There are quite a few women out there who get pregnant even when they are not trying to do so and you are probably one of them. However, there is a possibility that you are yearning to conceive and do not want to leave anything to mere probability. There is a likelihood that you want your infant to be born at certain time of the year. Numerous people are of the view that getting pregnant is a matter of a few days but actually it can take plenty of time and requires lots of patience.

Here are some handy tips that will bolster the probability of you getting pregnant quickly.

1 – Visit your doctor

Before you start attempting to get pregnant, visit your doctor and get yourself examined thoroughly. If you are fine physically, then you are likely to get pregnant swiftly and hopefully you will have a healthy, successful pregnant.

2 – Figure out the time of your ovulation

There are numerous ways to determine this and probably the easiest one is to use an Ovulation Calculator. These are not hard to find and keep in mind that you ovulate only once during your period. There are only 4 or 5 days and the day of ovulation is the day when you are likely to get pregnant. This will give you a fair idea of indulging in a sexual intercourse with your partner. This will optimize the probability of you getting pregnant.

3 – Help out the sperm

You may be healthy but the health of your partner is also of great significance. A healthy, strong and plentiful sperm will be able to fertilize an egg. The lifetime of a women’s egg is only one day so the sperm needs to be swift and agile enough to get there as quickly as possible into your womb to do the requisite.

4 – Make sure the risk of low sperm count is as low as possible

A low sperm count is generally the most commonly found fertility issue in men. You can tell your partner to do a certain number of things to prevent this from happening. These include a curb on your partner’s alcohol intake, letting go of smoking completely or cutting it down and losing weight in case he is overweight. Experts believe that obesity can lead to lower sperm count and decelerate the motility of sperm which in turn will reduce the probability of the sperm reaching the egg at the right time.

5 – Consume healthy food

This is a crucial tip for both you and your partner. Your diet should incorporate nutrients such as zinc, folic acid, calcium and Vitamins C and D. These nutrients are vital to a healthy pregnancy and assist in creating strong, healthy and plentiful sperm.

6 – Lose weight

Obesity can be a hindrance in your way of getting pregnant. If you think that you are overweight, then let go of bad eating habits and start consuming healthy food. Work out regularly as this can be handy in helping you lose some weight.

What if you just do not conceive?

If you are attempting to get pregnant, it should happen during the initial six months. Of course, this does not mean that you immediately call out for help or that you are suffering from fertility issues. It is judicious to attempt to get pregnant for a year before you even think of calling out for some assistance. As long as you know that you are ovulating, there is always a probability of you getting pregnant sooner rather than later.

Calculate your ovulation time again and if your menstrual cycle is not regular, consider an average number of days over three months and determine when you might be ovulating. Ensure that you indulge yourself in sexual intercourse within the 4 to 5 days before you ovulate.

Having said that, there is research that reveals that on average, a couple trying to get pregnant naturally, needs to have about 104 times of sexual encounters before getting pregnant.

This is certainly quite exhilarating research but it does not mean that you rush in on it and begin counting each time you indulge in sexual intercourse. To ensure success, it is prudent to try and spread the 104 times of sex over a substantial period of time. But remember the voice of the old, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Put in your best efforts and hope they will pay off!

When is the right time to visit a fertility specialist?

After a year or more of you trying to get pregnant naturally and still failing to do so, it is perhaps the time for both of you to visit a fertility specialist. Along with the tests, the doctor may be interested in getting to know the exact time when you are ovulating during your menstrual cycle. And he or she may be wanting to carry out analysis of the semen to test the quantity and quality of your partner’s sperm.

If the sperm is not healthy and strong or it is not plentiful, it will hamper its ability to impregnate the egg and fertilize it. In case the sperm is diagnosed as weak, then both of you should resort to natural options for improving the quality of the sperm. You may start with consuming healthy diet. There are natural fertility options that have proved successful over the years in strengthening of sperm quality.

As soon as the doctor has analyzed your menstrual cycle and is confident that you are ovulating on regular basis, he will be interested in getting to know if you have been taking oral contraceptive or patch recently. These medicines can sometimes stay in the body and prevent you from getting pregnant for quite some time. The doctor may advise you to wait for some more time before falling back on other methods to get pregnant.

The Upshot

It is judicious to adopt a healthy lifestyle and give up any bad habits. It might be tough but a positive lifestyle will certainly give you an opportunity to get pregnant naturally. You simply have to think about the end result and believe us, all that struggle that you put in, will be worth it.