gifts for parents who have everything

It is never an easy job for parents to purchase gifts. Youngsters are more concerned about receiving gifts than giving them. But as you mature with the passage of time, you have to give more than receive. Parents tend to spend plenty of time thinking about the appropriate gifts. As kids, you would want to gift the right thing to your parents. Here are the best gifts for parents who have everything.


1 – Fujifilm Instax Mini go Instant Him Camera

Instant cameras give birth to nostalgia in your parents that will remind them of their good old days. In addition to giving rise to nostalgic feelings, this amazing camera will also help them create new memories that they can cherish for the days to come. This camera boasts a design that is similar to the cameras of the days when your parents used to be young themselves. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as adjustable shutter speed to enhance image quality and adjustable brightness by responding to light in the surroundings. Moreover, this fabulous camera also has the unique ability of instantaneously printing photographs. This is a great device to capture family get-togethers and meetups. Definitely, a perfect gift for parents who have everything!

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2 – Nixplay Wi-Fi Digital Frame

If you are looking for the best gifts for parents who have everything, then this digital frame coupled with the instant camera will be a sheer source of delight for them. This digital frame will let your parents display their captured pictures. It is a WiFi enabled device that lets you upload images from any WiFi enabled device. However, this won’t restrict your parents from taking and posting photographs only. Your friends and relatives can easily share their photographs with this magnificent gadget.

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3 – iPad

This is a fantastic gift for your parents if they adore reading or browsing through the internet. But you do not want to purchase it and gift it to them straight away. You should get it configured for them and choose a password that means something to them. For instance, you can set the name of their grandkid or their hobby as the password. In addition, remove all the applications that they won’t be using. This will ensure that they are able to use the device right out of the box. The iPad is a device that will help them read and scour the World Wide Web and the fact that you set it up for them will show that you put in a lot of thought in gifting them something and expresses your love and care for them.

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4 – iPad Chef Stand

Internet can be a great platform to finding your next recipe that you can try out. But using your table in the kitchen for your handheld mobile device can be full of risks. The whole process of reading chef recipes becomes a piece of cake with this chef stand. The plastic holder and arm hold your iPad sturdily while they can be adjusted to view the device appropriately. If your parents are in love with cooking, then this device is a nice gift for parents who have everything along with the above mentioned device.

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5 – Amazon Kindle

A full tablet might be equipped with features that do not attract your parents. But if they are really into reading, you can still gift them something that will get them acquainted with the evolving modern technology. Amazon Kindle is one of the first eBook readers and is still the best one in its own right. You can couple it together with Amazon Prime subscription that will let your parents download all their favorite book titles. This is a fabulous gizmo for readers to read their favorite books on-the-go.

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6 – 365 Day Photo Calendar

You must have come across month-long photo calendars. This photo calendar takes them to an unprecedented height. Your parents will get a different family image for each day of the year. Apparently, it might sound a bit taxing but it is simpler than the 12 month calendars since you will not be required to select out of a wide range of images. You can opt to use them all. This is a great gift for parents who have everything since it will provide them with joy by looking at each image. It also shows your love and care for your parents.

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7 – Monthly Subscriptions

This seemingly is a preposterous gift idea but of late, monthly subscriptions have become a fantastic gift for parents. This is so because of its relationship between the monthly deliveries and their inclinations. You can choose from wines, beer, golf, DIY projects etc. This is a superb gift that will remind them of your love and compassion whenever their delivery arrives for them. Subscription to Book of the Month Club can be awesome to start with.

8 – Genealogy Testing

Have your parents always been looking to plug the holes in their family history? Genealogy testing is a fantastic idea that can be attained from numerous services such as which is one of the most authentic and accurate sources. You will simply need their mouth swab, get it packaged and send it to the website. Your parents will get back all the ethnicities that were found in their DNA. They can also view the website to find out people with whom their DNA matches are found.

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9 – Globe Hanging Terrarium

If your parents are into indoor plants or crafts, then this is a great gift for parents who have everything. It is a set of a couple of hanging terrariums that blends in well with your interior décor. Parents can fill them up with their favorite plant and hang them wherever they want. In addition to plants, they can also fill them up with candles or other pieces of decoration. You can gift them something that can be used for a variety of purposes.

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10 – Aerobie AeroPress

Are your parents in never-ending love with Starbucks? This brilliant contraption will let them create fantastic coffee in a matter of a few minutes. It is the best when it comes to top quality coffee pressing. In just 30 seconds, you can make a stunning cup of coffee. It is a compact sized gizmo that renders it easily portable, so that they can even make coffee on their way to the office. You can gift it to them along with the next gift idea to help them make cold coffee as well.

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11 – Coffee Hyperchiller

This is a perfect gift for your parents if they adore chilled drinks. This device takes a hot cup of coffee and chills it up to 130 degrees in less than a minute with the help of a couple of layers of chilled stainless steel. In contrast to ice, you can chill coffee without including any additives in it. However, it chills more than coffee. In addition, it can also chill tea, beer, wine and soda. If you buy three, you can get one free.

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12 – Winebreather Carafe

Research has proven that wine adds more years to one’s life. Boasting an impressive design, this carafe oxidizes the wine impeccably to emit tannins of scrumptious delight and health benefits. Sitting on the countertop, this carafe presents a gorgeous look. It surely is a perfect gift for parents who have everything.

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13 – Etip Gloves

Gloves will keep your parent’s hands warm during the chilly winters. However, they do not let you use the smartphone. These Etip gloves resolve this issue as they are made of high quality fleeve while their tips are equipped to use smartphone. This is a wonderful gift for your parents if they a residents of colder climes.

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14 – Air Purification Cube or Bag

Every household is marred by foul odors and pathogens that are present in the air. According to researches, electric purifiers can be dangerous for health. However, this cube makes use of charcoal to purify the air as it gets rid of those foul stenches and leaves the house brimming with fresh air. Each cube lasts for about a year or so.

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15 – Whiskey Bar Set

This bar set will let your savor the delights of alcoholic beverages with its six glasses and a decanter. The set consists of high quality crystal and each glass has the capacity of 9.5 ounces while boasting the exquisite Dublin design.

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16 – Amazon Dot

Seemingly this is a hockey puck but in reality it is a digital assistant. It is one of the ideal gifts for parents who have everything as they can use simple voice commands to issue instructions regarding playing music and carrying out internet research. You can also connect it to home automation system such as Philips Hue or Nest.

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17 – Mophie Powerstation

You can run out of power virtually anywhere; in the middle of a forlorn godforsaken desert or even in the downtown. The rechargeable Mophie Powerstation provides 6,000 amps of power with its universal battery. The battery is enclosed in a sleek casing and does not occupy much space.

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18 – Roku TV Streaming

Cable TV can be rather expensive so TV streaming sticks turn out to be an affordable option. Roku is the leading TV streaming service that offers reasonably priced packages that include tons of movies and TV series. Your parents can download the channel of their choice such as CBS, ABC, Netflix, Hulu and others. Realistically priced cable TV options such as HayStation Vue are also available. This is yet another wonderful gift for parents who have everything.

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19 – Smart Food Scale

Appropriate food and sufficient quality and quantity are crucial for healthy living. This food scale will ensure that your parents get the requisite amount of food portions. It is an individual product that does not need to be connected to any other device. It is loaded with a library of more than half a million food items by default. In addition to weighing food, it also provide valuable information about calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is remarkable gift for parents who are diet conscious.

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20 – Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle

This is a great gift for parents who have everything and like to get relaxed with a drink or two. A watered down beverage is not at all what you need. This wedge sits in the bottom of the drink and keeps it icy cool. However, the beverage won’t melt down like ice. Be it gin, tequila, scotch, whiskey or bourbon, this wedge works with every drink. It also functions well with soft drinks and can be one of the most versatile things that you gift your parents.

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21 – LifeStraw

This could be a nice gift for parents who like to stay outdoors and is a water purification system. It converts any water source into drinkable water and could be part of any emergency kit for travelers and adventurers.

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22 – The Kinfolk Table

This is a glorious gift for parents who love arranging dinner parties. It is more than a cook book that is incorporated with recipes that are meant to arouse a love and passion for food. The book also includes profiles of all the chefs who are contributed to its contents.

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23 – Ranger Scented Candles

Made from natural soy wax, the Ranger scented candles offer a great outdoor environment indoors. Their aroma comes from a blend of different scents and oils. In addition, when the candles have been used, the container can be used as a glass and promises to offer impressive aromas for the next several years. This is certainly a brilliant gift for parents who have everything.

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24 – Kammock Wallaby Hammock

Relaxation can be a great gift and you can never think of a more relaxing thing than a hammock that is carved out of lightweight hammock. It is an easily portable gift that can assist parents in getting relaxed in their own backyard. They can also carry it along with them during travels and family getaways. The Kammock Wallaby Hammock will certainly remind them of your love and care when they use it.

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25 – Cards Against Humanity

This is a lovely idea for a gift that couples humor with lots and lots of family entertainment. This is a modern card game that will remind your parents of the board games of the yore. It is a bit offensive however, the developers have ensured that decency is kept intact for the family kids. Players get to choose a certain card and then answer random questions. The answers to these questions will surely result in hours and hours of fun.

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26 – Food Lab Cookbook

This is a cookbook that comes with lots of unique and versatile recipes while simultaneously offering a scientific approach to cooking. In addition, the developers have ensured that the unique recipes are coupled together with contemporary cooking approaches; thereby producing scrumptiously delicious culinary delights. This is yet another brilliant gift for parents who have everything.

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27 – DIY Lego Hay Station Tray

It may appear to be an eccentric idea at first but it allows your parents plenty of time to be spent with their grandchildren. This kit helps them develop a tray that can be used by kids to play on with their Legos. They can also customize the tray while spending quality time with their grandkids as they build the tray. However, some effort is required to put the whole stuff together. In addition, the tray will help the parents to keep their house neat and clean.

28 – Personalized Family Mugs

Mugs are definitely to keep with yourself for several years to come. You can get a set of four mugs as these mugs can be used for daily use. Each mug comes with a cartoon and name showing the name of the family number. You can choose the cartoon in accordance with the individual personality of the family members. The prices vary depending on the degree of customization. Another great gift for parents who have everything!

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29 – My Life Story…So far

If your parents are into journaling then this idea will certainly work for them. Each page has been designed to remind your parents about their life and are adorned with words of wisdom. They will definitely have lots of fun as they scribble text on each page of the journal.

The journal is bound in a piece of cloth and is durable. Once the journal has been filled in, it becomes a mandatory relic for the family to reserve. This is yet another wonderful gift for parents who have everything.

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30 – Grandchild and Grandparent Activity Set

This is another option that will guarantee lots of entertainment with the grandchildren. It is a deck of cards in which each card is scribbled with a different activity. The cards are well-laminated which ensures that they can withstand the rigors of being mishandled with young hands. Once the grandkids have grown up, their grandparents will certainly cherish the amazing times they spent with them. This is a spending idea for a gift for your beloved parents.

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Bonus – Digital Baby Scale

Even though the parents are curiously tracking a lot of data about their baby’s growth and progress, having a digital baby scale is often not something that would cross their mind on buying beforehand. Surprise them with one of these, and they will be happily taking notes on how fast their little bundle of joy is growing up.

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Final Words

You are in search of an ideal gift for your parents but you have limited time. We hope that these ideas will help you decide the best gift for your parents and they will definitely remember your love, care and affection displayed through such a wonder gift for parents who have everything.