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Complete Baby Shower Checklist

Are you a wedding planner who is reliable? Are you the soon to be mum and you want to know how to plan for your baby shower? If you are the chosen planner or you are a mum, we are going to look for a baby shower checklist of everything needed weeks and days before the baby shower, and on the very day.The pregnancy period is climaxed with a baby shower. Friends and family shower the mum-to-be with all kinds of gifts for the child. Since it is a special day, you don’t want to forget any detail. That is why you need to put in place a baby shower checklist of all that you need to make the day a memorable one.

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10 weeks before the baby shower

Who is going to host the baby shower

As a soon-to-be-mum, you have to decide on who will be your designated baby shower planner. You cannot be the planner because you are going to look after yourself and since planning can be stressful, you don’t need to undergo that kind of pressure. That is why most soon-to-be mums choose their best friends, sister or mum to take up baby shower planning. When you choose the planner, ensure it is someone who wants the role because it entails a lot of planning.

Create a budget for your baby shower

After choosing a leader for the baby shower planning, the first question to find an answer to is the amount of money needed for the baby shower. You also need to involve your partner or husband when it comes to the budget. Ensure that you don’t spend much; you need to the party to be fun and light, and also remember that you will be receiving lots of gifts. This is the time when the mum gets lots of gifts that might make her avoid purchasing lots of items after the delivery. Keep this in mind when formulating a budget.

Choose the venue

Decide whether you will host it at your house, at a hired venue or at a family’s or friends place. It is easier to plan when you host it at your place or at a friends place. But if you choose to host it at a friends place, then you need to enlist possible venues, call them and request for quotes. Visit the places that fit within your budget and select the one you prefer. If you expect lots of people, it’s better to go for a hired venue because home hosting is great for a handful of guests.

Select a date

Choose an ideal date to give your guests enough time to plan for it. The best time to schedule date is 10 weeks ahead.

Create a list of the guests

When planning for a baby shower, you need to create a list of family and friends who are close to the soon-to-be-mum. You can easily create this list with the help of the mum to be or from her close friends from Facebook. Once the draft is complete, show it to the mum-to-be in case of any adjustments.

6 weeks before the baby shower

Select a theme for the baby shower

After the first phase, now its time to select the theme. You can go to Pinterest to find some amazing themes used in baby showers that you think the mum-to-be might like. Once you have saved the images, you go ahead and show the mum-to-be who will then select the best.

Send out baby shower invitations

You can decide to go through traditional means of sending invites to the post office, or you can send it via Facebook event invite. Ensure that you have a nice image that can excite the guest to drive them to attend. Also, add your phone number to RSVP.

Purchase or create decorations

This is another fun part. After deciding on the baby shower theme, plan on the decorations that you need to buy or create. You can go to Pinterest to check on some great ideas that you can use for DIY decorations. You will save money on one end which may go a long way since your guests will appreciate even more.

Create or purchase baby shower favors

You need to plan for baby shower favors when you are selecting the decorations. You don’t have to go all out and get expensive items. Guests come with gifts for the soon-to-be-mum in preparation for the baby. It is wise for the mum to prepare something simple to gift the guests as a way of appreciation. It can be as simple as gifting home-baked cookies or cupcakes.

Create and make baby shower centerpieces

You can come up with creative centerpieces, or you can purchase them if you want to. It is a simple thing to do because you can use ribbons and mason jars where you can put baby breath flowers. You can be creative with these items. They are ideal for bringing the event to life.

Plan a baby shower menu

Decide on whether your friends and family will make the food, or you will outsource to a caterer. After deciding on how the food will be made, choose the type of food you need, from hot/cold food, pastries, fruits e.t.c.

A month before the baby shower

Plan for extra help

You need to plan for any help needed before the baby shower or on the very day. You might need help with cooking or serving food, decorating the venue or taking the gifts to the mum’s house. After deciding on the help you want, let the people know in advance.

Order for the cake

Plan for the cake for it to be ready on time.

Make or buy baby shower Thank You cards

It is ideal to create this cards early enough. You can post the cards to the addresses of the guests for them to receive the postage after the baby shower.

Plan for some baby shower games

You can research online for some fun games to play during a baby shower. Once you have agreed on the games, find out what you will need for the games. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you want to play a game, and you don’t have the necessary tools.

A week before the baby shower

Follow up on the Invitees who have not RSVP’d
There are people who always forget, or they are too busy to RSVP. Follow them up and remind them. Everyone invited should be able to confirm if they are coming.

Prepare the goody bags

You can decide on preparing some goody bags for the kids who will be attending. The gifts are not supposed to be expensive. They can be a slice of cake or some sweets.

Plan how the gifts of the to-be-mom will get home

Plan on how the gifts will be moved from the venue to the soon-to-be-mom’s residence. You can also plan to have friends and family help out in transporting them.

Choose a photographer

Lots of photos will remind the mum-to-be how much family and friends cared for her day. If you have not planned to hire a professional photographer, a photographer of the day can be selected from the family members or from a friend. You can create an album for the mum-to-be, and also send the digital copies to her.

Clean up

Spring clean the house a week before if the home is the venue of the baby shower. This is to avoid late plans for cleaning because things happen. If you are hiring a venue, then there is no need for spring cleaning.

Purchase cutlery and serving dishes for the baby shower

Your food needs to be placed in serving dishes if you are not hiring a caterer. Guests need to use paper plates, and cutlery to eat. Judging from the number of people to attend, you can plan on the quantity to buy.

Three days before the baby shower

Set up the decorations

This is important to avoid any stress. If you are working with a hired venue, have them decorate it early enough.

A day before the baby shower

Clean up

Quick clean the house which will take you less time because you are cleaning the surface levels.

Set up the baby shower furniture

You should not worry too much if you are hiring the venue. If it is in a house, you need to get extra seats and a buffet table.

The day of the baby shower

Pick up the cake

Yay! Finally, the day has come, after all the preparations, you can only do things that are not major like picking up the baby shower cake.

Introduce the guests

Ensure that all guests are introduced as you start to make the atmosphere more playful and open.

Click here to download the The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist