baby chewing a toy under a baby towel

How to choose the best baby towels? Do you really need special and expensive baby towels, or you can use regular ones? Those are some of the questions that new parents ask when it’s time to get baby bath essentials. As a matter of fact, becoming a parent for the first time raises more questions than you could ever imagine.

All parents want to provide the best possible care for their offspring. The market offers uncountable accessories and items specifically designed to help you out with your little ones. While we don’t want to deprive our children of any necessity, it is not necessary to splash money on some things that you might not even use. So, you should use any help you can get to navigate through the early days of your parenthood.

When it comes to baby towels and washcloths it is simple: You need them. First of all, your baby doesn’t have the ability to regulate body temperature. Because of that, it is important to wrap up your baby as soon as she or he is out of the bath. Hooded baby towels come handy for this purpose. Little ones have delicate and sensitive skin. For that reason, you should avoid regular towels as they can be harsh for your baby’s skin.

So, we need baby towels, even though it is not a must. (Here’s a list of 19 essential baby items you’ll need in the first six weeks.)

How to Choose Baby Towels

You should pay attention to some basic rules in order to make the right choice. First of all, check the fabric. It should be super soft and cozy for your baby’s skin. I would avoid synthetic materials because they are not breathable. You can choose cotton, but organic bamboo is the best choice. Anyway, you don’t want to scrub your baby. Instead, gently tap your baby’s skin to pick up the moisture. Do it thoroughly because wet skin can cause a rash.

You will be washing these towels a lot, so durability is a factor, too. It’s not like you want to use them until your child grows up, but repeated washing can damage the fabric and make it harsh. Egyptian cotton would be the best choice when it comes to durability.

Absorbency power is another desirable property of the towel. Cotton is a good absorbent, but bamboo is a winner here again. If you don’t want to go for the most expensive items, it is fine. Just make sure that you choose soft, absorbent and durable towels.

Top Baby Towels

[amazon box=”B075XM5Y86,B00X22L0AC,B01M1N82R9,B00M2OCC26,B072FFRR2R,B071RKB6JF,B00SIG7FYM,” template=”table”]

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel – by San Francisco Baby

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby TowelThis bath towel will suit your needs perfectly. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and it is made of 100% organic bamboo. Plus it has adorable ears! It is super soft and great absorbent. Actually, it gets even softer with each wash.

Organic natural bamboo is a secret behind all these great properties. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! Of course, nothing lasts that long, but it is a manifest of confidence.

Hudson Baby Unisex-Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel55 different animal face designs on the hood make this towel absolutely adorable. It is made of 100% woven terry cotton.

Terry cotton is a fabric that can absorb water much better than regular cotton. This towel is durable and soft. However, it is tough enough to withstand machine wash.

Premium Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set by Channing and Yates

Premium Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth SetIf you like your towel to be softer than soft this is the one. It is as thick and as soft as it gets. The towel is made of bamboo, so it is super absorbent, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and repels odors.

It is also extra large to allow you to use it for a long time as your baby grows. The rectangular shape with the hood in the center of the longer side allows you to fully wrap your baby.

JJ Cole Two-Piece Hooded Towel Set

Jj Cole Two-Piece Hooded Towel Set Aqua WhalesJJ Cole promises the highest quality. This towel is 100% terry cotton. It comes with a washcloth in 6 different designs. The towel is machine washable, soft and absorbent.

A printed hood is placed on the corner of the towel so that you can wrap your baby from head to toe.

Premium Hooded Baby Towel by Artyish

Premium Hooded Towel for BabiesThis towel is made of 100% organic bamboo fabric. So, it is naturally antibacterial, soft and durable. The towel is one of the fluffiest you can find. This one is really super soft and super absorbent.

Extra large size promises that your baby will wear it in years to come. It comes with a 100% cotton bib and a cute box to make it a great baby shower gift.

Little Tinkers World Lion Hooded Baby Towel

Little Tinkers World Lion Hooded Towel for BabyThis is another adorable animal design. You can choose a dinosaur or an elephant instead of a lion if you like. But, it is a good choice because of its quality.

It is thick but light, absorbent and durable. The towel is made of 100% high-quality cotton. It is soft and gets even softer after several washes.

Baby Aspen Four Piece Gift Set, Let the Fin Begin

Baby Aspen Four-Piece Gift SetIf your little one loves Baby Shark, a YouTube sensation, like almost all kids around the globe, this is a great choice. Shark themed hood is super cute and along with a shark bath mitt, slippers and bucket it makes a perfect baby shower gift.

You can order similar sets with different designs, such as a lion, bear or unicorn. Yet, I would stick with the shark.

Final Word

Choosing baby towel is not rocket science. Yet, you don’t want to spend your money on something that won’t fit the bill. Or, to go shopping all over again. Every little thing can make a difference. While you don’t want to overthink it either, be careful to make the right choice. And don’t let those adorable designs divert your attention! Just keep in mind the most important things and you won’t make a mistake. Natural materials and softness are a must, the rest is a matter of preference.