11 Must Have Essentials for Newborns

If you are a couple expecting a baby soon, then there will be plenty of things on your mind that you will be planning to buy. There are surely a few must have essentials for newborns that will benefit you a lot and prevent you from buying every single product available on the market. You must have come across the wide array of baby registry lists. We bring to you our list of 11 must have essentials for newborns. These are not going to solve all your problems but they will definitely help you out a lot.

1 – Travel system – stroller, baby carrier and car seat

To be honest, you will definitely be needing a stroller and a car seat. Most of you out there won’t have a lot of time to go out to the market and start testing out dozens of strollers, carriers and car seats. The best scenario would be to kill two birds with a single stone and get a combination of a stroller and a carrier. This would be the ideal travel system for your baby.

Since they are designed to be compatible with each other, so you will be able to get the carrier detached from the car seat and put into the stroller with the minimum possible fuss. I would highly recommend you to not embroil yourself in the struggle of dealing with incompatible carriers and strollers.

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2 – Video baby monitor

Being able to monitor your infant in the other room with the help of modern technology is simply a magnificent prospect. This sophisticated technology lets you monitor each and every movement of your kid. There are numerous video monitors available on the market and they come with a wide range of accessories. They provide crystal clean sound and image, pan, tilt and zoom features and some are even incorporated with radio controlled lullabies and a duplex talking mechanism.

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3 – Baby bottles

There must be numerous mothers out there who won’t be enchanted by the idea of breastfeeding their infant. So, they will have to fall back upon the formula milk option. As a matter of fact, bottle feeding comes with plenty of benefits such as the fact that you remain cognizant of the amount of milk consumed by the baby. Moreover, someone else can take over the feeding responsibilities in your absence. You have to take care that the baby needs to be fed less with formula milk since it digests slower than breast milk. It’s always good to have a backup plan in place.

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4 – Nursing Pillow

This may not sound to be an absolute essential but I would strongly urge you to get one. A baby may not be too bulky but it would seem so when you have to lift him up all the time to ensure a decent latch. There are conventional pillows out there but they cannot assure you appropriate support for the baby. Hey, your husband can also use it when it is his turn to feed the infant. Especially, if you have undergone a C-section, then it is mandatory that you have a nursing pillow with you. It will prevent your infant from rubbing and scratching your incision and causing you some discomfort.

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5 – Baby Tracker – Smart Phone App

With the help of the contemporary baby tracker apps, you can track the diaper changes, sleep and feeding patterns and routines of your baby. Such an app creates logs of all these details and help you take care of your baby in a better way. A number of pediatricians are recommending moms and dads to get a baby tracker smartphone app installed in their smartphones and tablets. Here are some of the handy baby tracker apps for Android and iOS powered devices.

6 – Disposing off the diapers

The diapers lying down in your trash can all the time can be quite disgusting. The Munchkin Diaper Pail can help you get rid of this issue as there will no longer be old poopy diapers festering in your trash can. Moreover, a pet playing around with a trash can and ripping off the dirty diapers falling out from the tipped over trash can be quite despicable and the last thing you would want. There are numerous compatible alternatives available that are stench-free and you won’t have to run outside each time your baby poops to throw away the diaper.

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7 – Baby swing

A portable swing is a great idea if you cannot purchase an expensive activity center for your baby. It will save you plenty of time to get your household chores such as doing up the dishes and the laundry and taking shower done while the baby is being entertained by the swing. They are absolutely safe and are adorned with tons of music, songs, lights and sounds to keep your baby engaged. Here is a list of our recommended baby swings.

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8 – Onesies

This is the most important piece of clothing for your newborn. They are gorgeous and make diaper changing process a whole lot easier. They are made of cotton and snap at the crotch for a seamless diaper change. There are tons of patterns available out there. They are quite reasonably priced and will be useful as your baby grows through his years.

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9 – Diaper bag

You will need something to put all that stuff and carry it along with you wherever you go. While a backpack or a large purse would be handy, a diaper bag is what you should be looking for enhanced convenience. A diaper bag with a solid base will be able to hold all your items such as toys, bottles, wipes, diapers, snacks, car keys, smartphone etc. Diaper bags are available in a wide array of designs and variations. There are diaper bags for boys, girls, and even daddy-friendly ones.

10 – White noise maker

Some of the expert pediatricians out there claim that the best way to get a baby to sleep is to imitate the snug environment and whooshing sounds of life inside the womb. A white noise makers creates such an environment while ensuring that all other external noise is drowned out. Here is a New York Times post that discusses the suggested audio levels for ensuring that your baby goes into a calm and serene slumber.

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11 – Swaddle Blanket

There is no unanimous opinion regarding the efficacy of swaddling your baby as to whether it is advantageous and it can calm a fussy down. I adore it to be honest. During the first few days, these blankets will help a lot in ensuring that your baby gets to sleep early and sleeps for a longer period of time. It will also prevent your baby from scratching himself, getting up suddenly and getting scared and a calming influence to your baby’ skin while he is asleep. Here are some tips and tricks to swaddle your baby in the correct manner.

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Final Words

These were the must have essentials for your newborns. Parents have been bringing up their kids without these things for centuries but the modern technology and research on the safety and health of infants has brought these things into our lives. We feel that this stuff will help you out in raising up a happy and healthy baby and will help make your life a whole lot easier. These are some of the basic items that you can certainly put up on your baby registry list.