As soon as a new baby comes into the world, the relatives forget about the mother and get busy thinking about the baby alone. In some locations around the globe, it is a regular tradition to help new mothers and let them enjoy their babymoon. However, that is not quite the case in the west. So, why not do something different and present a new mother a new mom gift basket? Here are some great items that you can add to the gift basket.

1 – Herbal Tea

New mothers get very limited time and space to get relaxed and calm their nerves down. A herbal tea can be beneficial in establishing an appropriate supply of mother milk. It also provides comfort in postpartum bleeding in addition to some relaxation.

2 – Easy, healthy snacks

When the mother is in a hurry, she might not get sufficient time to take her diet appropriately. Nutritious and healthy snacks, biscuits and fruit can be a great addition to a new mom gift basket.

3 – Belly Binding Kit

The ancient art of belly binding is gaining massive traction among people today. Belly binding aid the postpartum belly get back its strength and get reinvigorated.

4 – Sleeping like a Baby

This is a phenomenal book by Pinky McKay that provides invaluable information to the new mother help get her baby sleep well. This book is loaded with relevant knowledge that will definitely aid a tired mother. Another great addition to the new mom gift basket!

5 – Toys for Older Children

Is the new baby an addition to an already happy family? You should get some toys and other entertaining activities for older children to keep them engaged so that the new mother can spend some time with the newborn. Play dough and sticker books can be nice items for the new mom gift basket.

6 – Bottom Spray

It can get rather painful down at the bottom. Bottom spray can be a perfect solution for any mother to help her get well soon in the vaginal region and avoid unbearable pain.

7 – Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are for mothers who are breastfeeding their bundle of joy or are bottle-feeding but the milk still gets leaked from the nipples. Both cloth and disposables can be handy and should be part of a new mom gift basket.

8 – Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be a healthy and nutritious diet for any breastfeeding mommy as it helps enhance and establish breastmilk supply.

9 – Housework

A new mother needs to spend as much time as possible with her newborn. You can offer to do the dishes or do some cooking while she spends time with her bundle of joy or even takes a much needed nap.

10 – Postpartum Doula

This is definitely a great item for a new mom gift basket and will surely be much appreciated. They are inculcated with necessary skills such as breastfeeding support, common newborn issues and postpartum support.

11 – A Baby Wrap

A wrap or sling allows both the mother and the baby to stay close to each other while the mommy does her household chores without any hassle. It is also a handy contraption for baby who tend to get fussy every now and then.

12 – Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolates! Dark chocolate, in addition to providing some change in taste, will also provide a new mother with lots of nutritious diet. A must have item in a new mom gift basket.

13 – Light reading materials or movies

It can get a bit monotonous for a new mother to stay inside while doing nothing of note. Some magazines or a nice flick can definitely cheer her moods up!

14 – Post Partum Clothing

A new mother’s body is not going to spring back to its original shape after the baby is born automatically. So, some cool postpartum clothes will definitely make her feel good about herself. You should surely think of adding this item to a new mom gift basket.

15 – New Pyjamas

When you know that you won’t be going outside, it becomes quite complicated to get dressed properly. So, a new pair of pyjamas will definitely let a new mother feel comfortable while she stays at home with her new baby.

16 – Mother Brag Book

A baby brag book or a baby journal will let a new mother record all her proud moments regarding her newborn in the journal and cherish those moments for the times to come. A great item for a new mom gift basket.

17 – Great Mother Checklist

Enlist all the things that a mother should be carrying out on daily basis. Here are a few things of note:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Snuggle her baby
  • Take a nutritious balanced diet
  • Take a warm and comforting shower
  • Get plenty of rest

18 – Water Bottle

New mothers and especially the breastfeeding ones tend to get dehydrated easily. A good quality water bottle can help them remember that they need to drink plenty of water to stay adequately hydrated.

19 – Nipple Shield

The initial few weeks of breastfeeding can be a painful experience for the new mother. This is where a nipple shield comes to the rescue. However, a mother should be made aware of the fact that nipple shields are a temporary solution only. If a baby is having some problems or the pain is unbearable for the mother, then an IBCLC should be contacted to get the tongue tie, bad latch or other issues sorted out.

20 – Witch Hazel

This is yet another brilliant addition to a new mom gift basket. Premade witch hazel pads play a great part in early recuperation and pain relief.

21 – Relaxing bath herbs

Sitz or herb baths can be very handy in helping the mother recover, relax and get better after giving birth to her bundle of joy.

22 – Mama Smiles Spray

A new mother can feel sentimental from time to time owing to the rush of hormones pumping through her body. An aromatherapy spray can go a long way in keeping her relaxed and reducing the mood swings. A great addition to a new mom gift basket.

23 – Heat Pack

A heat pack can help a mother get rid of her postpartum pain and relax her tired limbs.

24 – Peri Bottle

These can be a great item to add to your bathroom’s gear. New mothers can fill them up with salt water and spray them at their vaginal regions to get comfort.

25 – Nipple Butter

The initial few weeks of breastfeeding can be a painful experience for the new mother. A decent nipple cream can be very handy in this regard.