baby shower cakes for boy and girl

Being pregnant is one of the most overwhelming experiences in life. Everything seems to be exaggerated. Emotional ups and downs go off the charts. Happy-go-lucky can turn to angry or sad in a blink of an eye. But, overall it is a blissful experience. The same routines that go day by day can trigger the down phase. On the other hand, events like a baby shower party can break the routine and cheer up mothers to be. Baby shower cake always cheers me up.

Baby shower party as we know it has its root in Victorian tea parties, organized for fresh, new moms. However, throughout history, you can find some sort of celebration of motherhood, along with the arrival of the firstborn, in many cultures and civilizations. The first pregnancy is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience. It deserves to have a special treatment, even for dads to be.

Just make sure that you keep it simple enough. You don’t want to get stuck with a high-scale exhausting preparation. You don’t need a royal-wedding-like party! It should be a charming and relaxing party for you in the first place.

Times change, the way we celebrate changes, but one thing remains the same at baby shower parties: cake is a guest star that dazzles everyone.

Cakes and Themes

Pink and Blue Sneakers Cake

slippers cake
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Well, the cake theme should be in line with the party theme. You can go with classic themes. Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. While it is not new and creative, it is a safe choice. It is also very easy to find appropriate decorations.

This is a cool design for unisex cake, in case that mom doesn’t know is it he or she. You can make it round or any other shape. But, whatever you choose, frosting should be decorated with pink and blue fondant. An adorable pair of sneakers, one blue and the other pink will make this cake irresistible.

Diaper Cake

diaper cake idea
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Diapers as a theme, you can’t make a mistake with it. It is easy to make all kinds of decorations with diapers. All of the baby essentials with go along nicely. Balloons and streamers in appropriate colors will be your sidekicks anyhow.

It is a most appropriate theme. Most of the people would order or make a diaper cake with real diapers. However, you can choose to make or order an edible diaper cake.

While the fake cake is beautiful, it is also functional because it comes with real diapers. On the other hand, the cake is supposed to be edible. Both choices are cute, so it’s up to you.

Stork Brings Baby Cake

Stork Cake
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Everyone loves animals, so teddy bear, giraffe, kitten or doggy, make a good theme for a cake. Of course, the animal should look like a toy and it should point to a child theme. For example, it can hold a diaper as a gift for the baby.

When I was a kid, it took me years to get over the fact that stork didn’t bring my sister. So, if you like the stork idea as I do, this can be a beautiful idea. Stork can be very simple, but it will still be cute. It should hold the baby in its beak. It is not so easy to make a fondant baby, but it is easy to make a bundle with just a portion of the baby’s head visible.

Clothesline Baby Shower Cake

clothes line cake
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And my favorite theme is a clothesline. Even though no one uses it to dry clothes anymore, it looks super cute as a cake decoration. It is easy to decorate the room in a similar fashion as well.

You can let your creative juices run here. Clothesline theme will make this cake unique and delightful. The rest you can do as you wish. You can choose any colors and any tastes you like. It is up to you to choose any welcome or funny saying, it will fit.

Clothesline and clothes made of fondant in different colors will give the character to this cake.

Gift Box Cake

box present cake idea
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Gift box cake can match a variety of party themes, which makes it a nice universal solution for a cake.

This can be a very simple, yet effective idea for another unisex cake. A cake with the shape of a gift box is really easy to make. Ribbons and decorations are very easy to make as well. You can write something like ‘He or she, open to see’, on it. It doesn’t have to be unisex either, but I think it is the most attractive variety.


Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? At baby shower parties you have adorable and cute cakes and you eat them, too! Okay, I know it is not simultaneous and that the cake is eventually gone. But you must admit that it feels like you get two in one.

I am pretty much sure that baby shower cakes will always be popular. Why? Well, everyone loves babies, these endearing and helpless bundles of joy. When it comes to treats, it is hard to beat a good piece of cake. So, what can become of baby shower cake but a super cute and super sweet joy for your eyes and your palate?

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