finger food for a baby shower party

Everyone likes baby showers for a different reason. Some people like them for the games that bring about such a jolly, playful atmosphere. Others like the thrill of wrapping and unwrapping those colorful gifts and reading the cards. Yet others enjoy getting to meet other moms and sharing experience, stories, and anecdotes with them. However, hardly anyone ever mentions the food. Heck, is it embarrassing to like food, especially when it’s plates and pans full of yummily arranged, countless little pieces? I won’t withhold it from you: food is almost my favorite part of baby showers. I can’t decide what I prefer: prepping it myself, or munching on the fruit of other people’s work. Even if it’s food from catering service, it’s so fun to try out all the different flavors, appetizers, and desserts.

And even though Pinstagram (pun intended) is swarming with great, tasty baby shower food ideas, it can be hard to comb through all of them and make a choice that suits everyone’s taste without ravaging your budget. That’s why I tried to come up with best of the best baby shower food ideas that will make your baby shower that much more enjoyable.

But first, let’s see what you need to take into account when choosing from these options.

Important Things to Consider

When it comes to baby showers, there are no “one size fits all” recommendations. One thing is almost certain: you will be heavily relying on finger food. However, your menu will depend on many different factors:

  • What time of the day should you pick? Most hostesses avoid lunchtime, since it would have to go with a proper sit-down, with cutlery and all. Hence, the most logical time would be in between meals. It’s not that you want to “get away” with snacks. Everybody loves snack-looking, tasty food that you can grab and eat buffet-style while chatting with your old and new friends. Anyhow, the best solutions would be brunch (anywhere between 10am and noon) or a luncheon (around 2-3pm). It’s best to avoid dinner, unless you’re planning for a fancy couples party in a restaurant.
  • How long will it last? As far as we know, baby shower parties originated back in the 19th century and were held as tea parties. Many people still prefer to do them that way. However, I like all the creative freedom you get nowadays. If you want, you can make it picnic-style, to last all day. In that case, you’d better have enough food packed with proteins to keep your guests going!
  • Know your guests. In a room with 10 or 20 people, there’s got to be someone on a special regime. Some people will be vegetarians, others will pursue chrono, yet others are committed carnivores. Sure, you can inquire about their regimes ahead. But it’s more convenient to just prepare various dishes that will meet everyone’s taste.
  • Plan your drinks ahead. Tea is great because it’s healthy and, for cultural reasons, a great conversation starter. But people often organize fruity, refreshing punch too. You don’t want to act like a waiter to your guests. Have them choose and serve their drinks as – and when – they like.

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Let’s Bring In the Food!

  1. Finger sandwiches are a must. I just love how flexible these recipes are. You can squeeze pretty much anything in between those two bite-sized pieces of bread. Cheese, ham, smoked salmon or chicken, veggies such as cucumbers or even red bell peppers… And they will be not only delicious, but also fun to look at. Check out Tasty’s simple recipe here.
  2. Thin and crispy cheesy crackers can be a bit time-consuming to make if you have never done it before. But they go so well with just about anything. And you know what? I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like them. Here’s a recipe from
  3. Never neglect dipping! True, it often makes you want to lick your fingers. But even that can come off as another way of having fun. Now, my favorite dip is this spicy feta dip, primarily because you can combine it with pretty much anything. You can serve the crackers with it, or even various sliced veggies.
  4. Go for mini! Casseroles are another thing you can improvise on from here to eternity. This recipe from features both meaty and non-meaty (a.k.a. veggie) ingredients. If I were you, I would make two variations, with and without those chicken sausages. That way, your guests will get to choose.
  5. Spice it up with deviled eggs. It’s another classic that allows for as much improvisation as you want. Apart from looking good, it’s a true protein source that comes with a spicy oomph. Here’s a recipe from that’s particularly handy because you can make them days ahead.
  6. Refreshment + proteins = salads. I personally love salads and always do my best to make as many of them as possible. What’s so amazing about them is that you can make them potluck-style, with whatever you have left from other dishes. I feel it’s impossible to single out one or five, so I recommend you to check out this list of 50 best potluck salads from
  7. Think of your vegetarian guests! This delicious pot pie from might seem a bit daunting when you look at the list of ingredients. However, you can simplify it if that’s too much for you. You can make it with any kind of mushrooms, with or without the brandy. (I recommend going without it. It’s a baby shower, after all!)
  8. Hot peppers can make a real difference. For the last few years, I’ve been very high on Italian food. So, I was delighted when I tried out this recipe for hot stuffed cherry peppers at my friend’s birthday party last month. Naturally, what goes well on b-day parties will go well on b-shower parties too. They were amazing even though she chose to serve them right away, instead of waiting for months. Maybe they don’t look like much, but your guests will love them!
  9. Some more veggies (and more Italian food). These bruschettas are so simple that they can not fail. Like, ever. Bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil – that’s all you need. It’s one of those magical combinations made in heaven. Here’s how the lady from makes them.
  10. Cake is cake, but fruits are… fruits. And lots of them! Fruit salad (especially with honey lime) is just as indispensable as veggie salads. Not only are they packed with vitamins, but they also look absolutely amazing. Furthermore, if you are hosting a baby shower with kids, this is the one thing no kiddo in this world will skip or frown upon. At least not before the cake arrives.
  11. Sweet tooth, anyone? These Rice Krispies Muffins from are another treat that you can make in under half an hour. And it only requires 4 (yes, four!) simple ingredients. Instead of rice krispies, you can also use corn flakes – or even mix up the two.