baby angel in blue smiling and looking at something

Expecting a child is one of the greatest events in our lives. It is one of the greatest changes as well. Yes, these are joyous times, but it’s also a time of huge responsibility. The little angel that is about to come is totally dependant on her or his parents. I don’t know how many people really believe in angels. But, those statistics change dramatically when we become parents. Never mind changing diapers, sleepless nights, and crying sessions, our babies are our angels. End of the story. So, it’s only natural to throw an angel themed baby shower party. It’s classy, it’s cute and it’s a baby shower party. For me, the latest is enough to put a smile on my face. 

Seriously, there is some magic around baby shower parties. These events are always relaxed and sincere. So, it’s easy to feel joy and spend some time with parents to be. 

By the way, do you know why are angels and cherubs often depicted as babies? Donatello, an Italian sculptor of the Renaissance, was one of the first artists to use baby angels in his artworks. Soon, it became popular and common. As for its origin, there are no baby-looking angels in the Bible. Cherub is a creature with four wings and four faces of a lion, an ox, a bird, and a human. It doesn’t look like a baby, does it? But, during the Renaissance and later on, artists thought that babies are a great way to depict the innocence of angels. And they found inspiration in ancient Greek and Roman depictions of Eros and Cupid.

But, let’s get back to our angel themed baby shower party.

Make a Plan

Making a plan is necessary to organize a good party. If you don’t make a plan you will most certainly forget about something. First, you need to set the basics like date and location. Then, you should send the invitations.

It is never too early to do this. Sending invitations in advance allows your guests to make their own schedule and plans. Angel themed invitations will inform your guests not only about the date and venue but also about the theme. You can find some beautiful angel themed invitations on Amazon.


Once you’ve sent the invitations you can start thinking about decorations. First, you should choose your color scheme. Naturally, white color will be dominant. White and gold or silver seems appropriate for angel themed baby shower party. You can add some pink or blue shades to complete your color scheme. Now, you need a lot of balloons. I like to start with balloons because they bring a cheerful atmosphere and you can fill a lot of space with them. Put a bundle of balloons in front of the entrance. It is a sort of welcome sign. 

If you’re throwing a party in a large room, decorating the walls can be challenging. While balloons can fit anywhere, you will need a variety of decorations to create a nice environment. Large backdrop photography can be a great idea for one of your walls. There are many beautiful angel themed backdrops available such as this one.

Garlands and banners are irreplaceable when it comes to wall decorations. You can use writings like “Heaven sent!”, “Welcome! It’s a girl!” or whatever you like. Your walls will look great with the backdrop photo, balloons, garlands, and banners.

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Table and Food Decorations

Then you can move on and set up the tables. It is likely that you will have one or more serving tables and one gift table. Usually, I wouldn’t put too many decorations on serving tables. It may look great, but you don’t want it to be overcrowded. After all, that’s where your guests are going to eat, so you don’t want to block it with too many decorations. Winged cupcake toppers and ribbons can be enough.

As for the gift table, I would choose just one but effective decorative item. It will look great but it won’t take too much space. Something like this cute baby figure sleeping in angel wings.

Is it time for a cake? You can choose any kind of cake. I don’t know how angelic cake looks like, so choose the cake that you like and you can put an angel wing topper on the top of it.

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You don’t really have to offer party favors but it’s nice and cute thing to do. Buy some inexpensive trinkets or sweets of your choice. Of course, you will put them in angel themed boxes.


Angel theme is great for baby shower parties. Maybe you don’t have a myriad of decorating options, but it always looks classy and elegant. Maybe you won’t get a halo for your effort, but you might get a moment of bliss.