It’s hard not to love baby shower parties. Especially if the theme is cute and adorable. And most of the popular themes are both. One of the reasons why we love baby shower parties is that they take us back in time. These parties bring back the memories of our carefree and happy-go-lucky early years. Baby shower ducks theme is one of my favorite themes because it is as appropriate as it gets. Think about it: many of the baby shower themes would be a joy for toddlers or even small children. Apart from diaper theme, other popular themes include: jungle, cars, dolls, dinosaurs, and more.

Of course, no one’s finicky about baby shower parties and personally I adore some of the themes that I have mentioned. But, what’s your baby’s first real toy? Who is going to take a bath every day with your baby? It’s a rubber duck. So, it’s only natural that ducks theme is traditional and still very popular. Another thing that I like about it is that it is gender-neutral. So, here are some great ideas to throw a duck party to remember.


It’s not like you’ll bedazzle your guests with this one, but everything starts with cute-looking invitations. It’s the way to announce the party and give a clue about your theme. You can find a wide range of different invitations to choose from. So, you can start with cute little ducky duck invitations.

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Fish Bowl with Duck and Bubbles

Fishbowl filled with water beads and a ducky floating on it will make an impression, that’s for sure! Marble-looking water beads mimic water and bubbles, while your rubber ducky proudly swims. You can use this decoration as a centerpiece, or you can spread them around on all tables.

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White and Clear Balloons

There’s no baby shower party without a bunch of balloons. White and clear balloons are a must for a bubbly impression. You can use other colors like yellow or anything that fits your color scheme, but several bundles should be all clear and white. You can also put a bundle or two in front of the house.

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Duck Banners and Garlands

Nowadays, you can find myriads of decorations of all kinds. But, whatever you choose, you can’t skip banners and garlands. You can hang them on the walls, above your centerpiece, or above any table next to the walls. If you ask me, the larger, the better! Anyhow, there are lots of cute duck designs for both banners and garlands.

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Duck Soap Favors 

Personally, I have had the hardest time deciding on party favors. There are just too many great options. When we talk about ducks themed baby shower a duck soap can be a great choice for favors. Your favor table will look great as well. You can purchase some great looking pre-packed ducky soaps or you can buy duck themed boxes separately.

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Duck Baby Shower Tableware

You don’t really need to fit absolutely everything to match your theme. However, duck themed food sets are just adorable. Tablecloth, plates, cups, and napkins will make your table irresistibly cute. A couple of more additions like water bottles in an icy duck baby tub will make an unforgettable impression.

rubber ducky water holder
Photo Source: Catch My Party

Use Mini Duck Cookie Cutter for Super-Cute Snacks

ducky salty snacks
Photo Source: Cutest Baby Shower Ideas

Finally, it’s time to eat something. With a simple duck-shaped cookie cutter you can create all kinds of snacks. Well, cookies are an obvious choice, but you can use this cutter to make duck-looking pieces of cheese, fondant, or even some fruits and vegetables. It will be a great surprise for your guests.

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Duck Cake

duck cake front view look
Photo Source: Cake Central

Finger food and snacks are great but when it comes to eating my favorite part comes with the cake. And you can’t have duck themed baby shower party without ducks on the cake as well. It doesn’t have to be all-ducky, though. You can opt for diaper cake or some other design and a duck or two will fit into it just fine. But, my choice is ducky-duck like this one for example.

Duck Cupcakes and Toppers

Cupcakes are pretty much the norm for baby shower parties or parties in general. So, you will probably serve cupcakes. You can choose some adorable duck-shaped ice cream or sweets, but if they start melting you will have a mess. Maybe it’s a better idea to keep it simple and settle down for duck themed wrappers and toppers.

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Rubber Duck Toys

Finally, when you choose all of the decorations, get a bunch of rubber duck toys. While everything else appears to be carefully planned and organized, use these toys to create a more casual and loose overall appearance. Scatter these rubber ducks all over the place. Of course not on the floor or dining table. You don’t want someone to trip over it, or to overcrowd the dining table.

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Final Word

So, these are some nice ideas to help you plan your duck themed baby shower party. It’s not like I’m reinventing the wheel, but it can be helpful to get several ideas in one place. After all, we live in hectic times and saving any time is valuable. I hope you can use some of these ideas and if I saved you any time, my mission was successful.