Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

What is the single most important specialty of the best bottles for breastfed babies? Naturally, they should be the ones that best replicate the feel and sensation of a mother’s breast.

There are numerous such products available on the market and we bring to you the top three that will make the feeding session a snap.

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1 – Comotomo Baby Bottle (8 Oz)

These bottles have been particularly designed to replicate breastfeeding and boast an aesthetically pleasing outlook. You can imitate a real-life let-down by squeezing the bottle gently which makes these bottles for breastfed babies an ideal choice if you want them to make a transition to bottles.

The bottle and nipple comprise genuine food-grade silicone; thereby making it exceptionally easy and comfortable for the baby to grip. The structure is quite elaborate with a thick top and sides that make it easy for the baby to hold the bottle thanks to the thinner bottom for easy squeezing.

The manufacturers have put in plenty of research and hard work in designing these bottles for breastfed babies. They are formidable and should be able to last a long time.

They are quite adorable and it is always good to have bottles for breastfed babies that are nice to look at and come with a functional design to boot.

The bottle and lid are both made of silicone so there is always a suspicion of the bottle leaking. However, the lid snaps on snugly and the bottle does not leak at all. In addition, anti-colic vent mechanism is integrated in the bottles.

This implies that there is a system of vents that has been designed to ensure that the air in the milk is reduced when a baby is feeding. The nipples are low-flow while the stunning design makes it remarkably easy to wash them. We discovered that if you are a mom with small hands, you can easily clean them from the inside with a sponge, so there is no need for a bottle cleaner.

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  • Low flow nipple for the 5 Oz model
  • Dishwasher and handwashing safe
  • Silicone construction makes it easy for the baby to hold and squeeze
  • Anti-colic vent design reduces colic and gas


  • The design is top-heavy which means that the bottle may topple over but there is no risk of a leakage
  • The exterior picks on some lint and grime

Final Verdict

In spite of the high price associated with these bottles for breastfed babies, Comotomo Baby Bottles are an ideal choice for infants. Highly recommended!

2 – Tommee Tippee Bottle

The Tommee Tippe Bottles are touted as one of the best bottles for breastfed babies and are highly recommended by lactation experts. They imitate the breastfeeding and do a fairly decent job.

These bottles are made of plastic and are BPA and phthalate free. They are quite light in weight and are solid as well.

The design is minimalistic that consists of three parts: the bottle, the nipple and the nipple ring. This simple designs makes these bottles very easy to clean and come with the anti-colic vent system.

In contrast to other bottles with vent system, the Tomme Tippee bottles for breastfed babies use a different mechanism: a small perforation is placed in the nipple base and there is no leakage as well.

The wide-mouthed opening ensures that the bottles are easy to wipe and there are no sharp angles in the inside. You can get them clean with a conventional bottle cleaner brush with remarkable ease.

The Tommee Tippee bottles for breastfed babies come with a wide nipple base and a flexible nipple which makes it easy for the baby to latch on and get fed. They also come bundled with soft nipples that imitate a mother’s breast and the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is made a whole lot easier with the help of these bottles.

The bottles are not that flamboyant. They are rather bland and not visually appealing. However, they are highly functional and handy.

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  • The design is very light in weight and ergonomic which makes it easy for the baby to latch on and get fed
  • The anti-colic vent system is simple yet effective
  • Wide mouthed opening and lack of sharp angles inside make washing easy
  • Soft nipple replicates mother’s breast


  • Sometimes an extra tip is required to get all of the milk in the nipple
  • The mouth is extra-wide which does not support breast pumps so you cannot pump milk into it directly

Final Verdict

The Tommee Tippee bottles for breastfed babies are great and highly functional. We cannot recommend them more!

3 – Playtex Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners

This is a different type of bottle that uses drop-in liners that is really handy for mothers who pump breast milk.

As is evident from the name, the milk can be pumped directly into the bottles and are quick and easy to use. These bottles for breastfed babies are highly recommended by pediatricians.

The liners are disposable and the bottle is ridiculously easy to clean. You simply have to detach the line and replace it with a newer one.

The bottle is dishwasher safe and is very convenient to use. The liners as well as the angled design of the bottles ensures that colic is reduced. As a baby feeds, the drop in liners get folded which exterminates air and gas which are the main causes of colic.

The bottles for breastfed babies also come with an optional angled positioning to spruce up upright feeding. It can be quite handy.

The drop in liners are easy to purchase and you do not have to get the Playtex brand all the time. You may go for any other brand that uses drop in liners.

The drawback associated with this mechanism is a lot of waste is created which does not make these bottles eco-friendly.

Some parents complained about leakage in the bottles but we had no issues at all. We believe that the leakage was due to inappropriate tightening of the lid. So, you should have no issues with the leaks.

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  • Drop in liners are disposable and reduce colic
  • Optional angled design lets you feed the baby in an upright position
  • Very easy to wash and clean
  • Imitates breastfeeding adequately


  • The disposable drop in liners create lot of waste which is not eco-friendly

Final Verdict

If you are not worried about the mess, then these should be great bottles for you that are easy to clean and convenient to use.