Stack of baby diapers in one place

Most people love organizing and attending baby shower parties. Even more people like candy. And even more of us adore playing games for fun. That’s why one day, a person whose name we will never learn has come up with an idea to combine these three into a unique mix. And that’s how he or she came up with one of the most interesting and simple baby shower game ideas – namely, the baby shower candy bar game.

In my previous blog posts, I covered some other baby shower games too – Baby Bingo, Word Scramble, and Tinkle in the Pot. Whereas these are all very simple games, the rules might be a bit confusing for someone who has never played them. With the baby shower candy bar game, however, you won’t have to go through any trouble explaining things. You can buy the cards or make them yourself. Admittedly though, you will have to buy quite a lot of candy bars. But that goes without saying whenever there’s a party underway.

So, let’s see how to play this baby shower candy bar game, and what you can do to make it even more fun.

How to Play Candy Bar Baby Shower Game?

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to play it, I’ll outline the rules. I promise, they aren’t complicated at all.

But first, let me convey at least part of the fun for ya. What do dirty diapers or breast engorgement and a candy bar have in common? Mounds, of course.

So, here’s how the baby shower candy bar game works.

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Scenario A

You will need a pack of cards with a bunch of clues or phrases written down, such as Epidural, Twin Boys, Umbilical Cord, etc. Each attendee should get a card and look at it as you read the phrases. Of course, you should hold a card with answers, just in case you can’t remember all of them. A box or basket (or diaper bag) with candy bars is sitting in the center of the room. As you read the clues or phrases one by one, your guests should try to guess the corresponding candy bars.

The first guest who gets the right answer will get a sweet prize. For example, the correct answer for Epidural would be, of course, Lifesavers. The first person who gets that right will get to feast on a bar of Lifesavers. While others are watching and drooling, lol. Naturally, you can buy multiple bars of the same candy, just in case more people shout the correct answer at the same time. If you want for your baby shower candy bar game to be even more dynamic, you could arrange it so that the person who has most correct answers gets all the bars. In that case, have someone keep track of everyone’s progress.

You can make these cards yourself and print them out, or buy a ready-made card pack such as this one.

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Scenario B

You can spice up the candy bar baby shower game by having a huge poster board on the wall, with the names of your candy bars. Or glue the bars to it if possible with some duct tape. Then, you will be reading the phrases out loud, with the attendees shouting their answers.

To me, this seems more convenient because you won’t have to deal with a bunch of cards. The poster board (and a bunch of candy) is all you need.

If you prefer this scenario, here’s a word of warning: five minutes into the game, your house will sound like a super busy classroom. You may even have to pop a balloon to make everyone quiet so they could hear the next question. So, you’d better have enough balloons out there!

Scenario C – Meet Dirty Diapers!

This one is not for the faint-hearted! It’s my favorite scenario, and quite possibly my most favorite baby shower game ever.

You can get a pack of dirty diapers here, but I promise you the homemade version is way more fun. You will need a certain number of, well, diapers. And a corresponding number of various candy bars. It doesn’t have to match the guests number, but the more of them you have, the more interesting and dynamic your game will be.

Number your diapers and hand each guest a pen and a paper with all the numbers written down in a row or column. Then, put all the bars in your microwave so that they start melting. Yeah, you guessed it right. Now you’re going to place each bar (unwrapped, of course) into a diaper. You might even want to sit on them for a while, just so they get the right texture and structure. You know what I mean.

Next, each diaper will pass from guest to guest. Their task is to figure out which candy bar is there and write it next to the number on their paper. The winner is the person who gets most correct answers. Of course, they can taste the candy if they wanna make sure. (Spoiler alert: get ready for a lot of eeeews!)

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Why Is This a Great Game?

For one, it’s super versatile. You can organize it on many different occasions apart from baby shower. Gender reveal party or sprinkles come to my mind, but it will work with just about anything, from bridal shower to birthday parties. Naturally, you will have to come up with adequate (and humorous) phrases, but you will certainly enjoy and have tons of fun during this creative process as well.

Secondly, the game will make your guests way more comfortable and relaxed in their interactions with each other. If you have ever organized a party, you know how awkward it is when people are just standing or sitting around in small groups and talking quietly. A bit of noise and laughter is very helpful in such situations.

Just make sure you notify your neighbors upfront. Or better yet, invite them to the party. The more attendees, the better!