Decorations for baby shower party

Few parties are happier than a baby shower. Of course, all parties are supposed to be happy events as their purpose is to celebrate something. However, in my opinion, baby showers stand out from the crowd. First of all, it is never a huge party, but rather an intimate family and close friends gathering. This provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. And more important, it is really a heartwarming event even for the phlegmatic ones. There are no second thoughts or doubts. Whatever the circumstances, the arrival of a new family member is always great news.

I could go on with these happy, heart melting thoughts for a long time. However, there are many down-to-earth things to consider, even when it concerns these miraculous, heavenly events. So, getting back to the shower party requires some mundane, common sense skills. It is not a big party and no one expects fireworks or a rock star as a special guest. Still, there are a couple of reasons to put an effort to make it look good. While guests are probably not very needy, don’t forget that it is all about a mother-to-be. And expectant mothers can be unpredictable, to put it mildly.

As with any other endeavor, the most important thing is to have a plan. With a good plan and a little bit of effort, everything can go smoothly and nicely. Without it, it can turn out to be a frustrating, and hectic affair that will drain you out. So, let’s see what’s a good plan for baby shower decorations.

Making a Plan

Planning a decor for a baby shower is just a part of a bigger plan. Before you go into the details, you need to set up some basic guidelines. A mother-to-be may be your sister, daughter, daughter in law, or in some cases even a wife. Consider her as your client for the occasion. Because, it is a party for her, and for a baby of course, but the baby won’t criticize you for possible mistakes! You can come up with ideas but you need approval from the mother-to-be.

Location Comes First

First, you have to consider the location. It is best if the house of the parents-to-be can suffice. You will have the freedom to do what you want and when you want, more or less. If the house doesn’t have a room that can fit all your guests you may have to choose a restaurant. In that case, you will have to run on a tight schedule. Also, you will have to consult the restaurant manager about your decoration plans as some restaurants have limitations considering arrangements and decorations.

Baby shower table decorations

Baby Shower Theme

Choosing a theme will set the tone for everything else. There’s a myriad of options here, and you can get as creative as you wish. Personally, I prefer gender neutral themes, but it is your choice. You can choose literally whatever you want. If you know the baby’s gender you can pick up boys or girls themes to your liking. Anyway, I’ll just throw a couple of ideas into the mix. 

The jungle is my favorite theme. Children like bright colors and jungle theme offers plenty of those. It is a gender neutral theme, and it shows that you’ll teach your little one to love animals and nature. You can complement the theme with an animal baby game during the party. And you won’t lack ideas for decorations, as lions, giraffes, elephants, and other animals are easy to make or buy.

A cartoon or a fairy tale is another great theme. You can choose a favorite cartoon of the mother-to-be. There is an appropriate cartoon characters game to include. Possibilities are endless, but you can create a unique and spectacular decoration around these themes.

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If you plan “it’s a girl” party, some nice choices would be a princess theme, pink and white garden theme, or all kinds of floral, kitty, or doll themes.

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As for the boys, you can choose a sailor theme, a little man theme with mustache decorations all over the place, cars, airplanes, etc. Just don’t choose any soldier or toy guns themes. It is so outdated and inappropriate.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you decide on the color palette for your decorations. Your decor should be bright and happy, but too many colors can be overwhelming. So, choose two to three colors in accord with your theme.

Decorating the Room

Now you can finally start to decorate. Start with walls and ceilings. Walls don’t get in anybody’s way, so when you hang all of the decorations you won’t have to move some of them or to rearrange. Flags, banners, colorful balloons, and streamers can transform the room and create an amazing atmosphere. A clothesline with baby clothes hanging on the wall is a cute and charming decoration. 

Once you’ve done this you can move on to tables. The main table shouldn’t be over-decorated. A tablecloth of an appropriate color, sprinkled with confetti will suffice. After all, that’s where you’ll eat the food and the cake, and you don’t want it to be overcrowded. You should have a table next to the entrance for gifts. If it’s large enough don’t hesitate to decorate it with toys, streamers, and confetti, or whatever you like. It is a good idea to have a couple of small tables or shelves next to the walls where you can scatter toys and more decorations.

In the end, put a couple of balloons or decorations of your choice in front of the house or wherever you’re throwing a party. It is a trick to disrupt the guests from whatever they were thinking about and to get in the party mode from the get-go.


Planning a baby shower decorations is not an extraordinary ordeal. Yet, it is a good idea to start planning early to create a lovely and beautiful environment to suit the atmosphere. While no one would hold it against you if there are some oversights or slips, everyone will fondly remember if it was amazing. So, take one step at a time and you will enjoy the process. And when everything is ready, you can proudly enjoy the party with the rest of your family and friends.