Baby Shower Etiquette Tips

Baby Shower Etiquette Tips

Many parties or events in all walks of life have unwritten rules. The rules need to be stated so that people can have a grasp on what is acceptable and what can be perceived as self-centered and egotistical. This simple guide of baby shower etiquette tips will help any mom-to-be a little more aware that her baby shower will be a very memorable event in her life.

1. Let a Close Friend or Family Member Host the Baby Shower

The first of baby shower etiquette is when a mom-to-be hosts her own baby shower. People frown upon the idea of someone hosting their own party when the idea of the party is to ask for gifts. Ask a close friend or friends to host and help if you still want a little control over the shower.

2. Making the Gift Registry

There is nothing wrong with creating a registry for friends and family to follow so they know what the new mom wants or needs for the baby. However, asking for a gift that costs hundreds of dollars can come off as greedy especially to the new girl in the office who has only worked with the new mom for a couple months. Have a range from approximately $10 to $35. Also, add just a few items that are a little more, so that close family and friends may be able to get them for the mom.

3. When to have the Baby Shower

The best time to have a baby shower is between 28 and 32 weeks, or in the third trimester. There is no point in having a shower too early and putting off the shower later could mean there may not be a shower before the baby.

4. Invitations

Send all the invitations to everyone at once. Make sure that certain people are not “backups” in case the first round of invites respond as decline. Furthermore, give about three weeks in advance so that people can plan accordingly.

5. RSVP and Registry Information

RSVP and registry information should all be in included in the invitation envelope. It should be quite obvious who to get in touch with for people to respond with their answer. Don’t make the gift registry information so apparent that it seems crude and selfish.

6. Food and Games

One of the most important aspects of baby shower etiquette is the food. Always provide at least cake or some dessert and snacks. Do not do potluck style. Provide the food, people came to the shower and brought gifts; it’s the least the host can do. Some hosts and or new moms don’t prefer the classic baby games at the showers. That’s completely acceptable, at least have some party favors for everyone.

7. Thank You’s

This is the most important of all the baby shower etiquette tips, say thank you while opening the gifts to each individual and say thank you as people are leaving. Even more essential, send thank you cards. Society has stepped away from thank you cards and notes, but it truly makes people look lazy and seem unappreciated. If the invitations were sent out, then the all of the addresses are still available.

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Being the mom-to-be who is mindful and grateful of the people who have taken time and money to celebrate her is wonderful. People know what kind of character a mom-to-be has just by her baby shower. Please use these baby shower tips as much more than a guideline, a must do!