Habits tend to develop gradually and mysteriously during the first couple of years of a kid. You wake up one day and the reality dawns upon you that you are a prisoner of a habit or inclination that is not easy to maintain. It is time to get rid of that habit and manage it appropriately. Here are some tips and tricks to help you in this regard:

Sleep Habits

Kids tend to develop bad habits in terms of sleep. These habits could include over-reliance on mother or father for falling asleep and tend to inhibit the development of independent sleeping skills in infants. The dummy habit, feed to sleep and rock to sleep are the common habits that tend to develop in babies.

Sleep habits get developed after about the baby is four months of age since infants do not have long-term memory of cause and effect. These habits start developing from five months onwards. Sleep training is essential to get rid of these habits. Here are some techniques that can be handy:

  • Train your baby to sleep independently such as while holding a teddy
  • Spend time with your little one while he adapts to the new habit and encourage him to adopt it
  • If he shows disgust by crying out loud, offer the love and care but do not offer what will create dependency
  • It will take some time to get rid of the old habit but it will definitely happen

Feeding in front of the TV

This is not a good habit at all since it leads to obesity and also detracts the little ones from engaging themselves in social activities. You should sit with your bundle of joy while he eats, talk to him and do not let him eat while watching the television.

Socially abhorrent social attitudes

It could be embarrassing to see your baby digging up his finger in his nose or his hand down his diapers. Discourage this attitude and nip the evil right in the bud. Toddlers tend to indulge themselves in such activities when they are tired or bored. Ensure that your little one sleeps well and is engaged in worthwhile activities that help him learn new beneficial stuff rather than watching TV all the time.