child holding a wooden letter for baby shower word scramble

Baby shower parties seem to be very popular these days. It is a traditional party, of course, but lately, it looks quite different. There are more people invited, it is not women only, and it is not thrown for the first child arrival exclusively. However, playing games is still a part of this celebration. Baby shower word scramble is one of the most popular games for the occasion.

Usually, I am not a big fan of family and friends celebrations. There are just too many of those. Engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, does it ever stop? To be completely honest, I like parties, I don’t like when they are a must. It has become a social obligation and missing out is unacceptable and rude. Sometimes, I would prefer staying at home binging on my favorite TV series.

However, when it comes to baby shower parties, inexplicably I become warm-hearted and affable. I don’t know where does it come from, but I guess it has something to do with a baby to come. With most of the celebrations, there is a pressure to make everything perfect, that we even have to hire party planners. And everyone should look happy. At baby shower parties no one expects perfection because soon to be mom has more important things than throwing a perfect party. Because of that everyone is more relaxed and natural at baby showers. And people are genuinely happy. Future mom is even allowed to be grumpy. Never mind, it is all about her now.

Baby Shower Word Scramble Party

Celebrating motherhood and the first child arrival is deeply rooted in most of the cultures around the world. Baby shower as we know it emerged from new mom tea parties in Victorian England. However, it evolves all the time and today it is more of a cocktail party. However, the shower games and shower cake are still popular and important part of the party.

How to Prepare and Play Word Scramble Game

Baby shower word scramble is a fun game. It is a great way to spark interaction between the guests. While it is interesting it is also very cute as it has a baby theme. This does make it a little bit easier to solve, but the whole idea is to have fun. It is not a pre-Olympic contest. It is a great way to lift the atmosphere. The baby shower word scramble game is actually easy, interesting and short. So, it is easy to explain it if someone has never played it. It takes only a couple of minutes, so it won’t overtake the event theme.


If you have never attended a baby shower here are the rules. The host makes a list of twenty words. Words should be baby related items like a baby towel, bottle, pacifier, crib and so on. Then the host, or whoever is in charge, scrambles up the letters of each word. The best words are those that sound like baby babbling when scrambled. Once, it’s done the planner prints the list. Scrambled words are on the left side. On the right side, there are lines to fill in with unscrambled words. So, let the games begin!

Baby Shower Game Sheets
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All guests get printed baby shower word scramble list. The goal is to unscramble every word. Time to solve the list should be limited to add some drama and tension. When the time is up, everyone puts the pencil down. The host counts the words and proclaims the winner. Of course, if someone solves all the words before the time has run out, you have the winner.

The list themes can be boyish, girlish or gender neutral. It is a matter of personal preference. You can create and print these baby shower word scramble lists by yourself, or you can buy ready-made ones on Amazon, or in your local shop.

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Final Word

Whether you enjoy social gatherings or not, fun games are a nice addition to any party. Even if you don’t find them very interesting, they provide an easy way to interact and socialize. If you don’t know most of the people at the party, you can get to know them through these games.

Baby shower word scramble is one of my favorite party games. It is fun, but if it’s boring for someone, it will be over in no time. A symbolic theme makes it kind of nice as well. So, when you get an invitation to a baby shower, go get a nice pampering present for expecting mom and enjoy it!