Babies take a fancy to devouring spaghetti with their hands. It might seem disgusting and eccentric to adults. As your baby grows physically and mentally, there comes a point in time when you have to introduce him to utensils to eat food.

Even if you succeed in teaching your kid how to use a knife and a fork, you have done your bit as a parent.

1 – Spoon feeding utensils

These utensils render the job of feeding your baby a whole lot easier.

2 – Self-feeding utensils

These are secure and rather simple utensils that assist your baby in eating food all by himself.

The appropriate utensil for your baby depends on his growth. To make this simpler and more comprehensive simultaneously, I have bifurcated the guide into two sections. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get going!

Spoons for Spoon Feeding

The seemingly complex task of spoon feeding your baby can become exceptionally easy with the help of a great spoon.

What are the characteristics of a good spoon for feeding your baby?

This is an extremely pertinent question. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing a spoon for spoon feeding.

1 – Soft-tipped

If your baby makes an attempt to nibble at the metallic spoon, then the baby’s feeding time should be expected to come to an abrupt end. You will have to wait for the baby to stop crying his heart out before you begin to feed him again. A soft plastic or silicone spoon will protect the delicate gums of your baby no matter how hard he may bite at the spoon. Having said that, there are some babies who take a fancy to metallic spoon as well.

2 – Flat tipped

The food is definitely going to end up being splattered on that cute face of your baby even if you try your hardest to land every mouthful right into his opened mouth. You can comfortably scrape away the bits of food around your baby’s lips, putting them back again into his mouth with the help of a flat tipped spoon.

3 – Nicely weighted

The weight of the spoon is generally not taken into account during the spoon feeding process. If the handle of the spoon is too bulky, you will never be able to keep the spoon upright in the baby’s food jar.

Now, let us move on to the best spoon-feeding utensils available on the market.

OXO Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

It is time to freak you out:

Empty your diaper bag.

Emptied it completely? Right, then take a glimpse at the base of the bag. Take a closer look.

You will come across fluff, crumbs and presumably the odd dried up poop smear. This is not meant to pass a verdict on the kind of mom you are. As a matter of fact, I intend to make you realize something.

If you spoon feed your little one during travelling, then it is highly probable that the feeding spoons will come into contact with every piece of junk and grime that is present in your diaper bag. The same spoon is going to make its way into your baby’s mouth during the feeding session.

That sounds disgusting! Right?

Luckily for us, OXO have come up with a solution contrived out of plain common logic. As a matter of fact, it is so simple that I was wondering why someone else did not come up with it earlier. The spoon is covered with its own small sized carry case. No matter how dirty your diaper bag is, the baby’s spoon is going to remain clean all the time.

The spoon, in addition to being of the highest quality, is also quite affordable. It is being sold at the lowest price on Amazon. The tip of the spoon is a soft silicone that will not hurt your baby’s gums when he chomps at it real hard.

The head of the spoon is spacious enough to hold sufficient food for the baby’s single mouthful and can be a handful in scraping out the base of the baby’s feeding jar. With the price, effectiveness and simplicity in mind, I believe that every parent should be carrying at least one of these in their diaper bags. This is my preferred spoon for spoon feeding my baby. If you do not want the carry case, you can get the spoon separately in a set of two.

Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons

You will often come across a baby product that promises to offer redemption from all your afflictions. It will be highly economical, apparently looks cool to the eye and seems to be well designed. The Rest Easy products surely conform to all these parameters.

Now, what really makes them so great?

The head of the spoon is versatile in the sense that it is shaped similar to a spatula. It has the ability to hold sufficient food for a single mouthful for the baby and also does a prolific job at assisting you scraping around your baby’s lips to put every bit of remaining food back into his mouth. You simply have to wipe the spoon across your baby’s lips and every remaining bit of the food collected there will be collected by the spoon.

It can be a bit of a hassle to deciding where to rest the spoon during the feeding session. In contrast to other spoons, the Rest Easy spoon can be comfortably placed on a flat surface without splattering the food all around..

How is it done?

There is a small hump underneath the spoon handle which prevents the head of the spoon from coming into contact with the surface beneath it. So, you will not have wipe down your table every time you placed a spoon on it.

The Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon is another product that is low cost and boasts some nice features. I am not sure, however, why they have become so much popular among consumers. Their handles are of the flimsiest quality you will come across. It is round in shape and tends to easily roll off bowls. Moreover, it is bulky which makes it fall out of jars when placed in an upright position inside food jars. The Rest Easy spoons are way ahead of the Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons.

Boon 2-in-1 Swap baby utensils

Boon are well conversant with the art and craft of creating innovative and well-rounded up utensils for babies. Their bottle drying rack is just a splendid contraption to be honest. If you are in search for a contemporary spoon for your baby, then you are in for a real treat since this spoon is a phenomenal blend of stainless steel and silicone which renders it’s the distinction of being the best looking spoons in the market.

The basic concept of the spoon is to provide your baby with two disparate textures. Once side of the spoon is soft silicone while the other one is stainless steel. And you will get to know soon enough which side of the spoon your baby prefers!

What was really interesting with my baby was that his preferred side used to vary from one meal to another. Fortunately enough, I simply had to flip over the spoon just to change the texture.

The spoon has an end that is flat as well as angular; thereby letting you scrape the base of the food jar as well as wiping your baby’s lips clean of any bits of food and putting them back into his mouth.

The Boon Swap Utensil are a top notch product. They provide a great sensation when held in your hands and their cool outlook also is a serious head-turner since I received lots of plaudits from other parents while I was feeding my baby with this spoon.

Having said that, the spoon is something bigger than outward beauty. It is durable and reliable and will definitely last for a long, long time.

The price of the spoon is slightly on the higher side (which is not a shock) considering the top quality of this product. These spoons, as a matter of fact, happen to be the most expensive available on the market. However, if you have some cash reserves up your sleeves, you might as well invest in these spoons and you will never regret it ever.

Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

I was trying to avoid featuring too many of Boon’s products in this guide but this product was so good that I could not resist the urge to do so. If your baby food jar and spoon ever got intimate, I probably believe that this would have been their off-spring (pun intended).

You must always have wished to be able to feed your baby single handedly.

The Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon lets you accomplish exactly just that. The rear section of the spoon is a squeezable bulb container that holds approximately 3 ounces of baby food. You simply have to unscrew the bulb and start feeding your baby.

Just around the spoon’s neck, there is a tiny hole. As soon as you squeeze the bulb, food trickles down to the spoon’s head and all you’ve got to do now is to shove the spoon up your baby’s mouth.

This seems all too simple! There must be a catch round here somewhere!

The Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is meant to do its job with fluid baby foods. Baby foods that are thicker and chunkier are quite difficult to squeeze out. Also, you have to give it some severe jolts once the air gets stuck inside or else the food would get exploded out of the nozzle to be splattered all over the baby’s face.

As I had succeeded in covering my baby from head to toe with chunky baby food, the tears and shrieks of laughter were transformed into shouts of dismay when it dawned upon that it was none other than I who had to clear up all the mess.

Nevertheless, the Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is a fantastic contraption if you want to feed runny custards and purees to your baby. This is a handy device during travelling and also comes with a carry case that covers the head of the spoon. This lets me throw down a couple of frozen baby food cubes inside the bulb container and offer them as lunch to the baby once they have thawed.

The spoon is free from all the chemical substances such as PVC, BPA and phthalates. Moreover, it is remarkably easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe.

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

It can be quite a hassle to warm baby food up. The steam rising from the food does not guarantee that it has been warmed up. Quite often, the center of the food is still nothing but a hard block of ice.

But what would happen if it were too hot?

The last time I had to check my baby food with my finger, it was so hot that I felt it disintegrated. The discoloration of the burn is still evident on my index finger.

Munchkin have come up with a dexterous way of figuring out whether your baby’s food is too hot or not. You simply have to dip their heat sensitive spoon into your baby’s food and if it changes color to white, then it is surely too hot for the baby.

Let the food cool down and then dip the spoon again. When the spoon head changes to its original color, it is safe for the baby to eat.

These spoons could easily have secured the top ranking in our list. They are easy to hold, seem to be durable and contain no chemical substances such as BPA and phthalates.

So why did they not?

Munchkin claim that this spoon is dishwasher safe but I would suggest you to wash them with hands. The heads on my spoons became discolored after a few months of usage and the handles appeared to be heavily beaten up.

However, if you hand wash them, they probably are quite reliable to be honest but since I am a bust mother so I hardly find any time to do this every now and then. That is why I prefer the dishwasher safe baby equipment.

Will I be willing to recommend these if I get the time to hand wash these spoons? Yes, absolutely. And I would love to hear from you the tips and tricks that allow you to extract time to hand wash baby utensils out of your hectic routines.

Self-feeding baby utensils

At the age of 6 months, parents more often than not introduce their baby to solid diet. They also discover that their baby is more likely to take solid diet if he can feed himself.

Training spoons also known as learning spoons are designed to be your first baby spoon. They boast large handles and it is ensured that each spoonful of baby feed does not get splattered all over the floor.

No sharp pointy bits: A sharp knife and a pointy folk is what we would want for ourselves but this is not at all what is safe for your baby. If you observe your baby’s feeding habits closely, you will be surprised to see the frequency with which he misses his mouth. A sharp fork would prove to be a dangerous proposition for your baby lest he may hurt himself with it after missing a spoonful.

You should prefer forks that have rounded prongs or which have prongs that are curved inwards.

Shorter than usual: Shorter utensils are handy for babies while they are learning how to eat food since it becomes hard for them to shake or throw away the food.

Thicker handles: Handles with thicker grips are easier for babies to grasp. Until your baby’s motor skills have been developed, a fork or spoon with a larger handle will be easier for the baby to hold upright.

Now, let us start exploring the different top quality self-feeding utensils available on the market.

Num Num Dips Trainer Spoons

The ideal trainer spoon for babies does not resemble a spoon at all. This should not distract you, though. The Num Num Dips are indubitably the perfect spoon for your baby to learn how to eat himself.

The set contains two separate spoons:

  1. Orange channeled head: This is used for thicker and chunkier purees, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Its function is similar to a honey wand. The thicker baby foods tend to cling to the head of baby spoon and consequently very little food is spilled off.
  2. Blue dimpled spoon: This spoon is utilized for thinner custards, purees and yogurts. It is a conventional head.

What is really lovable about these spoons is that they hold very little baby food since babies eat in a manner such that even less than half of their spoonful goes into their mouth. The remaining baby food lays splattered all over the floor or the baby chair tray. You can get rid of this issue by using an easy to clean high chair but the best way is to prevent all this mess from being created in the first place. These spoons tend to limit the amount of food that can be scooped up by the baby and hence reduce the amount of mess that would have been created otherwise.

The spoons are easy to grasp, dishwasher safe and free of hazardous substances such as BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Gerber Graduates Fun Pack Utensils

This is a baby utensils pack that is affordable and consists of four forks and spoons boasting vibrant colors and textures.

Despite the low price, the utensils pack is of high quality and is free of hazardous substances such as BPA, PVC and phthalates in addition to being dishwasher safe.

The handles are comfortable and can be grasped by your baby with exceptional ease. The handles are almost clones of the handles of the Nuk sippy cup except that they are flat rather than being curved. These forks and spoons have been designed specifically for younger babies who are learning to eat food themselves. Having said that, they are a touch too small for older toddlers. The small size is a boon since it limits the amount of food that can be scooped up by the baby and reduces the amount of food that would smeared over his lips and mouth. Of course, a spoon or a fork larger than your baby’s mouth is simply not what you would want.

If you are looking for a low cost utensils pack for your baby who is learning to self-feed himself, then this is an ideal option for you.

Sassy Less Mess Baby Spoon

If your baby is learning to self-feed himself then you need to take out some time to observe his feeding habits. You will notice that your baby finds it hard to twist the spoon into his mouth.

The Sassy Less Mess Baby Spoon boasts an incredible design that eliminates the twisting part altogether. The spoons are angular which makes it exceptionally easy for the baby to self-feed.

As soon as your baby is finished with scooping up his meal, he will be ecstatic to discover that the spoon is directed towards his mouth and does not need twisting. It cannot get simpler than this. Parents of differently-abled kids have appreciated this spoon a lot since it helps their kids including those with autism to learn to feed themselves.

There are a couple of issues that I have with this spoon. Firstly, while purchasing a spoon for your baby, you can easily overlook the dominant eating hand used by the baby.

This spoon does not offer any mechanism for a left handed baby to use it. This seems to be massive shortcoming. My baby is right handed so he had no issues with it but I cannot imagine the disappointment parents with left handed babies would encounter when they get back home after purchasing this spoon to find out that this spoon is not meant for their baby.

Another issue that I have with this spoon is that the head is shallow and there are small pores in it which seem to have no purpose at all. Some parents despite it while others are okay with it since the curved angle is such a beneficial feature that they are willing to overlook all the other shortcomings.

The spoon is definitely not an ideal option for all babies out there but still it has been able to make it to our list. You need to be well aware of your baby’s eating habits before you get your hands on this spoon.

BEABA 360 Spoon

The Claim: The manufacturer claim it to be a self-leveling spoon that stays upright irrespective of the direction in which your baby holds it and hence prevents the spills. Yes, the company claims a zero spill spoon.

So let us see how it functions.

The absurd looking thing at the other end of the spoon is actually a weight that helps keep the spoon upright. The handle is left loose and can easily swivel around the spoon.

I was recommended this spoon by a number of parents who claimed that their babies had been deeply comforted by it during their strenuous feeding sessions.

However, I was not that impressed by its performance and features.

This could have been one of the most popular self-feeding spoons available on the market. Its functioning depends on the following three factors:

  1. Holding the spoon appropriately: If your baby tends to hold both the spoon and the handle underneath, then it will not swivel. The baby is supposed to eat by only holding the handle (good luck with that!).
  2. Knowledge about the functioning of spoon: This spoon was being considered as more of a toy instead of a utensil. My baby took a liking to the spoon and had great time toying around with it.
  3. Handle lock: The handle of the spoon can be locked which prevents the omnidirectional movement. This was engineered so that your baby is able to use it even when he grows older. To our disappointment, your baby can lock this spoon all by himself and in that scenario, all the benefits of this spoon come to an end.

As far as I am concerned, the variables involved were far too many and the outcomes way too unreliable. The few occasions on which my baby succeeded in using the spoon correctly were not at all sufficient to justify the claims made by the manufacturers.

Having said that, there are parents who have had brilliant success with this rotating spoon.

Kiddobloom Early Toddler Stainless Steel Flatware

The utensil set consists of a spoon and a fork that presents a great opportunity for your baby to being introduced to the culinary delicacies.

The utensils are made of high grade stainless steel which is corrosion free. These utensils are top notch and can be the very best in your home’s most sophisticated silverware.

The fork seems to be quite sharp but once you run your fingers over it, you will find out that it is quite flat. The design is quite remarkable and handy enough for small mouthfuls.

The handles are quite narrow and thin. Thin handles are a recipe for disaster for uncoordinated babies since they are harder to grasp in the correct position which implies that most of the meal that is on the spoon or fork will get splatter all over your baby other than his mouth.

So, if you are looking for utensils with thicker handles, we have another option for you:

Kiddobloom Luckywood Baby Fork and Spoon

To be candid, it was a close competition between these and the Name Baby Loop Spoon Set. The rounded fork is the only reason I went with the Luckywood instead of the Name Baby Loop which I still believe is a much better looking set. However, the Name Baby fork is pointier and can be dangerous for a baby to handle with safety.

The manufacturer has found a solution to narrow handles by looping the handle back on itself. The loops are exceptionally comfortable for tiny hands to grasp with their crab-claw grip.

The only gripe I had about this spoon was the engravings since they look nothing like attractive. However, my son had no qualms about the design and took a fancy to these utensils by holding them with his dominant eating hand correctly.

If you can overlook these ugly engravings on the spoons and forks, then you will definitely fall in love with this top notch utensils set.

The Verdict

We have discussed the utensils that can be used to either feed your baby or assist him in feed himself. We hope that this post will help you in making the best choice while choosing the spoon and fork for your baby in accordance with his eating preferences. Do let us know in the comments sections below if you have any questions or observations.