Animal Baby Names Game Poster

Shower parties are popular these days. And there’s every reason to be so! Helping mommy-to-be to relax and have some fun is nice. Usually, everyone else has fun as well. Animal baby game is a popular shower party game. It is appropriately themed and it is simple enough. Grown-ups have a tendency to call their youngsters baby animal names. So, this is a great opportunity to test their knowledge. Everybody knows that baby rabbits are called bunnies, or that cats have kittens. But, did you know that baby hare is called leveret? Or that the baby swan is not an “ugly duckling”, but cygnet? Well, that’s what this game is all about.

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How to Plan Shower Party and Party Games

Fun games are the heart of the shower parties. However to throw a great shower party you need to keep a few things on your mind. Even though it is called a party, it is quite different than most of the other parties. We don’t really ‘party’ at these parties. We gather to help parents-to-be to relax and forget about stress for a while. Because expecting a child is always stressful at least a little bit. So, light and relaxed atmosphere is needed to have a successful shower party. This is where our game or games come in. Games help to lighten the mood.

But, before we start playing games, opening presents and eating the cake, there are few steps to ensure a good time. First of all, don’t take this party seriously. It is not supposed to be perfect, and you don’t need to take care of every little detail. Usually, the best friend takes care of the organization, so that expectant parents can avoid anxiety about preparation. But, even the friend doesn’t have to bother too much. This party is all about the mother and the baby, so no one expects anything but a little bit of fun.

To keep things simple, don’t call too many people. The larger the party, the harder the organization. If you invite only your close friends and family it is easier to relax as well. It creates a more intimate and easy atmosphere. This way the party is warm and cozy from the start before the games and the cake. I am sure that your guests who are parents already have many parenting adventures and silly stories to talk and laugh about.

How to Play

Animal baby names game is as simple as it gets. all you need is to print the lists of animals with empty spaces to write down correct names of the corresponding babies. You can make these lists of your own, or choose to print one of many free online lists. You can also order lists on Amazon, or elsewhere. These lists may have appropriate themes and adorable sketches or designs that you prefer.

Once you give the sheets to all of your guests, you set up a time to finish the assignment. When the time runs out you pick up the lists to count the score. You can also choose to read the correct results out loud and everybody can grade their own sheet. However, I prefer the former because you can check out sheet by sheet and read out loud the wrong and funny answers. This can cause a lot of laughter! Of course, if you have too many guests this would take too long, so go for the other option if that’s the case. The winner gets the glory and the first piece of cake!

Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how many different names we have for animal offspring.

Final Word

Whatever you plan don’t forget the first and most important rule of shower parties. Relax, and have fun. Some people don’t like big gatherings. Other don’t like to play games. I love shower party games, especially for these cases. Animal baby game and other shower party games are so simple, there are no strict rules and they are not competitive.

They are designed to relax and entertain even the cold-hearted and grumpy guests. Even if you don’t turn them into warm-hearted and mellow persons, you will give them good laughter and lots of fun.

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