Long story short, we very much recommend Carol Cline’s 3 Day Potty Training – don’t jump the gun though, read on to find out why…

Raising a child is the single most significant undertaking in many of our lives. After all, our whole point of existence as a species is reproduction (like every other organism). No one ever said that raising your child is easy, however. Preparation can be the difference between a fun time as a parent and a total nightmare.

Of course, it is challenging to be prepared for everything that parenthood will demand of you. You may find yourself needing some help at certain points, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you would be worse off neglecting to seek aid as a parent, as you always want to be improving.

One of the more difficult parts of raising your child is teaching them how to use the toilet. Well, perhaps difficult isn’t the right word; messy would be a better choice of adjective for that point in your child’s life. A potty training method which is rapidly gaining popularity is the 3 day potty training technique.

Over the course of this article, we are going to cover some of the things that you’ll want to know before potty training your child, but more importantly, we will be reviewing 3 Day Potty Training. We will not be discussing the method itself, however. Instead, we will be going over one of the many available 3 day potty training guides.

Note the distinction between 3 day potty training (the technique) and 3 Day Potty Training by Carol Cline (the potty training guide that we will be reviewing). While it may be confusing, it is relatively straightforward to distinguish between both of them due to the capitalization of the words.

3 days potty traning by Carol Cline

However, to eliminate any possible confusion, we will usually follow up the name of the guide by the name of the author. Potty training is one of the many things that you will end up having to teach your child, from helping your baby mutter their first words, all the way to teaching them to walk.

How smoothly your potty training process progresses is entirely up to you. Before you start potty training your child, you will have to accept that it may be an arduous process. While 3 Day Potty Training by Carol Cline will help make this process go by a little more smoothly, it is still going to take work.

If you are ready and willing to work, this potty training method is guaranteed to help you speed up the process of teaching your child how to use the bathroom. Before we get to the review itself, let’s go over some of the reasons why you should take care when choosing the best potty training program.

Why You Should Choose Your Potty Training Program Carefully

When looking for the best potty training program, you will want to take special care to find the best one possible. You may be wondering why you should put so much effort into finding the ideal service, and there are a few reasons. First of all, there is the matter of getting your child potty trained properly.

Opting for a subpar program will only result in further difficulty for you since it will take longer to potty train your child than it has to. Most parents will want to end the potty training phase as soon as possible. This is the whole reason for the potty training 3 day method being so popular.

The sooner that your child knows how to use the bathroom, the sooner, you can move on to teaching them new things. Childhood is a time when your child is learning new things every day if not every hour, taking too long to potty train could end up temporarily stifling their chance to keep learning.

Baloon Blowing

Of course, there is also an economic benefit to choosing the best potty training guide on the market. Instead of wasting your money on a guide that will tell you things that you already know, you should try and find one which is filled with advice that is intuitive and unique to that particular program.

The most important thing is that your child eventually learns how to use the bathroom. Even if your program ends up taking a little longer, there is not much of an issue. The programs that you will want to avoid are the ones that just take too long. It takes most parents an average of 3 months to potty train their child(ren).

Taking the time to find the best potty training program for your particular needs is an excellent idea since some programs will be optimized for certain parents. For example, some potty training programs are made to ease the simultaneous potty training of twins or even siblings born relatively close together.

Some programs will help you potty train your child in the shortest possible time, like the 3 day potty training method. While this option may be the quickest, some would also argue that it involves the most work. We will get into the details of the 3 day method soon enough, however.

One of the most important things to remember is that the ideal potty training program for one parent may not be the best one for you. As we said a few moments ago, everyone has their own set of specific needs when it comes to teaching their children how to use the bathroom; this means there will also be various methods.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Potty Training Program

Success Rate

The single most important thing to look for when deciding on your ideal potty training method is the percentage of children who succeed using it. If the vast majority of children who use a potty training method don’t end up learning anything, why would anyone want to use it, let alone pay for it?

Your potty training method can promise to work in as few days as possible, but if it doesn’t help a child learn, there is no point to it. Many of the most reputable potty training programs will proudly display their success rate for all of their customers to see. If it is nowhere to be found, there may be something fishy going on.

Potty Success

A success rate is closely linked to dropout rate, but it is not exactly the same thing. A dropout rate is the percentage of parents who stopped using the program before it was complete.

On the other hand, the success rate of a potty training system will be defined by the number of children who completed the program and learned to use the toilet properly.

The dropout rate of a potty training method may increase because it is too technical or challenging to follow for its entire duration. Another reason why a parent may stop using a technique halfway through is that they don’t see any progress being made over a longer period.

You will always want to search for the 3 day method potty training service that will provide the highest chances of your child learning.

How Your Kid Reacts To It

Another thing to account for when choosing your ideal potty training service is how your child will react to the news of potty training. Many children are reluctant to learn how to use the toilet out of fear. If your child is resisting the potty training process, there are a few things you can do to help.

Some potty training programs will be designed with reluctant children in mind, so they will be able to accommodate them and encourage them to continue with their potty training.

The method that you use to get your child to like potty training can be up to you, or the potty training program may have some suggestions.

Of course, no one knows what your child likes better than you do, so it is usually best that you come up with the rewards for completing certain potty training milestones. If you incentivize potty training, you will make it more enjoyable for your child, and they will be more open to the idea.

If your child is entirely open to the idea of potty training, you can still offer them rewards for completing tasks, though it will not be as necessary as it is for more troublesome learners.

If you don’t know how your child will react to potty training, you’re better off being safe than sorry and opting for a program that is easy to learn.

Is The Program Easy To Follow?

You will also want to ask yourself whether your ideal potty training program will be easy to follow, both for you and your child. If a program is convenient for the parent, the instructions will be laid out intuitively and you may even have several forms of media to learn from.

Potty training programs which implement a mix of learning techniques tend to be more successful since they can cater to a more substantial number of customers.

Easy Potty

Even if you know your preferred medium for your potty training guide, there is nothing wrong with opting for a more versatile program in case your child is less than cooperative.

There is a difference between programs which are easy to follow for adults and those which are easier for children to comprehend.

Potty training systems which work well for children tend to be more straightforward in their instructions; ideally, you will want a method that is easy for both you and your child to understand.


Some potty training services will even offer you support after your purchase. One of the more common forms of assistance that may come across is an online forum exclusive to program members. An online forum gives you a space to discuss your potty training techniques with fellow parents.

You can bring up topics that weren’t quite clear to you, get advice from the other parents who may have had similar issues, and much more. The downside to forum-based support systems is that your chosen service needs to have and maintain a large enough community.

Our Recommendation

Best Potty Training Method – 3 Day Potty Training By Carol Cline

If you are trying to find a potty training in 3 day method, you may be interested in this one which was designed by Carol Cline. This system is meant to be more intense than other, similar potty training methods. If you are going to use Carol Cline’s 3 day system, you have to be prepared to work hard.

Worth The Effort

While you may not want to hear that you will have to work hard to potty train your child, that is the truth of the matter. The difference between this program and others which promise you an “easy” potty training experience is that those other options take anywhere from twice to four times as long.

The choice is up to you. You can opt for a potty training method that takes a minimum of effort for three months straight, or you can just get it over with in three days of hard work. If you are looking to potty train your child in the most efficient way possible, 3 Day Potty Training by Carol Cline is an excellent choice.

This, of course, means that you will have to put aside three days exclusively for potty training your child; it is highly recommended that these days are consecutive to lessen the chance of your child forgetting. Usually, the best option is to wait for a long weekend and to start the training on the first day.

Start Potty Traning Full Set

While three days of straight potty training may sound tedious, most would argue that it is better than a gradual process which lasts several months. There is no issue if it takes a little bit less or a bit more time for your child to grasp potty training, three days is the average amount of time it takes.

The period of three days during which you potty train your child will require prior preparation; this means that you will have to go over some materials beforehand as well. If you are expecting to pick up the book and get started, you may be disappointed to learn that this program is a little more complicated.

While a complex potty training program may take more effort, you will find that it usually produces superior results. A less thorough method may result in your child temporarily getting the hang of using the toilet before needing training once more. You want to be sure that your child has a firm grasp of the concepts.

No Risk

The 3 Day Potty Training program by Carol Cline is an excellent choice if you are usually skeptical of services such as these. If you don’t want to risk your money, you don’t have to. When you order this program, you have 60 days to return it if you don’t like the results that you get out of it.

This 60 day period means that you can use the 3 day method a full 20 times and still return it if it doesn’t end up working for your child. A money-back guarantee is a thoughtful inclusion for a product such as this one since some children will be fundamentally incompatible with shorter potty training programs.

A Reasonable Price

One of the most important things to account for when choosing the ideal potty training method is the price that you will end up paying. Most similar services will cost a bit more, but this start potty training 3 day method is much more affordable while providing better value for your dollar.

Potty Traning Full Set What You Get

You can get this potty training guide for n affordable price; if your child’s potty training progresses smoothly, you will make the money you spent back on diapers alone. If you manage to train your child within a few days, you will save on almost three months worth of diapers compared to a conventional method.

A Variety Of Learning Methods

There are several methods that both you and your child can use to learn the potty training process together. For example, this system comes included with a book which is used as the primary source of detailed information.

The book is useful as it allows you to instantly flip to a page that contains the information that you need. Some people find it difficult to retain information in books without a good deal of effort, however. Luckily, this bundle comes with two other options that you can use to teach your child to use the bathroom.

There is also a DVD that covers all of the material which is in the book. While it may be a little less in-depth, you will find that the DVD is a bit easier to follow than the book. If you have never potty trained a child before, we would recommend that you start with the DVD before you read the book.

Potty Traning What You Get Set

Finally, you can also choose to listen to the instructions on an audio CD; this is a convenient option if you would like to go over the instructions while doing something else.

While we wouldn’t recommend using the audio course as your primary source of info, you will find that it is an excellent choice if you want to go back to a particular topic.

The bundle also comes included with an ebook version of the physical copy so that you may go back to the instructions on your phone or tablet.

Unlike other potty training programs, you will get similar instructions across the audio, video, and written versions of this guide. It is up to you to decide which one works best.

A Wide Range Of Subjects

You may be surprised to learn that this book is not entirely focused on the process of teaching your child to use the bathroom. A lot of the book is about preparation for potty training your child. A question that we hear from parents often is how to know when to start potty training.

Thankfully, one of the first chapters in the book goes over signs that your child is ready to start using the bathroom. A section later on in the book details how you can clean up various messes that may end up occurring during the potty training process.

If you want a book that is a comprehensive guide to potty training, you will want to opt for Carol Cline’s 3 Day Potty Training program. Unlike other services, which point you in the right direction and leave you to your own devices, this potty training method guides you through every step of the way.

Professional Support

You may be wondering what kind of support network you get access to when you purchase this book/DVD/CD potty training system. When you buy your 3 Day Potty Training guide, you will be able to ask Carol Cline herself about any issues that you may be having with your young one.

Potty Traning Carol

Being able to discuss your problems with an expert in the field of potty training is one of the best support systems that you could ask for. While there is nothing wrong with community forums, it will typically be harder to use them to find an answer to your question promptly.

Bonus Materials

This potty training set comes included with quite a few bonus items as well. For example, there is a set of reward charts, success certificates, and stickers which are included to help with children who are reluctant to learn. There are several different charts and certificates so that your child can pick their favorite.

Another bonus item which is included in the 3 Day Potty Training guide is Carol Cline’s guide to parenting. This book is usually sold separately, but is included at no extra cost.


We hope that we have been able to help you decide whether this 3 day potty training system is right for you. If you put in the extra effort, potty training can be done with relatively fast. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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