11 Best Baby Jumpers for Parents

As your baby grows up, you will be in need of a wide array of products in order to cater his developmental needs. A best baby jumper can be a really handy contraption that can help your kid spend some quality time having fun while simultaneously developing his motor skills. These are a couple of primary advantages you get from baby jumpers in addition to tons of other seemingly minor yet significant ones.

There are numerous choices available on the market when it comes to baby jumpers and you will be able to find ones in accordance with your budgetary constraints. All these products are safe to use and you should take comfort from the fact that these contraptions allow you to be confident that your baby is going to have a great time having fun, learning and being stimulated.

Advantages of a Baby Jumper

A jumper is not only a baby toy, rather it comes with tons of advantages in relation to your baby’s developmental stages. Baby walkers are there to provide some poise and mobility to the baby while cradle swings provide the much needed comfort. However, baby jumpers, in addition to providing the above mentioned features, also offer a considerable number of benefits as mentioned below.

  • Muscle tone and strength: There is no formidable research that supports the role of baby jumpers in the development of a baby’s hip and muscle strength. However, they are still able to provide a little of the much needed muscular strength at least if not a whole lot of it. Experts, however, advise a limited usage of baby jumpers in order to prevent unrequired stress over certain body muscles that may result from repetitive usage.
  • Enhanced Pre-walking skills: This is not essentially a walking tool but it certainly does help your baby develop his motor skills as it enables him to use his lower half of the body to stand upright and improve the working of his muscles. What’s more, in addition to learning how to stand and poise themselves, they also learn how to dance with a baby jumper. Isn’t that cool?
  • Provides comfort and safety: Baby jumpers offer a soothing and comforting effect to your baby while acting as a momentary baby sitter while you take care of your household chores. Moreover, since they do not move like a walker, so they are not potentially dangerous in moving away from you or making your baby fall down from stairs.
  • Visual stimulation and activity: Baby jumpers can offer a huge array of features that can vary depending on the model that you buy. They are fitted with tons of toys and attractive stuff that keep your baby engaged and well-entertained.

Hey and the best benefit that you get with a baby jumper is that they can tire your baby down so much that he will inevitably go to sleep.

What to look for in a baby jumper

There are numerous baby jumpers out there. Some of them will appear to be nothing but monotonous while others would make you desire to have them for yourself instead of your kid. The most popular baby jumpers come adorned with a wide variety of toys and audio and visual stimulating objects to keep your baby involved for quite some time. Here are some of the basic attributes that you should be looking for in a baby jumper when purchasing one:

  • Portability
  • Toy center
  • Music and lights

A good quality baby jumper will probably include all of the above mentioned three characteristics. An affordable option might contain a couple of the above mentioned featured if not all of them.

The jumpers that we will be sharing with you have been recommended by parents who claim that with the help of these jumpers they are able to get at least half an hour, if not more, of time to get their household chores done while their baby is busy playing with his beloved baby jumper.

A comparison of doorway with an activity jumper

As is evident from their names, a doorway baby jumper is connected to your doorway in the house while the activity jumper is a massive play center for your kid. There are a couple of other differences that will help you make the right decision when you visit the market to purchase a jumper for your baby:

  • Doorway jumpers are designed to operate while being latched onto a doorway frame which makes it imperative for parents to remain closer to their baby while he is playing with a doorway jumper. On the other hand, you may move the activity center to any place in your home; be it the kitchen, your bedroom or sitting area.
  • Doorway jumpers are affordable
  • Activity center jumpers are equipped with music, lights and toys and hence are able to stimulate your baby to a large extent. In addition, some of them come with a seat that does a complete swivel to help your baby access all the toys around him

When it comes to activity center baby jumpers, the activities and the audio and visual stimulating characteristics are the fundamental aspect. For instance, the Fisher Price’s Luv U Zoo Jumperoo activity center jumper comes with the following features:

  • Toy center
  • Music, lights and sound (some even have volume control options)
  • Height adjustments

Common complaints

When it comes to baby products consisting of a number of small and large components, there could arise numerous complaints on part of parents. No product can be deemed perfect, so here are some of the complaints made by parents with regard to baby jumpers:

  • Seats do not swivel smoothly for a smaller baby with regard to activity center jumpers
  • With the addition of an adequate support in activity center jumpers, shorter babies are not able to touch the ground
  • Some activity center jumpers and doorway jumpers come with very little music, toys and sounds
  • Some of the activity center jumpers occupy too much space and are not easy to move from one place to another.
  • While playing on a doorway jumper, a baby’s head could bump into the side of the doorway frame; hence causing injury

Safety information for baby jumpers

  • Baby Einstein Recall: Bay Einstein and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled numerous Baby Einstein Motion Activity Jumpers in response to complaints with regard to a Sun Toy hazard. The models manufactured before 2011 were effected only.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission: The CPSC is responsible for ensuring that the families and parents using baby products remain safe from the potential risks and hazards associated with them. The CPSC has been in place for the last four decades and their contribution to the reduction in the injuries and mortalities owing to the use of consumer products is simply phenomenal.

Best Baby Jumpers

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the most popular baby jumper available on the market and comes with a simple frame that makes it tremendously easy to move around in the house. It is equipped with all the requisites that are needed to keep your baby entertained and stimulated. It is loaded with music, lights, sounds and color activity center. The seat is adjustable with regard to height variations while the complete ability of the seat to swivel around ensures that the baby is able to access all the toys attached. The device is easy to move from one spot to another and can be stored with comfort. When it comes to affordability, fun and reliability, this is certainly the best baby jumper available on the market. The jumper is available in different models such as Rainforest, Luv U Zoo, Discover ‘n Grow and Laugh & Learn.

Pros: As mentioned above, it is the most popular baby jumper out there and comes loaded with a variety of theme options to match your baby’ room decoration. It offers a range of fun activities and is pretty easy to assemble. It is tremendously portable while the baby gets to dance when the music plays around. It is bouncier in contrast to other brands.

Cons: The seat is incredibly tough for feeble infants to rotate on their own. You may have to use a support such as pillow for shorter babies otherwise their feet might not touch the ground. Moreover, the seat could be a rather tight fit for babies with fat thighs.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest jumpers are marvelous to look at with their attractive toys and simple designs. Similar to the above mentioned jumper, the ExerSaucer jumper is also equipped with tons of options to keep your baby engaged. It has been developed in collaboration with the Child Development Institute and boasts a soft base landing, toys that are in accordance with your baby’s age, height adjustment features and Take With Me Toys System. Some of the models available include Jungle Quest, Beach Baby, Bee, Zoo Friends, My First Pet, Jam Session and Safari Friends.

Pros: The jumper is easy to assemble and comes decked with height adjustment features. It is easy to clean and maintain and produces nice funny noise to attract your child. The seat swivels easier in comparison with other products available on the market.

Cons: The jumper boasts a toy center of a smaller size which is not loaded with plenty of music and noise options. There have been a few complaints raised about damaged springs. It is quite large size so occupies plenty of room. Finally, it is not easily portable in contrast to its competitors.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper is a vibrant and flamboyant device that has gained massive traction among consumers thanks to its successful video series. The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper is decked with tons of features to keep your bundle of joy engaged and stimulated. It is fitted with a light up piano that comes with volume control and plays some exquisite melodies for your baby. In addition, it offers variety of activities for your munchkin. It is very easy to disassemble but is certainly not a foldable device. It comes loaded with a 360 degree swivel seat and height adjustment features. Moreover, it is also integrated with a language learning feature with Spanish and French invoked.

Pros: You can comfortably attach new toys with the gadget. The jumper plays cool music while the seat is easier to swivel around in contrast to the counterparts. The jumper is easy to set up and comes with a simple height adjustment feature.

Cons: You may have to add a support for shorter babies while the large size of the jumper means that it will occupy more space in your room. The device is non-collapsible and you have to disassemble it in order to store it.

Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center

The Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Activity Center is another great choice for a baby jumper that may not probably be the most popular out there but is loaded with plenty of features that you would find in other more popular brands. The jumper boasts a Lady bug playstation theme and its associated rattler and teether, a Sunshine mirror along with lights and sound. The jumper also includes 360 degree swivel seat, adjustable height features and the option to replace or add new toys.

Pros: The jumper lets you attach new toys and is quite easy to set up. The jumper does not over-stimulate your baby and is easy to clean and maintain. The toys attached are quite engaging and its upgraded model also comes with doorway bouncer attachment.

Cons: The jumper is not as reliable as its competitors and moves physically if a baby jumps too hard on it. The swivel seat is not easy to rotate. Being large in size, it occupies a lot of space in your room and it is not easily portable. The dangling toys are also not easily accessible for kids.

Bright Starts Cute Critters Activity Jumper

The Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center is similar in design to the Baby Einstein jumper and comes with attractive colors and archy toy loop. It offers plenty of fun to the babies as it is loaded with light up music station along with piano and other fun tunes. The jumper also includes a bead chaser toy, a mirror and a character with teethable arms. The jumper sports five adjustable height positions in addition to being collapsible for easy storage. In addition, the jumper also comes with a machine washable seating pad. The models available include Cute Critters and Giggle Bugs. Keep in mind that the Bright Starts products are sometimes out of stock and hence are generally highly priced.

Pros: The parents can attached additional toys with the jumper while the configuration is super easy. The jumper comes with nice and attractive music options while the additional height adjustment positions makes it a whole lot versatile in contrast to other brands.

Cons: The Bright Starts are quite often out of stock while the build quality is rather flimsy considering its price.

The Best Doorway Jumpers

Graco Jump N Jive with Musical Mat

The Graco Jump N Jive with Musical Mat is the best doorway jumper available on the market. The musical mat that comes bundled with the doorway jumper will throw your little one into a frenzy each time he jumps on it. The door frame is easy to assemble and lets you get your baby in and out of the device with exceptional ease thanks to its minimalistic design. The jumper boasts machine washable seat pads and is easy to transport from one place to another. Moreover, if your baby has outgrown the jumper, he can continue to create amazing music on the mat.

Pros: The adjustable heights feature along with the engaging musical foot pad render this jumper is a must have for your little one. The toys can be replaced while the jumper is remarkably easy to set up.

Cons: The foot pad does not remain sticking to the floor’s surface rather slides on it. Moreover, the seat is too narrow to accommodate a baby.

Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go, ABC123

The Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go, ABC123 boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that emphasizes different cartoon characters to catch your kid’s eye. It comes with a large sized to tray at the front that also acts as a slight doorway buffer for side-to-side motion. The music and lights are not as flamboyant as one would like.

Pros: The jumper is integrated with adjustable heights feature while letting your little one bounce as high as he wants. In addition, a removable toy bar and attractive music and lights features make this jumper a decent choice for your baby.

Cons: The seat is rather too deep for the liking of a baby while jumper makes small sounds as your baby jumps up and down. In addition, placing the baby in the seat and getting him out of it could be a bit of a hassle.

Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

The Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle is a slightly downgraded variant of the Jump B Jive with Musical Mat. However, it still boasts numerous attractive features that will definitely attract parents and kids. The jumper boasts a non-marking, spring loaded clamp that ensures that the installation process is as easy as it can get. In addition, the jumper also comes with a detachable seat pad and a couple of stuffed toys that can be removed and reattached as and when required.

Pros: The Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle is being touted as the best seller that is easily portable and is a perfect choice for shower doorway. It is easy to set up and comes with a wide range of toys. In addition to being easy to maintain, the adjustable heights feature and the incorporation of a bumper for protecting the baby’s head to hit against the sides make this jumper a popular choice among consumers.

Cons: Balance issues could crop up if your baby leans too much on one side. Keep in mind that the jumper does not attach to larger door moldings and when it comes to taller babies, due to its low height, it might not be the best choice for them.

Evenflo Jump & Go Baby Exerciser, Red Racer

The Evenflo Jump & Go Baby Exerciser, Red Racer is a versatile baby doorway jumper available on the jumper that promises to offer plenty of entertainment to your baby while simultaneously providing a real race car experience. The experience is complemented with realistic audio while the enclosed springs ensure supreme protection for the little one. The seat pad is easily washable while a pink colored version is also available for baby girls.

Pros: The jumper comes with adjustable height feature while the thrilling music and lights make the race car experience as realistic as possible. The jumper also includes a horn for your baby to blow and comes bundled with a wall clamp.

Cons: Unfortunately, the jumper does not include volume control option while the noise produced by the spring could be rather irritating. Getting the baby in and out of the seat could be a bit of a hassle and the music selection is not all that great to be honest.

Evenflo ExerSaucer, Bumbly

The Evenflo ExerSaucer, Bumbly is the most affordable doorway jumper included in our list and has gained plenty of traction among consumers. It boasts a unisex, vibrant fabric and can be transported with exceptional ease. Some of the variations include the Bumbly, Daisy Scribble, kangaroo, Pink Bumbly, Pink Grey White, Rock n Roll and Up.

Pros: The jumper is integrated with a thick padded seat while the design is quite pleasing to the eye. In addition, it features adjustable heights and lets you attach as many toys you want with a strap. It is easy to assemble and is compatible with tall door frames.

Cons: The jumper presents a bit of difficulty when it comes to washing and is not compatible with all doorways with molding. When the child is jumping up and down the jumper, the springs can create a squeaky sound and may not be the most suitable option for smaller babies. In addition, the jumper is not well-poised leading to balance issues which make the baby lean towards one side. The jumper does not include sufficient protection for the baby’s head against the side of the doorway so the parents who purchase this model prefer to install it on wider door frames.

Jolly Jumper with Stand

Placed at the last spot is the Jolly Jumper with Stand which is not essentially a doorway jumper but still fits the definition of top-down jumpers. It offers a little bit of walking or balance functionality which can be helpful in developing your baby’s coordination skills. The jumper comes with a formidable back support that helps in the appropriate development of your baby’s spine and bones (there is no research to support this claim by the manufacturer, though).

Pros: The Jolly Jumper with Stand comes with adjustable height feature and is exceptionally easy to assemble. The jumper can be folded up with ease and lets you store it anywhere. You can also hang toys from the jumper.

Cons: The Jolly Jumper with Stand is a low cost jumper that does not come with any toys, music or lights. It can be a bit of a hassle to get the baby in and out of the seat. The jumper is not easy to fold and requires quite a bit of disassembly.

The Bottom Line

That’s it folks! These were the best baby jumpers available on the market. As is the case with other products designed for babies, the jumpers included in our list are safe, reliable and are an excellent choice for stimulating your baby and helping his develop his motor and coordination skills.

The Fisher Price and Baby Einstein are a couple of the entrenched market leaders and in their presence it becomes quite complex for the new comers or lesser known entities to make a name for themselves in the market of baby jumpers.