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You have dressed your little one up in his or her prettiest wardrobe and you are on your way to get some professional photographs captured to keep these moments preserved for the times to come. However, you have committed a huge mistake. Without some handy baby bibs, the fantastic apparel will not be captured by the camera’s flash. It will either be messed up with stains or dripping wet with the baby’s spit ups.

When you are done with reading this guide, you will be able to choose the baby bib that is great for your baby.

Does your baby really need a bib?

Whether your little one is a newborn or a toddler, he is likely to create lots and lots of mess. Spitting up and drooling is the most common habit observed in babies and sometimes they even love to make a game out of it.

We would all like to know that kids become less messy as they grow up but that is not the case in reality. So by putting a bib around your baby’s neck as long as he permits you to do so is the best favor that can do to yourself. It will prevent you from plenty of hard work in the long run.

When your children are young, they tend to mess up their wardrobe ever so often if you do not use the right baby bibs. More often the not, their timing gets the best of your efforts. They seem to develop a knack of spoiling their pretty clothes that you so fondly buy for them by your hard-earned money. Almost every time you clad them in a lovely adorable dress, they tend to spit off just as soon as you had removed their bib believing that they were done with their spitting and drooling.

We bring to you some of our knowledge related to the attributes of a good bib and we hope that it will help you save up some money up your sleeves and also protect you from getting worried.

Additional pros of baby bibs – oh the drooling, oh the rash!

Baby bibs in addition to protecting your baby’s apparel also tend to protect his or her delicate skin. If your baby frequently gets his or her shirt soaking wet with drool or spit ups and you do not change him into a dry one, there is a likelihood of an irritated rash forming on his chest where the wet clothes were. This won’t happen to every kid in the block but there are babies who have sensitive skins and you do not want your kid to be having massive rashes on his chest or anywhere on his body.

Children tend to get lots of rashes during the first few weeks of producing massive quantities of drool. More often than not, parents are not familiar with the fact that wet shirts scratching against the sensitive skin of babies tend to create monster rashes. A lot of new mothers who are not acquainted with this phenomenon tend to get worried until it all gets well.

A dry shirt will prevent the hideous drool rash from being created on your baby’s chest. So, changing baby bibs is a job that can be deemed to be a lot easier in comparison to changing the entire apparel of the baby.

When do babies wear bibs

Some people only put bibs on their babies during their feeding and eating sessions. Some people, on the other hand, make their babies wear bibs throughout the day particularly if they are habitual of producing plenty of drool.

There is no one else in the world who knows your kid better than yourself. You will be able to tell yourself by recognizing the degree of dryness of your baby’s shirt when he is not wearing a baby bib.

Best fabric for baby bibs

A baby bib lets you remove the stains or pick up the food residue from itself rather than struggling with the clothes. Some bibs, especially the plastic baby bibs, are very easy to clean in comparison to the other ones. However, plastic bibs come with straps made of plastic that can cause irritation around your baby’s neck. That irritation can lead to a chaotic scenario if your baby is more anxious about ripping his bib open rather than eating. This is exactly the time when you should get a new baby bib for your little one.

We believe that it is prudent to stay away from the plastic baby bibs with fasteners that cause irritation unless you feel that the food being served up to your baby is likely to end up creating a huge amount of mess. Plastic bibs may be all right for occasional usage but they are not at all worth quarrelling with your angry baby during the feeding sessions just to use an irritating baby bib. Baby bibs should consist of a soft, non-irritating material.

Characteristics of baby bibs

There are a few things that you ought to keep in mind when purchasing the first set of baby bibs.

  • Neck space for your baby
    • A decent quality baby bib should fit close to your baby’s chin to cover his clothes but a too tight bib could be irritating
    • It can be quite of a hassle to find a bib that fits aptly. This can be more so a case since babies tend to have multiple chins owing to the lovable baby fat
    • If your baby weighed slightly higher at the time of his birth in comparison with other kids, then you may as well forget to use the newborn bibs for those of larger size to ensure that they fit well around his neck while ensuring extreme comfort
  • Size of the bib
    • Some baby bibs are very small in size while others are so large that they tend to cover the entire front torso of your baby as if he were putting on a baby armor
    • A bib large enough to cover the entire front portion of your baby’s body is what you should be looking for. It will protect your baby’s wardrobe from the rashes formed by drool and spit ups and also prevent you from changing his dress frequently
  • The Price
    • There seems to be a perennial urge and requirement to purchase baby clothes and paraphernalia and sometimes you are marred by budgetary constraints. But baby bibs are one of the most affordable baby merchandise that you will come across on the market. If you can control your temptation for the lovable and more expensive baby bibs out there, you can easily purchase the economical bibs for very cheap
    • It is always more affordable to purchase a set of bibs for your baby that you can replace often in contrast to purchasing new apparel for your baby that is spoiled by the millions of drool and spit ups
    • With bibs in your repertoire, you will also not have to wash lots of laundry and your baby will have plenty of dry clothes to put on
  • The Cute Baby Bibs
    • Baby bibs were actually designed to protect your baby from spoiling his or her clothes but it does not mean that they cannot be attractive and lovable. There are lots of bibs available on the market with wonderful slogans that will lure you into buying them
    • Do not shy away from purchasing some cute fashionable and trendy baby bibs for your little ones

Top 5 Baby Bib Reviews

There are tons of baby bibs available on the market but the fact of the matter is that not all of them are as absorbent or function as well as the others. Here are the five best baby bibs for you:

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1 – The Good Baby Bandana Bibs

Bandana baby bibs are an ideal choice for parents who like to have some classy cowboy style bibs for their little ones. These bibs protect the front torso of the little baby and are comfortably as well as trendy. They appear more like fashion accessory in contrast to looking like a bib and work quite well.

These bibs are lovable and made of a soft, organic material that tends to absorb moisture impeccably. The front portion of the baby bib consists of organic cotton while the rear portion comprises soft polyester.

The bibs can be adjusted for children of different sizes thanks to the couple of nickel-free snaps that are appropriate for kids from 3 months to 2 years of age.


  • The nickel-free snaps are claimed to be less irritating in contrast to Velcro
  • The fabric is exceptionally soft
  • The bibs are highly absorbent


  • The washing instructions scribbled on the label of the bibs say that the bibs should be laid flat and the dryer should be avoided
  • Not a reliable option when subjected to frequent washing

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2 – Green Sprouts Stay Dry Infant Bibs

We all know babies love spit ups. More often than not, the spit ups continue to come persistently while on the other occasions you are forced to change their bib. On your quest to conquering spit ups, you want to get your hands on a baby bib that is small enough to fit their little necks but absorbent enough to serve like an armor when babies start throwing kitchen sink with their drool.

These luxurious baby bibs are offered in a bundle of 10. The bib set is low cost and is made of cotton terry. It tends to protect your baby’s delicate skin from drool rash by absorbing the continuously dripping drool and spit ups.

Equipped with a customizable hook and look closure, the bibs are remarkably easy to put on and off your baby. The green Sprouts Stay Dry infant Bibs are appropriate for kids between 3 months and 12 months of age. They come with an inner layer that is waterproof and a couple of absorbent external layers. The bibs are available in a variety of colors.


  • The bibs are machine washable
  • They are azo-free dyes
  • Reversible


  • Some parents complain that the material is irritating
  • The stitching is not able to withstand the rigors of heavy washing

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3 – Carter’s Unisex Teething Bibs

Babies drool throughout the day whether they are eating, drinking, trying to talk or teething. Just when you believe that they are done up with drooling, rivers of drool will start flowing out from their mouths. You would certainly be looking to get your hands on a waterproof highly absorbent bib that will protect your baby from the dreaded drool rash. Particularly around the teething time when the drooling and spit ups are amplified!

The Carter’s Unisex Teething Bibs will help your baby grow all teeth without developing the dreaded drool rashes. These highly absorbent baby bibs come with a design that closes at the front rather than the back. Hence it prevents the irritating sensation at the back of the baby’s neck.

The baby bibs are made of cotton and keep your baby’s apparel dry due to the waterproof lining. The fabric is integrated on the front of the bib which makes its feel softer and comfortable for the baby.


  • If your baby drools heavily, these bibs will ensure that his clothes are kept dry
  • A minimalistic design to ensure comfort and luxury for your baby


  • The bibs are hardened by the waterproof lining
  • Slightly expensive in contrast to other baby bibs available on the market

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4 – Luvable Friends Baby Bibs

Bibs should be affordable. There are tons of options available when it comes to low cost bibs that are equipped with attractive features for parents. Baby bibs should be comfortable to put on and take off and the fastener should hold tight enough so that your baby cannot rip it open.

The Luvable Friends Baby Bibs are available in a rainbow of colors. If you are looking to save some money up your sleeves, these bibs seem to be an excellent option. Loaded with a Velcro fastener, the bibs are easy to wear and made of a soft comfortable fabric that will not at all irritate your baby.

The bibs withstand the rigors of repeated usage and heavy washing and drying. The entire front torso of your baby is protected by these bibs which also tends to protect their clothes and wardrobe from being spoiled by the drool and spit ups.


  • Not backed by irritating scratching plastic
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Boast a large size


  • Designed for a light drooling baby
  • Not suitable for usage around teething time
  • Neck way too big for newborns

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5 – Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs

A bib for toddlers is certainly going to boast a design that is different from the one designed for the infants. If you do not choose an appropriate bib for your little one, all the food you are serving to the baby will be splattered everywhere and it will definitely ruin your baby’s wardrobe.

The Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs are not the bibs that were used by your mom when you used to be a toddler. They are made of propathene and thermoplastic elastic rubber.

They are way more comfortable than the low cost plastic bibs that can be so irritating for the babies. However, these are not made of a soft fabric since they can be washed up really easily.

The Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs come with a deep front spill pocket which has been designed to catch dropped or splattered food. We all know toddlers tend to miss their mouth a lot more in contrast to when they find it, so this is exactly where the Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs should come in handy.


  • The deep front spill pockets keep the trousers safe from being ruined
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable neck width
  • BPA free


  • Expensive
  • Can be a bit heavy for toddlers

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Final Verdict

With respect to the financial as well as functional aspects, the Luvable Friends Baby Bibs are ranked the best in our opinion. These baby bibs are reliable, fancy and durable.

If you are one of those new parents, you may not be aware of the amount of drool land spit ups that can be produced by babies. The impressive fact about these bibs is that they protect the entire front torso since when children get hungry, they do not care about the food being splattered all over the place.

These baby bibs keep clothes dry and stain-free and in addition to being comfortable, are very difficult for your baby to rip off.