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baby reading the history of a lullaby

Rock a bye Baby Lyrics – History and Meaning

Rock-a-bye-Baby is one of the best-known lullabies in the English language. It has a lovely soothing melody. However, the lyrics always confused me a little bit. There are several different versions...
baby shower cakes for boy and girl

Best Baby Shower Cakes – Tips and Ideas

Being pregnant is one of the most overwhelming experiences in life. Everything seems to be exaggerated. Emotional ups and downs go off the charts. Happy-go-lucky can turn to angry or sad...
baby chewing a toy under a baby towel

Best Baby Towels – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best baby towels? Do you really need special and expensive baby towels, or you can use regular ones? Those are some of the questions that new parents...
baby eating from one of the best baby spoons

Best Baby Spoons – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Just how big of a deal a spoon can be? Quite a big deal when your baby has just started using it, let me tell you. Babies tend to throw food...
man holding a pair of baby socks

Best Baby Socks – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best baby socks for your baby? It looks like it’s a no-brainer. You go to the store and ask for baby socks. Well, that’s what my mother...
baby smiling in a blue towel

Best Baby Powder in 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As a baby parent, you’ve probably heard of all the dangers associated with talc. Yes, it’s the very same substance that used to be the main ingredient of all...

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