In the first few weeks after their birth, babies do not need a lot of things at home. Parents are tempted to purchase anything that comes their way for their bundle of joy but these essential items are all what are needed by your baby.

1 – Newborn Essentials

A lot of apparel are not required by a newborn baby. But there are certain essential items that you need to stock at home. There are a few side-tie or side-snap t-shirts that you need to have in store for your baby until the umbilical cord gets separated. Then you can switch over to the onsie which is the typical working wardrobe for your infant. These are the pull over and snap t-shirts that serve as overalls for your baby. You can buy at least six of them and more if you are not interested in washing them on daily basis because your baby is likely to put on a couple of them at least on daily basis. You should get at least six pairs of socks to keep the little guy’s feet warm during the winters.

2 – Sleepers and sleep sacks

Stretchy sleepers can cover your baby from neck to feet and they come with snaps in the leg area which help you to change them easily. You can have at least six of them which are a nice option for a nice nighttime sleep in addition to keeping the infant comfortable as he travels. Babies tend to grow up rather too quickly so do not get tempted to purchase a whole lot of them.

Sleep sacks can come in handy for cold nights. You can have a bunch of them for the first few weeks.

3 – Knit sweaters and caps

If you are living in colder climes or have your baby born in the winters, a knit sweater and a cap can be handy to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Heat is lost from the top of the baby’s head so a cap can assist in keeping the baby’s body temperature at the requisite level. You can get a baby snowsuit as well if the temperatures are too frigid or else you can also resort to wrapping your well-clad baby in a blanket.

4 – Disposable or Cloth Diaper


At least a couple of packages of disposable diapers should suffice or you can have cloth diapers for a couple of days. Babies can end up using several of them in a single day so you can be on the lookout for sales and coupons and stock up whenever possible if you are using a lot of disposables. The right size should be bought to ensure that there are no leakages. A natural diaper cream should also be placed in the stores but you should take care that you avoid using petroleum products. A diaper pail should also be bought but you should remember to empty it every now and then.

5 – Baby diapers

A baby will need to change a whole lot of diapers in a single day. So, here is how you can save up on the diapers.

6 – Baby Bath Tub


A baby needs to be bathe on daily basis so a small plastic baby bath can make your life easier. You can place it in the tub or in a large sink. Having said that, hold the baby in the tub while giving bath to ensure that the baby is safe from harm. A specially formulated baby wash and a baby shampoo should be suitable for your baby so as to keep his or her gentle skin safe.

7 – Disposable wipes


Disposable wipes are a great option for parents while they are away from home and then need to clean up the mess and facilitate themselves during diaper changes. You should take care to keep a decent sized pack near the changing area and a travel pack in your diaper bag. Keep in mind that the wipes are void of any fragrance and use only after the first few days. Ensure that you use alcohol wipes on the cord area before it gets separated. A three hooded towel and washcloth sets can be handy while giving your baby a nice warm bath.

8 – Grooming equipment

A baby should have his or her nails trimmed so that he or she does not scratch themselves. Blunt nail clippers designed specifically for soft nails should be preferred. A bottle of baby lotion to rub on the baby’s delicate skin will keep them moist. Take care that you use the lotions formulated particularly for babies and if the baby has a tendency of developing rashes or eczema, oil made with calendula should be used. A fine toothed baby comb can come in handy to comb your baby’s hair after bathing.

9 – Doctor’s Tools

When your infant gets sick or has just been inoculated, he or she can turn out to be a rather stubborn patient at the pediatrician. Having said that, there are a few tools that can help you out in such situations. A bottle of infant acetaminophen drops can be useful for treating fevers but a doctor’s prescription should be sought in this regard. A nasal aspirator should be used for stuffy nose as newborns find it doubly difficult to breathe through their mouth. Hey, don’t you get worried about your baby’s bewildered look on his face when you use it because it won’t do him any harm. A digital baby thermometer can also come in handy to keep monitoring your baby’s temperature.

10 – Crib and Mattress

The crib and mattress you get for your first baby should be commensurate with the consume safety recommendations. It can be quite taxing with all the multiple choices at hand but you can adorn even the flimsiest of cribs with lovely linens. A few quilted mattress pads can help extend the lifespan of the mattress and the waterproof liners can also be used if the pads are not already lined up.

11 – Crib sheets

Fitted crib sheets should be bought in accordance with your baby’s room décor. Since they will need to be laundered every now and then, so purchasing three or four of them can be rather useful. You won’t be needing a top sheet or blanket in the crib or bassinet.

12 – Cheap baby stuff

Parents would love to save a few bucks on the expensive baby gear. Here are a few tips that will help you get the baby stuff at affordable prices.

13 – Baby blankets

Baby blankets are typically gifted to new parents so you may as well do not have to purchase one of your own. Nevertheless, you should have at least four receiving blankets so put the baby down on different surfaces. However, remember not to use a blanket in the baby’s crib. Receiving blankets generally are made of soft flannel or knit. In case you want to take your baby for a stroll in the local park or for colder weather.

14 – Baby bottles and burp cloths

Babies tend to eat and sleep and sleep and eat during the first few weeks. Luckily, you will just have to use four to six 4-ounce and 8 ounce bottles, a bottle brush for cleaning and a few bibs. A few burping cloths can help keep the baby’s apparel safe. Cloth diapers can also be used as burp cloths.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, nursing bras, disposable nursing pads and breast pump should also be on your list.

15 – Cheap baby formula

Formula is also an item that you will be needed frequently. Here is a video that will help you save some money on formula

16 – Diaper Bag

Whenever you go out with your baby, a diaper bag is a must have. A compartmentalized and spacious bag should be chosen that comes with a foldout changing pad to help you quickly change your baby’s diaper. A style that goes along with your practical needs should be opted for. Moreover, it can also be carried out by your husband so keep that in mind while choosing the style.

17 – Infant Car Seat

The hospital will not permit you to take your baby home along with if you do not have an infant car seat. Get it a few weeks before your baby is born and ensure that you get familiar to its usage and that it fits accurately in all your vehicles. A seat that can also be used as your infant carrier can be handy to give you and your baby some respite while you are out shopping for some grocery.

18 – Stroller or baby carrier

There is no replacement to the charms of strolling along with your newborn wrapped up in your arms or even in a stroller. You can go out for a walk with your baby placed in a stroller as you trundle along in a mall or in your neighborhood. There are different models available so it is judicious to purchase them well before your baby is born. You can test quite a few of them before you choose the right one. An easy to fold style can be a handy choice for you if you live in a city apartment. However, if you live in the suburbs, then a stroller with a firmer frame and lots of storage should be the way to go.

A baby carrier or wrap can also be bought to help you wear your baby as you move along in your neighborhood.

19 – Baby monitor and nightlight

Most of the parents love to being around the baby 24/7 but that is not possible all the time. A baby monitor can give you the much needed solace when you are away from your baby.

It is also a nice idea to keep a nightlight in your baby’s room. You will have to visit the room numerous times during the night and stumbling around in the room when you are sleepy is not the best option neither for you nor the baby. A low intensity light can be a great choice for feeding or changing your little bundle of joy.