It could be a rather complicated experience to take your twins out for a stroll and expect both your hands to be free. Baby carriers for twins are your best possible option in such a case.

Typically newborn twins are smaller in stature so it can be a bit of a hassle to use the typical soft structured carrier such as the ERGO rowing to its large size.

Baby Carriers for Twins: Newborns


A carrier fashioned like a wrap could be your go-to option for the initial few months after your twins are born. Boba wrap is one of the most popular ones out there and is cheaper than the Moby and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-e-r. It is an ideal choice for carrying both of your twins together at the same time.
You can view a number of videos that show varying ways of wrapping up your twins in a wrap-styled carrier.
Ensure that the wrap-style you are using is appropriate for the carrier as stretchy and woven wraps tend to work and act in different manners.

Baby K’tan

The Baby K’tan is a simpler wrap to wear since you do not have to learn how to tie it up. It boasts a dual loop design and supports twins weighing up to 10lbs each. The Baby K’tan is designed to fit the person wearing it and not the baby. So, you better take care while choosing its size and keep in mind that it is quite stretchy.
Here is a video portraying.

baby carriers for twins

According to the updated regulations by CPSC, Baby K’tan cannot officially recommend their baby carriers for twins. But that does not go on to suggest that you cannot use them for this purpose exclusively.

NuRoo Pocket

NuRoo Pocket is a nice choice for premature babies and twins while the parent of care-giver is sitting. The pocket is put on similar to a shirt and the babies fit into the pocket in front of the wearer. The pocket can support babies up to 45lbs and comes bundled with a support belt to keep the babies secure. The NuRoo Pocket is an ideal baby carrier for twins to be tucked away in your hospital bag for skin to skin interaction for both mother and father.

Nesting Days

The Nesting Days baby carrier for twins is put on near the belly. It resembles a shaper that keeps the babies safe and comfortable without requiring you to use your hands. The Nesting Days also tends to offer plenty of tummy support after giving birth which can be quite soothing in the recovery phase for a mom. Mothers of twins who have had c-sections will fall in love with this wonderful baby carrier for twins.

The Nesting Days is tailored to suit ones individual needs and produced in small batches in San Francisco. The immediate delivery charges rack up pretty high, while pre-orders can be placed as well which take about 4 to 6 weeks to be shipped and cost a bit less. The size depends on your pre-pregnancy dress size.

The carrier can be a little small so size up when you place an order. If your carrier is not about the required size, the company will get it replaced with the right sized one in a few days along with a pre-paid envelope for the return.

In accordance with the CPSC regulations, the Nesting Days carrier is not recommended for twins so you may contact your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

Soft Structured Carriers


The Weego carrier is only meant to be used for newborns. It is a soft structured baby carrier for twins and premature babies. Both the babies are held in the front of the carrier while the carrier lasts for only six months or thereabouts and then the babies either become two tall or too bulky for it.

It is an expensive option in contrast to the K’tan or wrap but the benefit you get from it is that you do not have to learn all the different ways of tying it. The Weego is an excellent option for the premature babies weighing 3lbs or more.

Baby Carrier for Twins: Infants

Ring Slips

With the help of ring slings, you can easily carry young twins together which tends to give a natural feel and appearance in contrast to other weird contraptions that may seem to be rather unnatural.

However, the double ring slings are not as safe as some of the soft structured baby carriers for twins discussed above so they should not be used for carrying out some strenuous activity. Having said that, the ring slings are handy for some bumbling around and more suitable to use when the babies are awake rather than sleeping.

As your twins grow up and gain some weight, you can transition to the soft carrier for twins but the double ring sling works seamlessly for infants and is available in a wide array of designs. Here are some of the versions that you may get tempted to get your hands on.

Some of the most popular and reasonably priced ring slings baby carriers for twins include:

  • Hip Baby Ring Sling
  • Beco Ring Sling
  • Maya Wrap
  • Sakura Bloom (slightly expensive)
  • Tula Ring Sling

This could be a great gift for your loved ones!

Structured Carriers for Twins

Here comes our next class of soft structured carriers. However, you should keep in mind where and when you are going to use them before you purchase them.


The Twingaroo is lightweight carrier that can be bifurcated into two carriers with the help of a conversion kit. It is an ideal choice for holding twins without putting too much burden on your back.

It can be put on and off with the minimum possible fuss and comes with a couple of pockets for storing daily essentials and backpack at the back. The only drawback associated with the twingaroo is that the backpack is not accessible for the wearer himself.

The diaper bag that comes bundled with the baby carrier for twins is lined; thereby allowing you to easily wipe clean the spills. In addition, you also get a couple of insulated water holders.

If you are not as bulky as some of your relatives, you will have to belt each waistband separately to ensure that the carrier fits snugly. The carrier is very comfortable and safe.


The TwinGo is an excellent option for someone who wants a real hardworking baby carrier for twins equipped with tons of features.

It is expensive but it is solid and lets you easily wear both twins safely. It also lets you wear the twins separately.

You can carry both the twins simultaneously after they are four months old since head and neck control are crucial for the back carry position. Both babies weighing around 10lbs can be put on with ease and if you want to put on babies at 7lbs, you will have to purchase a separate infant attachment. The carrier can hold babies weighing up to a whopping 70lbs.

The carrier is not easy to assemble though but the accompanying instructions manual does make things a wee bit easier owing to the diagrams and color coding. The TwinGo baby carrier for twins comes with tons of features such as a zipper pouch and a hoodie on each carrier which is a remarkable feature when moms are breastfeeding or the kids are napping. You can also buy loads of accessories separately with the carrier. The straps are nice and comfortable with lots of padding and there is a safety belt for the baby in the front.

The TwinGo is a very safe carrier and you may even go hiking while carrying both your twins (pun intended!).

The Wrap Up

Get your hands on a Boba, K’tan and Nesting Days for the initial few months particularly for twins who are a bit lighter in weight below 10lbs. If you have another adult who will be putting on the kids before they weigh more than 10lbs, get them a baby carrier for twins too. Take some time out for some YouTube video tutorials.

Based on your lifestyle, if you prefer the soft structured baby carrier then that is also another great choice because it will let you be hands-free. These tend to last into the second year, so you should purchase them meticulously. Since you will be using them later on, so you always will have plenty of time up your sleeves to decide which one suits you the best.

If you are going to put on babies for the first time, do not chicken out because once you starting doing it, you will become good at it. Holding twins while rocking or bouncing can be a bit hard. You can use these carriers for soothing a couple of fussy twins as you make dinner, do the dishes or even get relaxed.

Happy Parenting!