Baby shower cookies

Can you have a great party without great food? Probably. But, usually, food is among the few essential things to throw a great party. When it comes to baby shower parties, it even gets better. Baby shower food is not only supposed to be delicious but also cute and adorable. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you will be tempted by colorful and super-sweet finger foods and desserts. Well, a diaper cake might not be the most alluring, but baby shower cookies, cupcakes, finger sandwiches, and appetizers will put your diet on a serious test.

Organizing a party is never easy. Even though you’re not expected to turn a baby shower into a spectacle, there are still so many things to think of. Taking care of time and date, invitations, guest list, decorations, food choices can become overwhelming. So, do you really need to dazzle your guests with baby shower cookies as well? Honestly, you don’t have to, but you should, because it’s easy, adorable, and not time-consuming. Even if you bake your own baby shower cookies, cute decorations won’t take too much time. And if you’re on a tight schedule you can order lovely premade cookies that fit your theme and the rest of the menu.

You can keep it simple or you can go with more sophisticated and fancy designs. Anyway, there’s an abundance of super cute ideas to choose from. You don’t really have to follow your theme strictly, but for me, baby shower cookies are a great way to underline the theme. The idea is to indulge both our eyes and taste buds. 

Woodland Creatures

woodland cookie cutter
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Woodland animal cookies are just adorable. Choosing these cookies also sends a message that we want to teach our kids to love animals. And how could you not love them when you see these super cute cookies? You can make them colorful and gender neutral or you can add little pink or blue details.

woodland animals baby shower cookies

All Blue or Pink

baby cookies

You can have different cookies and different shapes. Making them all in blue or pink color makes them look good and fits the boy or girl theme. Maybe it’s been seen before, but it’s still cute.

Seaworld Creatures

seaworld creatures

This is another great idea for baby shower cookies. Kids love sea creatures and they are pretty easy to make. It is a perfect match for any ocean-themed baby shower party. You can choose colorful fish, sharks, dolphins, starfish and many more. If you really want to be specific, you can create or order movie-inspired cookies such as Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid or SpongeBob SquarePants.

Onesie Cookies

onesie cakes

If you want to keep it simple, yet effective, onesie cookies can be the right choice. Not all of the decorations and shapes have to follow the main theme. Onesies are baby associated, so they can fit any theme. You can make them colorful or write short messages on them.

Vanilla Buttons

Vanilla button cookies

Speaking of simple and cute design, vanilla button cookies just fit the bill. Make them blue and pink and you have nice looking and appropriate cookies for your baby shower party. 

Duckie Cookies

duck cookies

I have a problem with cakes on almost all parties. They usually look so good that it feels wrong to destroy it by eating it. It’s a whole different story with baby shower cookies. No matter how many of them are eaten, the rest still looks good as long as there are some. Duckie cookies are adorable and they are the perfect choice for baby shower ducks theme.

Sunshine Cookies

sunshine cookies

You don’t have to write across the wall: “You are my sunshine!” Your baby certainly is your sunshine and these easy-made cookies will make a point. 

Dinosaur Cookies

dinosaur cookies

The dinosaur theme is very popular these days, so if you decide to throw a dinosaur baby shower party, dinosaur cookies will fit in great. Make them colorful and you’re ready for the party.

Elephant Cookies

elephant cookies

Elephant cookies are easy to make and they can fit any animal-themed baby shower party. These intelligent and emotional animals are a super cute inspiration for baby shower cookies. You can make them blue or pink or any other color as a matter of fact. There are no rules for a baby shower party as long as it is cute and funny.

Mustache and Bow Tie Cookies


If you’re expecting a little gentleman, mustache and bow tie theme is a nice choice for the party. It is only natural to match the cookies as well. Making these cookies is as easy as it gets, you just need two cookie cutters.

gentleman cookie cutters
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Floral Baby Shower Cookies

cupcake flowers

The arrival of the little princess usually goes with floral designs. Make it complete with these lovely floral cookies.

Safari Cookies

safari animals cupcake decorations
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How about the jungle and savanna animals? Safari theme is also very popular for baby shower parties. Lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants on your cookies are great forerunners of your “wild” baby!

wild animal cookies