There are so many couples out there who are trying to conceive, but to their utter disappointment, have not been successful in their endeavors. In Vitro Fertility (IVF) could be an option for them but instead of going down that route too soon, we suggest you the following natural fertility boosters.

It is absolutely true that on average, a couple with no medical ailments whatsoever has about 15% to 20% chance to conceive per menstrual period. So, it makes simple logic that one should strive hard to optimize the probability of conceiving.

Here are our 12 natural

Fertility Boosters:

1 – Be intimate with your partner regularly

It goes without saying that practice makes a man perfect and the more you work hard the stronger your sperm will get. Moreover, a sperm has a life duration of about five days in the body. So, frequent sexual interaction would optimize the probability that sperm will remain in your body for at least a day a woman is about to reach her most fertile day every month.

2 – Reduce caffeine intake

According to experts, consumption of as little as one cup of coffee per day can reduce your probability of conceiving by 50%.

3 – Keep your partner cool

Sperm is adversely affected by the heat around the scrotum region. Sperm production is negatively hindered by excessive heat in and around the testicles. That is why testicles have been located naturally outside the body to keep them cool at an optimum temperature. So, make your partner put on loose cotton underwear and avoid tight jeans or trousers. Sitting with legs crossed or driving a vehicle for longer periods of time can also crop up to be an issue.

4 – Cut down on unnecessary dieting

According to a research conducted at the Ohio University, when women tend to reduce their calories intake, their levels of reproductive hormones are reduced correspondingly; thereby minimizing the probability of ovulation.

5 – Reduce smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking have negative repercussions on the reproductive systems of both men and women so you should plan to stop smoking and reduce drinking to no more than six glasses of wine or four stubbies of beer per week.

6 – Minimize the usage of recreational drugs

Marijuana can reduce the levels of two reproductive hormones, FSH and LH. These are needed by men to produce sperm. It can also reduce their desire to make love. Marijuana can have harmful effects on ovulation when it comes to women.

Cocaine, on the other hand, can cut down on the sperm count and enhance the rate of abnormal sperm. Heroine, similarly, can produce a reduction in testosterone levels.

7 – Minimize the use of painkillers

Some painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can have negative ramifications on conception if consumed around the time of ovulation. These medicines tend to decrease hormones called as prostaglandins, which are required by the body to eject the egg into the fallopian tube.

8 – Stay positive

Psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Muir, contends that when a women is suffering from anxiety, her body can serve as a hindrance to reproduction similar to being a natural contraceptive. She is of the same opinion about men. She believes that same goes for them. If they are stressed, it will result in suppression of the quality and count of their sperm.

9 – Opt for a sexy herb

Fenugreek contains high concentration of Vitamins A and D, which can be beneficial in boosting your libido and impotence. It also positively affects the body’s metabolism; thereby giving you more energy for making love.

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10 – Get yourself examined

It is prudent that you along with your partner should visit your general physician to ensure there are no medical conditions that are hampering you from conceiving such as choked fallopian tubes, fibroids (non-cancerous growth in and around the uterus walls) and endometriosis (a condition in which the uterus lining swells in certain places).

11 – Try additional therapies

Here are a few complementary therapies that you can try out with your partner as natural fertility boosters, to make sure that you conceive:

  • Herbal medicine: agnus castus can be pivotal in regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Homepathy: Selenium mettalicum can be handy when dealing with male impotence
  • Acupuncture: Can rectify hormone imbalances and issues such as fibroids

12 – Eat organic food as much as possible

Pesticides can have harmful effects on hormone balance and your ability to conceive. So, before you plan to get pregnant and working out on your fertility and stuff, go visit your trusted general physician get yourself checked out.