you are able to take good care of your bag, you may not be too fussed about the bag getting dirty. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you keep the nursing bag
away from places from where it is likely to catch dust, grime and germs. A bag that is easy to clean can come in handy if you are concerned about these issues.


Finally, the design of the bag is also of great importance.

If you are one of the nursing professionals who is interested in keeping a stylish, glamorous and flamboyant outlook both at the workplace as well as outside it, then you can easily opt for a nice designer nursing bag
or tote. However, the above mentioned facts should always be kept in mind even while going for designer ware.

If you end up purchasing an expensive designer bag that is small and unreliable, you might have to rue the time when you bought it.

Here is a gist of the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing the nursing bag:

  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Capacity
  • Size of pockets and segments
  • Mobility and portability
  • Comfort
  • Ease of cleaning


Along with purchasing a medical bag, you should also be looking to purchase other compatible alternatives and auxiliary items that can be handy in the workplace.

The accessories can include travel organizers, shoe pouches, I.D. tags or even backpacks for those who are not interested in purchasing a nursing bag
or tote.

High Sierra Swerve Pack

There are numerous nurses and students out there who are not at all fascinated by the idea of nursing bags and prefer to go for the trendy backpacks.

The High Sierra Swerve backpack is a fine choice when it comes to backpacks for professional nurses as it comes with plenty of compartment space and pockets to help them sort their items out.

Along with accommodating all the medical gear of professional nurses, the High Sierra Swerve Pack can also house a 15” notebook and has an external pocket for keeping beverages.

This backpack is a fantastic alternative for nurses and students who are looking for the functionality and reliability of a nursing bag
but do not quite have the temperament and the desire to carry one.

Travel Accessories Organizer Bags

Travel accessories organizer bags help professional nurses and students organize all their medical equipment and keep them separated from one another. This can be exceptionally handy when you are using a nursing bag
that has limited space and low number of compartments and pockets.

These bags are also a great solution to keeping your medical bags clean and will protect professionals from rummaging hard in their bags.

These kind of accessory organizer bags enable the users to fill up several of them with their required items and only bring to work the ones that are needed for the day or the occasion. The others can be left at home to be stored for the time when they are needed.

I.D. Tags

If you are a medical practitioner or a professional who happens to work in a large hospital and has to move around a lot, there is always a probability of you losing your medical bag. I.D. bag tags can come in handy in such a situation since they can help others identify that an unknown bag belongs to you.

An identification tag affixed to your bag will ensure that you are able to recover your lost nursing bag
in case you have lost it or forgotten it somewhere.

Shoe Sleeves

When having to work on long shifts, an additional pair of shoes can be really helpful as you may have to change your shoes for comfort or certain medical conditions.

With the help of eBags Shoes Sleeves, you can carry along with you an extra pair of shoes without spoiling your nursing shoes or getting the nursing bag
dirty in which they are kept.

The shoes sleeves come with an easy release to let you place the shoes in them with exceptional ease. You can also take the shoes out of the sleeves with ease. Moreover, the sleeves are made from soft and durable fabric that allows for comfortable storage.

5 Tips for purchasing the best nursing bag or tote

If you are looking to purchase a nursing bag
but are not able to make a decision, then try following these tips and your task will certainly be rendered easy:

  • Identify your needs:

    The first and foremost step that you have to take before purchasing a medical bag is to streamline your needs. You have to determine if you are looking for a medical bag that has lots of compartments and pockets to carry all your medical gear or you are looking for a bag that has a couple of pockets or segments for books and stethoscope. Also take into account the capacity of the bag that will suit you considering your future needs. Finally, it is important that your bag should consist of materials that are easy to clean and do not collect too much dirt, germs and grime. It is true that any bag can get dirty, but a bag that is easy to clean will definitely make your life easier and will save you some money since you won’t have to get it cleaned up.

  • Maneuverability:

    Another important factor while choosing the right medical bag is to figure out how you plan to carry the bag and what technique will be the easier one. If you are looking for a lighter option, then a handheld tote bag could be a better choice. But as the bags get bigger in size and heavier in weight, then they should come with a shoulder strap or a sling for easy carriage. If you are looking for a bag that should be able to carry lots of heavy equipment or you are not too fussed about the design, then a roller backpack can be the way to go. As a matter of fact, any appropriate bag including a diaper bag can be used as a medical or nursing bag

  • Reliability:

    Your bag should be reliable enough so that it is able to stand the test of time. If you are planning to carry heavier items in your bag and also wish to use for a longer period of time, then ensure that you buy the one that is made from durable materials. Moreover, a bag with durable straps is also mandatory lest they may break and render your bag useless.

  • Apparel:

    If you are concerned about the latest fashion trends, then you will surely go for a medical bag that goes with your apparel. A bag with solid basic colors will go with most of the dresses while those with varying coloring patterns will blend in nicely with colorful clothing. You need to ensure that your bag is functional and durable. If you purchase a nursing bag
    that is trendy and stylish but is not durable or function, then you are likely to get rid of it after using it for a shorter period of time. In that case, you will also have to spend money on purchasing a newer bag.

  • Consult your colleagues:

    Finally, if you have put in all your efforts and still are confused about the best medical bag for yourself, then try asking your friends, colleagues and professionals regarding their recommendation and choice. You can also purchase a wide range of bags with different features and ask your friends which one is the best in their opinion.