Little Man Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

You may be wondering what the best baby shower themes for boys are, below you will find just that. So, your baby boy is almost here. The excitement and anticipation are growing deep, and you can’t wait to meet him. As these months have gone by you have taken priority in yourself; eating the right foods, taking your vitamins, and erasing any bad habits you had in the past.

You dream about who he will look like; will his eyes be brown, blue, or green? Will he have light hair or dark? Will he even have any hair at all? How much will he weigh, and will he be very long? It’s normal for a mommy-to-be to have all these thoughts, and it’s normal for mommy to get nervous and maybe even a little scared, after all, you are about to experience one of life’s most precious moments.

From the first day you found out you were expecting, your life as you knew it before had begun to change. You would now be turning in your party hat for a mommy hat that will permanently stay attached to your head for the rest of your life.

One of the most challenging, yet the most rewarding jobs you will ever have in your life is that of a mommy. The title never changes, although as your baby boy grows, he might think he doesn’t need mommy anymore, but don’t let him fool you, he will always need you.

Now that the big day is drawing closer, your friends want to throw you a baby shower. They are asking you what you want or need for your baby boy. They want to know your favorite foods and cravings, but the most important thing they need to know before they can even get started is what you want the theme to be.

Wow, with everything you have been thinking about, you never thought about a shower, much less what you would want the theme to be. You are having a hard enough time completing the nursery, much less a shower theme.

Before your mind begins to scramble, we have prepared a list of the best baby shower themes for boys. No need for you to stress about one more thing, let us help you. Look through the list and grab some ideas, you can mix or match, or even re-create, but whatever you do, don’t worry.

Getting Started

Let’s talk about where you will have the shower. Will it be at someone’s house, the backyard, or in the park? Will it be in a rented hall, or maybe the church social room? Think about where the shower will be so that you know what kind of space you will have to work with.

After you have the place set in stone, the next thing you will want to think about is the time frame. A two to three-hour shower usually works well depending on what you plan to do during that time. If you’re planning to play games and if you’re planning food, then three hours will probably work the best for you.

Next, think about the number of people you want to invite, and put together a rough list of guests, you can finalize it later when you have all the definite plans in place. When you think about the guest list, it’s a good idea to over invite and plan for half of your friends on the list to attend. It is possible that everyone will show up though, so plan accordingly. We will talk more about the guest list later.

Now let’s talk about the shower theme; there are so many ideas for boys, from a classic theme to a unique theme, the following are four different ones for you to consider:

The Classic Sock Monkey Theme:

This is a fun classic that everyone, young or old, can appreciate. It’s simple to find decorations and food for this shower theme.

The colors should be bright and cheerful; red, blue, and white are popular colors for this theme. You could add some brown and even grey if you want. Use stripes, polka dots, and solids.

Start with, of course, a sock monkey. You can display a large monkey in a small toy wagon or sit it on top of monkey themed books for the center attraction. Toss in a few smaller monkeys if you have them and you are ready to put together everything else.

Set up the food table with colorful plates and cutlery. It’s ok to use ordinary plates with solid colors on top of a polka-dot tablecloth and matching cutlery, or you can pair a solid color tablecloth and cutlery with sock monkey plates if you want.

Keep the food simple. If you want to plan the shower around a luncheon then serve foods such as finger sandwiches, colorful pasta salad, and fruit kabobs or a vegetable tray.

Desserts can be sock monkey cupcakes and cookies. For added décor include some decorated jars with colorful candies and snacks.

You can save money on the cake by ordering a simple double layer 8-inch round cake with brown icing. You can decorate it with sprinkles to match all the other shower colors. Top it with an edible banner or sock monkey decoration.

Send out invitations matching the theme, and you can ask each guest to bring a solid colored onesie to hang in a line across the room to use as a banner.

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A Little Gentleman Theme:

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Everything here is about bow ties and mustaches. Although the decorations might be a little more difficult to make, there are different variations of this one you can try, so experiment a little.

The colors can be in the green or blue family using all the different shades of those colors you can think of or make it clean looking and more elegant as a black-tie event using just black and white.

You can use bow ties, neckties or both, but making decorations to replicate a bow tie might be a bit easier.

Set up a food table including the color themed tablecloth and plates. For an added touch, put the cutlery together for each person and make a bow tie out of the napkin. Then hook the bow time napkin to the cutlery with a thick ribbon to make the middle of the tie.

You can serve finger foods such as tiny sandwiches and include some bow tie pasta salad that is colored with a splash of red and green from the chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Spread some fun on the dessert table with onesie shaped cookies highlighting a tie. Include some cupcakes that are accented with a stick sporting a mustache.

Get a cake that is a single, double, or triple layer tier and decorate it with suspenders, buttons, and a bow tie. Top it off with a classic mustache at the top.

Little gentleman invitations are the perfect way to get the guests in the mood, and if you want to make it a real black-tie event, you can require a dress code to get through the door.

A Nautical Theme:

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Okay, so this might be as classic as it gets, but what little boy hasn’t worn a sailor suit at least one time in his life? The colors are simple, and the decorations are easy, so go ahead, give some consideration to this one.

Using traditional red, white, and blue colors you can create the backdrop for the party. Set up a table and cover it with a blue cloth. Overlap the blue cloth with some fishing net and finish it off by hanging a buoy from the front of the table.

Prepare the food table with a wooden boat to hold the cutlery and napkins and display some freshly made lighthouse cookies on a tray beside the boat. Place all the food in the middle of the table and put wooden crates on the table to create risers for some of the desserts.

You can get really creative with the food for this theme. Serve crabwiches for the main dish. A crabwich is a croissant filled with your favorite sandwich spread, (tuna salad might be a good choice here). Transform the croissants into crabs by touching the ends together, (the legs), and put googly eyes on toothpicks and stick them through the “eye sockets” of the croissants.

Make a vegetable try with cucumber slices forming an anchor in the middle with all the other vegetables surrounding it and top it off by placing a fishbowl full of goldfish crackers someplace nearby.

For this theme, you will want a drink table covered with clear plastic cups filled with blue punch. Give the punch an umbrella drink touch but replace the umbrellas with sails instead.

The cake will be a simple two-tier white iced cake trimmed in blue with nautical cake toppers completing the look.

Get your guests in the mood with some themed invitations and ask each guest to bring a signed nautical book for the baby in lieu of a card.

A Story Book Theme:

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This is a fun theme that can be mixed with many fun colors and props. Think about this one for the mommy-to-be who is a teacher or librarian, she will appreciate the head start for her little baby boy.

Mix this one up with all the primary colors you would find in a traditional box of crayons. Props such as bookends, a child’s stool, and characters to match the books are just some of the things you can use for this fun theme.

Cover the food table with multiple colored tablecloths or use one with colorful polka dots. Set up various books throughout the table and use the child’s stool and other books as risers for the food and decorations. You can get as creative as you want with this one.

Use balloons, stuffed animals and any toys that might correspond to the themes of the books. Place some books between themed bookends and put up some various shelves with books, it’s endless what you can do with props.

You can serve any kind of food for this themed party. Maybe you want to feature mommy’s favorite food or craving. You can serve a taco salad and nachos, or meats and cheeses, the choice is yours.

It would be fun to offer some snacks and desserts that are child related to keep up with the book theme. Fun crackers, chips, and candies. Put them out in some fun, colorful bowls that Mom can save for her baby boy, and don’t forget about the colorful plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery. Those can be placed in a colorful basket that Mom can use in the nursery.

The cake can be colorful and topped with storybook themes or decorate it by standing some smaller books on the top. Complete it by scattering colorful confetti next to the cake and desserts.

Set up a separate table for a book signing. Ask your guests to pick out a book and write a special message to Mom and Baby.

Send out storybook themed invitations and ask everyone to bring a specific book, of your choosing, in lieu of a card.

The Final Touches

Now that you have had a chance to look at these baby shower themes we picked out for you, you should have an idea of what you want to do.

The last thing you need to do now is to finalize that invitation list you started at the beginning. Once you have a number set, get those invitations written, addressed, and mailed out, yes, we said mailed out. This is a special event and it adds a special personal touch when you take the time to invite people the traditional way.

Remember earlier when we talked about expecting only half of the guests to show up? While that is usually the case, there are those times when almost more than half will show up, so you need to be prepared. Include a place on the invitation for an RSVP and specify a deadline giving you enough time to plan accordingly.

When it comes to the food, always double it by the number of people that have given you a yes with their RSVP. If you are expecting 12 people, then plan the food to feed 24. When it comes to desserts and the cake, you can plan for the exact number because people don’t usually eat a lot of desserts once they have eaten the main course.

Try to be creative with the baby shower games and decorations using things that Mom can keep for the baby, in other words, there shouldn’t be much to throw away at the end of the shower.

One last thing to consider would be a diaper cake for a centerpiece. There is so much you can do with the cake; match it with the theme, decorate it with fun stuff for Mom and Baby, but the best part will be all those diapers to help Mom get started.

You can do anything you want to create a fun baby shower theme for a boy. Have fun and don’t stress, and don’t forget about your baby registry so you can get the things you really need.