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How to choose the best baby socks for your baby? It looks like it’s a no-brainer. You go to the store and ask for baby socks. Well, that’s what my mother told me after my first child was born. But is it really that simple? My neighbor told me that socks are not good for the infant’s feet and that my newborn should be barefooted all the time. As if the arrival of the newborn isn’t challenging enough, everyone would tell you what you needed to do about everything!

So, it seems that as a newbie parent you have to deal with a lot more than you have expected. When it comes to best baby socks, it is not as simple as it looks.

Do Babies Need Socks?

First of all, does your baby need socks at all? Some people think that babies should be barefooted to allow their feet to develop. While this is true to a certain extent, it refers to baby shoes much more than to baby socks. Soft and comfortable baby socks can’t and won’t affect feet development in any way.

On the other hand, in colder weather socks are essential. Babies can’t control their body temperature. They lose heat quickly mostly through head and feet. So, to keep your baby warm you will need socks.

How to Choose the Best Baby Socks?

Choosing a baby’s socks is not rocket science. However, if you don’t take care of some details, you might end up buying new socks over and over while using just a few older pairs. There are some differences when you choose socks for infants, new walkers, and toddlers. But, you can apply some general rules.

Cotton should be predominant material. It is comfortable and gentle on your baby’s skin. Addition of spandex or polyester is okay as long as it’s up to 25%.

Check out the size before you make a purchase. You don’t want them to be too tight or small, but if they are too big they will fall off in no time. So, you want them to be a perfect fit. You will probably need to get a new batch in about six months or so.

Baby socks must be comfy and cozy. Perfect size and material will take care of this most of the times. However, you should keep in mind how chubby your baby’s feet and ankles are, and choose the model accordingly.

This is my list of the best baby socks available.

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Luvable Friends Unisex-Baby Newborn Socks, 8-pack

Luvable Friends Unisex Newborn Best Baby SocksThese socks should be a perfect fit for your newborn. They are made of soft and cozy 85% cotton, so they are comfy and gentle on baby’s skin. You can machine wash them which is another pro. They are stretchy so they are easy to put on. Because of the cuff, they also don’t fall off easily.

They are available in two different sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. There is a wide variety of designs and most of them are super cute.


Gerber Baby Unisex 6-Pair Sock

Gerber Baby Girls 6-Pair SockIf you like socks to be pure white these are the perfect choice for your infant. They are made of 79% cotton, 11% nylon, 6% polyester, 3% spandex and 1% rubber. They are very comfy and soft. These socks have a soft elastic band to keep the socks on baby’s feet. This model is all-white, but different color patterns are available.

Gerber is a trusted brand with a high-quality baby program and these socks are no different. They are a bit too small, so you might consider buying a size bigger.


RATIVE RB-71112 Non Skid Crew Socks With Grips For Baby Toddlers Boys

RATIVE RB-71112 Non Skid Anti Slip Crew Socks With GripsIf it’s a time for your baby to start walking these are a great choice. They are of 95% cotton and 5% spandex combo. Users rated them highly for their durability. Your toddler will outgrow them before they show any wear and tear. Sole grippers do a great job to prevent slips and slides on slick surfaces. And the design is just adorable. They are not thick, though.

If you are looking for winter socks for lower temperatures they are not the warmest. Otherwise, these are excellent baby socks.


Trumpette Baby Sock Set-6 Pairs

Trumpette Baby Boys Sock Set-6 PairsIf you want socks that will not go unnoticed, these are the ones. With absolutely adorable shoes and snickers-like patterns, these socks will draw smiles and attention. Even the package is super cute, so they make a great baby shower gift. Other than that they are pretty solid overall. They are made of 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex.

They have an elastic top to keep the socks up, rubber grips at sole and you can machine wash them. There is one common complaint: they run small. Unless your baby has very, very small feet, don’t hesitate to go for size up.


Jefferies Socks Unisex Baby Non-Skid Turn Cuff Socks 6 Pair Pack

Jefferies Socks Baby Boys Non-Skid Turn Cuff Socks 6 Pair PackThese turn cuff non-skid socks really do the job. They are medium thick, so they are all-season socks made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex.

The stay-on cuff keeps them on baby’s feet while it is gentle and doesn’t leave red lines on the baby’s skin. They have a simple one-color design, but each pair comes in a different color so that it fits different outfits. Downside? I couldn’t find one.


Kakalu 6 Pairs Assorted Non Skid Ankle Cotton Socks

Kakalu 12 Pairs Non Skid Ankle Cotton Socks Baby WalkerIf you have hardwood floors these socks provide excellent grip for your toddler. A vast number of users found them as perfect when it comes to grip. They are also breathable as they are made of 95% cotton and 5% nylon.

They are stretchable and have a soft elastic brim to stay on baby’s feet. These are gender neutral. They come in a variety of designs, mostly stars or stripes in white, grey and black combos.


Gellwhu 6 Pairs Toddler Socks, Kids Non Skid Knee High Cotton Socks for Baby Boys Girls

6 Pairs Toddler SocksIf you prefer knee-high socks for your toddler this is a great choice. They will keep your tot’s legs and feet warm and happy. When it comes to design they have super cute patterns with different cartoon-like animals. They are durable, stretchable and they have non slip soles. The material is 85 % cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% elastane.

They come in two sizes: for 0-2 years and 2-4 years. If your toddler has chubby legs they might get tight.


Zutano Cotton Baby Booties with Grippers – Soft Sole Stay On Baby Shoes

Zutano Cotton Baby Booties with GrippersIf you are tired of losing baby’s socks or putting them back on over and over there is a solution. Baby soft booties will make you forget about those problems. Zutano booties come with a two-snap design that will keep your baby’s feet snug but not tight. I like the snap system as it is way more reliable than velcro.

They also come with strong and durable non-skid sole grippers.


Nowadays, we really don’t lack opportunities to buy quality stuff. There is a vast variety of choices and options for almost anything. The problem is to navigate through countless offers and make a good choice. While my list includes some high quality and available items, they are not the only good ones. Each baby is different and has different needs so I tried to cover a variety of features. A good pair of socks will help your baby to feel cozy and comfortable. But it will help you as well to be more relaxed and happy around your little one.

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