For some people, planning a perfect baby shower party might sound a bit tiresome. Others will expect it with excitement, anticipating and planning for every single detail. From decorative items to baby shower cake to preparing food and beverages, to games for entertaining your guests… There are gazillion details one has to keep in mind. As a person who has attended and organized quite a lot of them, I would say that the games are probably the most important part. There will be a lot of gifts, and fun and laughter are the least you can offer back. For a social gathering such as this one, games also present a unique way of making new friends. Baby bingo is one of the classic games you can adapt to this occasion.

I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable when it comes to receiving and unwrapping a bunch of gifts – almost as if the party was all about them. Even though I enjoy giving out gifts to other people, I always feel kinda embarrassed when I am the one receiving them. Maybe it’s just my shyness. But it’s not like I’ve never heard that from any of fellow moms. So, the reason why I really like baby shower baby bingo game is that it reduces that awkwardness.

The Rules of the Game

Baby Shower Bingo Game
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There are a number of ways to arrange for this game. You can buy a ready-made set of cards such as this pack of two. Or you can download a free set from the Internet, such as this cutely designed card set from Pampers. (There are literally hundreds of free options – just google “free baby shower bingo cards.”) If you like being creative, you can print out the charts on your computer and write (or even draw) the gifts yourself. Personalize the cards by printing them out in a color that matches the baby’s gender, or make them gender neutral.

You will just need to make sure you have enough cards for all the guests, since each of them should get a separate one. All the cards will have words or pictures of the most interesting and favorite baby shower gifts, appearing in different order.

The rules are very simple. As you unwrap each gift, show it to the crowd so they can search for it in their cards and cross it off. The first person who manages to fill in a row (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) will say “Bingo!” and win the game. You might even get more than one winner at the same time. The best part is that you can continue playing the game until you open all the presents.

You can also spice up the game by preparing prizes for the winners. It’s a cute little way of saying “thank you,” and will make the game even more fun. Or you can buy multiple bags of M&Ms or cute stickers, and have the participants cover a field with them instead of crossing it off.

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The Cards Can Even Be Blank

In this scenario, you will just hand your guests blank cards. Their first task is to fill them out with items from the new mom’s baby registry – whichever they can think of. That way, the game can get even more dynamic, since the guests can be unique and creative, avoiding generic items such as baby socks or diaper bags. And it’s less likely that you will get multiple winners.

… Or You Can Play It Without Gifts

If you don’t want the game to be related to gifts at all, that’s possible too. Just make sure you have an extra card that will be your master card. Cut off all the words or images from it and place them into a bowl or some baby-related item such as diaper bag. Mix them up and draw one little card at a time. Read it aloud and have your guests mark it or cross it off from their list. Again, the winner is the first person who manages to fill in an entire row.

Once your baby shower party is done, you can lend these cards to any friend. That is, of course, if they are printed out on a tougher cardstock, so they don’t break during the game.

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