6 Simple Techniques to Calm Your Overtired Baby

An overtired baby can cause all sorts of worries to the parents as well as himself. An overtired baby could be fussy and irritate you to such an extent that you may get absolutely exasperated.

Some babies tend to sleep more in comparison with others and your little one could be one of those babies. If you discover that your baby is overtired, then there are a few simple things that you can do to help calm and soothe him down.

Why babies become overtired?

The famous adage goes, “prevent is the best cure!” so as our first step, we should be knowing why the baby has become overtired. There could be tons of reasons why your baby has become overtired:

  • Overstimulation: Even adults avoid stimulations that distract them such as extra bright lights or extra loud sounds. These things make it hard even for the adults to sleep well. Babies are also affected by this distractions and their highly sensitive nervous systems make it immensely difficult for them to ignore them. An overstimulated child finds it very difficult to fall asleep. Keep this important fact in mind and ensure that the surrounding room environment is calm and low lit when it is time for bed. It will make a huge difference, trust me!
  • Parents failing to notice signs of overtiredness: You will take some time to begin to notice the different hints a baby drops that show he is feeling tired. These indicators do not necessarily imply that they will sleep on their own. They will definitely need your help to fall asleep. You need to notice the different hints your baby drops so that when you feel he is overtired and yearning for a sleep, you put him in his crib or bassinet.
  • Interrupted sleep: When your baby is born, you naturally would want to spend as much time with him or her as possible. You would double check on him ever so often and try to get hold of him every now and then. However, there are some new parents who become way too enthusiastic and end up disturbing the baby’s sleep which is absolutely not what you should be try to do.

Techniques to Calm Your Overtired Baby

The first and foremost thing to do here is to prevent your little one from getting overtired. However, if your baby does get overtired, then you might go on to try the following things to calm and sooth your little bundle of joy down.

1 – Swaddling

You may enwrap your little one tightly and comfortably in a blanket when he gets fussy. Do not let him move a lot and also prevent him from getting up from sleep.

2 – Massaging

An overtired baby can be miraculously calmed down by a soft massage with lotion. Believe me, it works!

3 – Baby Sling

You can put your overtired baby in a baby sling and stroll around to help him fall asleep. Babies tend to feel safe and secure when they are with their parents and motion of walking provides the much needed calming influence.

4 – Baby Swing

A baby swing is another tool that can be very handy in soothing a fussy and overtired baby. A baby swing tends to provide a rocking motion that can have a soothing impact on your little one when he is tired and sleepy.

5 – Comforting music

Some comforting and serenating music and sound effects in the backdrop can be really instrumental in helping your overtired baby fall asleep.

6 – Ride in car seat

A soothing ride in a comfortable car seat can really do the trick and help your baby fall asleep in moments. It won’t be too long before your baby ventures into the dreamland but for that you need to purchase a car seat that is detachable and ensure that you do not wake the little one up.

Final Piece of Advice

It is vital that you do not get desperate and keep your cool. Every baby tends to have different inclinations and proclivities and yours might take an entirely disparate approach to help him fall asleep when he is overtired of even overstimulated.

You will have to try out new things and see for yourself which one suits you and your baby the best. However, you also need to ensure that your baby does not get overtired since this is the best possible solution to the dreaded witching or arsenic hours.