If you are battling the odds with colic driven fussy periods and witching or arsenic hours, it is perhaps time to look at the bedtime routine for your little bundle of joy.

Neutrotransmitters such as metonin is released in an incredible way by the brain that help make us sleep. A bedtime routine tends to prepare our brains to fall asleep without any fuss.

Since your baby is about two months of age, you should begin to mark the end of each day with a comforting bedtime routine that will help your little one to fall asleep easily in the days to come.

7 Steps for a workable bedtime routine

  1. You should figure out a realistic bedtime for your infant. It may be around 6PM for newborns and around 7PM for toddlers. You should not be tempted into the idea of having a bedtime later than these timings until your bundle of joy is five years of age.
  2. You should begin your bedtime routine about an hour before the actual time of sleep. If your baby is very little, then feed him once before bath and again after bath. If your baby is on solid diet, begin bath by closing the curtains in his room and bathe him with warm water and lavender oil.
  3. Bath time can sometimes lead to overstimulation of little ones but try to keep all the distractions, lights and sounds to the bare minimum.
  4. Once you have bathe your baby, do not leave his room for once. Your baby should feel as if there is nothing beyond 6PM and it is time to sleep.
  5. If your baby is comforted with touch, then a gentle massage with lavender oil and sleep aroma should do the trick.
  6. The final feed should be fed with the baby in your arms. Cuddle your little one and rock him until he becomes drowsy.
  7. Ensure that the baby accomplishes the final step of falling asleep by himself such as latching onto his stuffed toy or holding his comfortable blanket as he wanders into the dreamland.

Handy Tips

  • As you draw near the bedtime, keep all the distractions to the minimum
  • After giving your baby a bath, do not take him out of the room. All the requisite care giving should be carried out in the sleep space
  • The bedtime should be no later than 7PM and you should adhere to it strictly no matter what