Baby Shower Corsage Ideas

Beyond the planning of the baby shower games, menu, and décor, soon-to-be moms (and dads!) need to feel and look the part of the expectant parent. That is why a baby shower corsage adds a nice touch to any ensemble you wear to celebrate one of the biggest life events anyone can experience. Here are just a few baby shower corsage ideas to choose from for the expectant mom as well as dad:

1. Elephant Baby Shower Corsage

Elephant Baby Shower Corsage
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This is a handmade corsage that can be pinned on the front of any clothing. It is also large enough to be added to any display as an additional ornament. It has a centralized bow made up of alternating pink and grey strands highlighted with an alternating chevron print. In the center of the bow is a grey smiling elephant accented with “diamond” studs for the eye, feet, and ear. Long ribbons hang from the central bow in the same alternating colors and chevron print. A bracelet for baby is also placed on the ribbons to be used when baby arrives. It is a traditional white and made of small beads with the word “BABY” printed on the largest ones and accented with two small “diamonds”. Additionally, each long ribbon has an imprinted saying like “It’s a girl!” or “Mom-to-be!” The product can be customized by the seller in different colors and sayings. It can ship in less than three days for a last-minute fancy, affordable add-on to décor or dress.

2. Maternity Flower Sash

Maternity Flower Sash
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This sash is 5” wide and 95” in length, so it is long enough to accommodate most everyone no matter what stage of pregnancy they are in. It has a double side ribbon with frayed edges that can only be seen up close, and they tie around the expectant mother’s waste in the back with two long ribbon strands. It is decorated with alternating blue, white, and ivory flowers of various types made of satin, sheer fabric, and nylon materials. Each flower is accented with a center of pearls, crystals, and rhinestones. It also comes in a dusty rose. It is well made and if you choose the dusty rose version, it goes very well with a mauve outfit as well as a pink dress. Even a darker-hued or berry color dress will work well with the dusty rose colors. It looks particularly good in either the blue or rose version with a white dress. The addition to the flowers of the sparkling ornaments is not overdone and add just the right amount of “sparkle” to this corsage. It has a textural quality with the mix of flower materials and the ribbons, so it photographs very well far away as well as up close.

3. Bambi Bamboo Baby Washcloths Corsage/Bouquet

Bambi Bamboo Baby Washcloths Corsage-Bouquet
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This is an extremely unique corsage for so many reasons. First, it is not only aesthetically adorable with its circle of washcloth “flower buds,” but it is functional afterwards for the baby. It is designed with seven washcloths rolled tightly into flowers in bloom. The collective color scheme is green, blue, and a central pink “bud” that represents any baby. Intertwined with each “flower” are strings of burgundy polka-dotted ribbons tied in bows and strategically placed to create a textured cluster around the central “flower.” It can be pinned on to a jacket or worn around the waste just by pinning a simple ribbon onto the back of it. Or, the expectant mom can even carry it as a bouquet into the venue as the baby shower commences. Afterward when baby arrives, the corsage can be taken apart easily by removing the ribbons. Then, the hypo-allergenic and anti-bacteria bamboo fiber washcloths can be used to wash your newborn. They are actually as soft as cashmere and all organic as well as incredibly absorbent. This also makes them very sensitive to baby rash, sensitive skin and eczema and far more gentle than the standard cotton baby washcloths.

4. Maternity Pregnancy Sash Belt with Flowers and Lace

Maternity Pregnancy Sash Belt with Flowers and Lace
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This expectant mom sash is both elegant-looking and whimsical all at the same time. The belt itself is 2 in. wide and has a length of approx. 78 inches, so it comfortably accommodates most pregnant moms. It ties with simple satin ribbons, and it can be attached to a bow in the back of a dress or gown. The flower arrangement itself spans 7 in. and is 4 in. wide. It is made up of “shabby chic” type flowers made of chiffon, satin “bloomed” burned petal flowers, and accentuated with several feathers with dot-pattern prints. Each flower has a central display of pearls and rhinestones. A large lace bow in white and ivory ties it all together as a focal backdrop to the entire arrangement. It is a great addition that adds a ultra-feminine touch to any wardrobe choice as well as a more elegant style. It goes just as well with a suit as any afternoon dress or evening gown. It also photographs well as a quality addition to any photograph without being overwhelming. You can choose from eleven different colors including the standard blues and pinks to purple, grey, navy, ivory, white, and lavender.

5. Safari Zebra Corsage for Mom and Matching Tie for Dad

Safari Zebra Corsage for Mom and Matching Tie for Dad
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This is a smaller corsage for moms that don’t want to wear a sash around their waste. It is small, fun, and easily pins onto any suit lapel or dress. It is not to heavy and is only 5 in. wide and approximately 10 in. long. It has a safari theme, so it is perfect for any expectant parents who have chosen a safari theme for their baby’s nursery. It has a central face of a smiling monkey made of felt. The monkey is surrounded by an array of colored ribbon in solid blues, greens, browns, and yellows. They are accented with “jungle” ribbons of zebra print as well as alternating polka dots. Texture is added with thin ribbon curly-cues surrounding the monkey face as well as netting fabric all around the back of the entire corsage. On top of the netting are three small safari animals—a smiling yellow giraffe, lion, and tiger.

Safari Jungle Tie Baby Shower Corsage for Dad
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For dad, the safari tie complements mom’s corsage with a black felt background accentuated with a black and white zebra at the top, a brown and beige monkey in the middle, and a yellow lion at the bottom of the tie. Diagonal rhinestones separate each animal display for a little bit of “bling” for dad that can be pinned onto the top of the tie his wearing for a fun version of his own baby shower corsage.
Both of these items are handmade and sold separately, but you can find the tie for dad as a “frequently bought together” item.

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