We selected 13 of the best cheap baby bottles and subjected them to rigorous testing procedures. The bottles were filled, shaken upside down, dish-washed, warmed up, used to feed four different babies and then were tried out with different nipple flows. This was followed by comprehensive research on the internet for reviews, informal focused group discussions with moms and online polls. Finally, we arrived at numerous fabulous options that boasted high performance, low colic and proved to be reliable. In addition, all of the bottles are BPA free. These bottles include Dr. Brown’s, Comotomo and Tommee Tippee.

Before we begin reviewing the different cheap baby bottles, it should be remembered that one baby bottle might not be suitable to babies of all natures, moods, ages and stage of growth. Every baby grips and suckles at the nipple in a different manner and tends to be comfortable with varying nipple lengths, width and flow. Moreover, every baby tends to be affected by colic and gas to a different extent. The trick is to try out a range of options before determining which one serves your baby the best. This methodology can be a bit time consuming and expensive as well but all of this hassle is well worth if your baby gets comfortable with the bottle. In addition, if you regularly switch between bottle feeding and breast feeding, it is better to try out nipples that are similar to natural breasts such as the Comotomo and Tommee Tippee. The more the bottle’s nipple resemble a mom’s breast, the more easily a baby will transition between the bottle feed and breast feed. However, if your baby is acquainted to bottle feeding only, then options such as Dr. Brown’s, AVENT and Born Free seem like good options.

Also, we also want you to realize that BPA-free does not imply that the plastic employed in the bottle will not leach estrogenic chemicals into milk, especially when the plastic material is stressed when heated or microwaved. As a matter of fact, a research study published in the Environmental Health portrayed that numerous BPA-free plastic materials still leached hazardous substances into the milk. For instance, the plastic material employed in the Nalgene water bottles leaches estrogenic chemicals. The short and long term implications of these chemicals cannot be known for certain but still no mom in the world would like his baby to be feeding on milk mixed with harmful chemical substances. The research study figured out that two kinds of plastics namely COC and COP leached no chemicals. Therefore, keeping in view the risk associated with plastic bottles, we highly recommend you to use glass baby bottles such as the Dr. Brown’s, Joovy Boob and AVENT glass models.

Now, let’s start reviewing the best cheap baby bottles for the year 2017:

1 – Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles – Glass or BPA Free Plastic

The bottles are an excellent choice when it comes to being anti-colic, anti-gas and anti-fuss. Dr. Brown’s has been producing cheap baby bottles since 1996 while the versatile vent system has been designed by Dr. Brown himself. Dr. Brown is a pediatrician who developed and patented a two-piece venting system that prevents the negative pressure vacuum that is generally created in bottles with baby feeds. A positive pressure flow is created similar to natural breasts and hence proves to be a spectacular choice for moms who want their babies to switch between breast feeding and bottle feeding. In addition, moms who bottle feed their babies exclusively also take a fancy to these bottles. These bottles are an excellent choice for relieving symptoms of colic and gas that so commonly disturb little ones.

The original glass model of this bottle has been available on the market for the last couple of decades but the manufacturer has been gradually replacing the glass model with the BPA-free one. This has resulted in cheap baby bottles but we must confess that we prefer the baby bottles made of glass which is not available easily on the market and retailers are increasing their price tag owing to their limited availability. If you are unable to find a baby bottle made of glass for cheap, there is no need to buy one.

If you are interested in purchasing a glass baby bottle, then you should definitely take a look at the Joovy Boob that is available at a realistic price. The latest BPA-free plastic bottle is light in weight and shatter-proof which are great benefits in comparison with the conventional glass baby bottle.

The only drawback that can be associated with Dr. Brown’s bottles is that the two way vent system can be a bit of a hassle to clean and maintain but the quality of the product is so good that you won’t regret it one bit. Our tests revealed that the cheap baby bottles by Dr. Brown’s portrayed superior colic and gas prevention, compatibility with typical style nipples and minimal leaking unless you shake the bottle real hard to mix the formula.

The Options series of baby bottles is also developed by Dr. Brown’s that lets you use the bottle with or without the patented venting system. However, we found them to be lagging behind in comparison with the original Natural Flow bottles. Having said that, here is the link to these bottles and you can check them for yourselves.

2 – Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles

These are slightly expensive in contrast to other bottles available on the market. The Comotomo bottle is a comparatively new entrant into the US baby bottle market and is gaining massive traction among cognizant moms. The cheap baby bottle comes with a wide nipple base of 3”; thereby giving a natural shape and feel and hence proves to be a great choice for moms who want their babies to switch between breast feeding and bottle feeding. The bottle comes with a versatile soft and squeezable silicone feel that is equally liked by moms and babies who like a comfortable grip during the feeding session.

In our tests, we discovered that the babies were able to make contact of their cheeks, nose and chin with the nipple base in a natural manner; thereby giving rise to a subtle vacuum seal similar to natural breasts. The vent design is versatile and does not pose any difficulty in cleaning as is the case with Dr. Brown’s cheap baby bottles or those of Tommee Tippee. Rather than using a long tube for cleaning purposes, the bottle makes use of a couple of small vents that are located at the base of the nipple. The bottle is squeezable which applies the requisite pressure to the feed to mimic let-down.

While feeding babies, we found out that the entire base of the nipple reflexed smoothly similar to natural breasts. The wide base made it easier to clean the bottle while the small tab located on the side of the green base made it exceptionally easy for the mom to grip or open or tighten the bottle. On the whole, the Comotomo cheap baby bottles are a great option for your baby and within a short span of a couple of years, they have been able to climb up the ladder to be ranked at the second spot. We expect that with the passage of time, the Comotomo cheap baby bottles might even be able to get ahead of Dr. Brown’s.

There are a few drawbacks associated with the bottle. Some moms found it difficult to view the labels located on the side of the translucent bottle or see inside the bottle to determine how much milk is remaining. This is not that big an issue but still it could cause some discomfort for moms while making nighttime feeds for their little ones. We believe that the venting is not as great as that of Dr. Brown’s. Keep in mind that the bottle resembles the MimiJumi bottles to some extent which were not able to make it to our list owing to an awkward feeding angle which creates flimsy venting and hence leaking and irregular flow of milk.

3 – Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

The Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles come in either 5 ounces or 9 ounces size. These are similar to Comotomo bottles with their nipple, shape and venting resembling the new yet successful entrant. They come with a wide body while the attractive curvature allows for a firm grip by the baby or even the mom. The nipple, however, is not as wide or convex as is the case with Comotomo;s bottles. As a matter of fact, with regard to the width of its base, the nipple lies in between Munchkin Latch or AVENT and Comotomo with regard to the shape and size of the nipple.

During our tests, we found out that the nipples portrayed a similar elongation and retraction movement as that depicted by natural breasts which was not as prominent as that offered by the nipples produced by Comotomo. The bottles boast a wider and shorter stature and so are easy to clean and maintain. The nipple comes with a single vent and pretty much resembles a Comotomo nipple. Typically, a single vent tends to function properly but we found out that more often than not, it was covered by the baby’s cheek, lip or chin; thereby disrupting the venting mechanism. So, Comotomo is ahead of the Tommee Tippee with regard to the venting mechanism and the size and shape of the nipple. The Tommee Tippee is a fantastic backup option for mothers who want their kids to switch between breast and bottle feeding on a regular basis.

The nipple and its thereabouts present a comparatively realistic outlook, it becomes difficult for a baby to get acquainted to a different nipple style and so reject breast feeding. This does not happen all too often but even in a rare scenario, Tommee Tippee is nice backup option to fall back upon.

4 – Joovy Boob BPA-free PPSU or Glass Baby Bottles

The Joovy Boob BPA-free PPSU or Glass Baby Bottles have been recently added to our coveted list for the best cheap baby bottles and has been able to impress us a lot in the course of our tests. The bottles are available in three different versions namely Glass, PPSU and PP. We are always fascinated by glass bottles and that is why they are placed at higher spots in our list. The glass used in these bottles is very strong while the bottles present a nice firm grip to the baby owing to the external silicone grippers and impact absorbers are also there to protect the bottle in case you drop it accidently.

The PPSU is a greyish plastic that is quite resistant to staining, discoloration or cracking and does not absorb odors or colors as much as other kinds of plastics. We discovered numerous facts about these bottles which made them fall in love with these best cheap baby bottles. Firstly, the venting mechanism is phenomenal. It comprises a venting ring that goes onto the bottle’s opening before the nipple is screwed on. The venting mechanism tends to perform far better in contrast to that offered by other bottlers which results in lesser gas, fussiness, spit up and colic. It is always nice to have a bottle with excellent venting mechanism.

The bottle is nicely designed which makes it easy and comfortable to hold in the hand. The glass bottle, with its silicone sleeve, was quite nice to hold. In comparison with Tommee Tippee, the only downside is that it can be rather a hassle for the baby to learn to grasp the bottle owing to its thickness at the middle. Moreover, the soft silicone nipples worked well and did a good job in preventing nipple confusion. The nipples resemble the ones by AVENT and so we strongly feel that the nipples of the two manufacturers can be used interchangeably as and when required.

The bottles are easy to clean and maintain and similar is the case with the venting ring. In addition, the bottles are dishwasher safe and safe to sterilize. However, it can be a fuss to put back the vent ring before screwing on the nipple which can be quite annoying for nighttime feeding stints when you are groping around to refill the bottle while holding the baby in the other hand. Another thing that we consider rather nasty is the use of the word BOOB in and around the bottle. But that is up to your personal choice whether you get offended by it or not. The glass bottle is quite a good option but considering the price tag, we believe that the Dr. Brown’s glass bottle is a better alternative.

5 – Minbie Newborn BPA-free Baby Bottles

Minbie have recently come up with their nice collection of newborn and infant bottles that are priced slightly higher in contrast to their competitors with a single bottle, while the nipple costs separately. Employing the BPA-free polypropylene plastic and BPA-free flexible and soft silicone nipples, the Minbie best cheap baby bottles boast such versatile nipples that come with a tip shape and contours that you will not find on other bottles. The bottles are loaded with a remarkable teat that is compatible with both latch-on and natural breastfeeding motion.

The flat side of the nipple tip goes up against the mouth’s roof and rests easily on the palate. The nipples are great in mitigating nipple rejection among babies and can also great reduce nipple confusion among moms who have to switch between breast and bottle feeding frequently. The venting mechanism allows the air to be vented out of the bottle through small holes in the base of the nipple. The bottle was tested on a couple of babies of two months and four months of age respectively. Both of them seemed to have taken a liking to the nipples and were fed successfully without ingesting air and hence developing gas.

The slow flow nipple appears to be a bit faster in contrast to other brands such as Comotomo and Tommee Tippee. The fact that the nipple is directionally specific and one has to ensure that the flat side of the nipple goes up against the roof of the mouth, so a little bit more attention has to be paid in this regard. This can be a bit of a hassle when your baby becomes old enough to hold or twist a bottle in his hand. We have had no issues with it so far but we are still testing it on babies of age two and three months.

This is our first experience of testing with Minbie and despite a few lacunas, we are quite satisfied with this cheap baby bottle.

6 – Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottles

A single bottle of size 4 ounces or 9 ounces can be had for a very affordable price. These bottles have been in the market for a long time and the company has always been working on improving the quality of their products in line with the growing needs of mothers and the new researches coming out. The Natural series of baby bottles is a popular one among mothers and consists of bottles with all-round features. The base and nipple resemble the one from Tommee Tippee but the nipple base and nipple screw is slightly narrower. The nipples are soft and compliant, allow for a comfortable latch-on and the twin valve venting mechanism reduces the ingestion of air and hence mitigates the prospects of gas and colic.

The twin valve venting system is different from the other bottles that come with tiny pores at the base of the nipple to let the air in and hence prevent the creation of a vacuum inside the bottle. The nipple base, being wider, presents a natural breast sensation while the longer neck allows for easy cleaning. The bottles are available in glass and plastic versions that are BPA free and free of other harmful chemical substances. We recommend the glass version despite it being a bit bulkier and mother’s concerns about breakage.

Boasting an ergonomic design, the bottle is easy to grasp for the babies. The venting mechanism functions properly and is easy to clean without needing the additional parts to be cleaned. Over the course of previous few years, the plastic used in AVENT bottles has been gradually reducing in thickness but the overall functionality remains the same. The venting mechanism may not be of the same caliber as that of Comotomo and Tommee Tippee. It is advisable to use a silicone sleeve for easier grip and safety with a glass version.

7 – Flipsi Natural Silicone Baby Bottle

If you are well-passed the age of 40, you may remember the famous Platex bottles that came along with a disposable bag of milk. The bag would be filled and draped over the bottle’s edge with the nipple screwed on. They became very popular in their days since the plastic bag was able to react in accordance with the amount of remaining milk; thereby ensuring that no vacuum was allowed to build up inside the bottle. A similar mechanism has been employed in these best cheap baby bottles that makes use of a silicone-cup like reservoir that is filled up with milk and after being placed in the bottle, the nipple is screwed on. The silicone sits up nicely on the bottle’s edge and when the nipple is screwed on, a protective seal is formed.

The above mentioned mechanism is quite impressive since the silicone is able to conform to the remaining amount of milk in the reservoir; thereby mitigating colic, spit ups and gas owing to the vacuum created. The silicone can also be pushed up from the bottom and sides to assist in the occurrence of this process which is essentially a replacement of the venting system that generally leads to leaks. The silicone reservoir is easy to clean and dishwasher safe so you will not be requiring any bottle brushes here. The wide natural nipple shape is also praiseworthy and resembles that of our favorite Comotomo.

Silicone is heat and cold resistant in addition to being BPA-free and experts are working hard to determine if any leaching takes place in silicone. Having said that, the silicone used in these best cheap baby bottles is free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, latex, nitrosamines, lead, PVC and PET. The bottle is slightly larger in size owing to the thick silicone reservoir wrapped around by the bottle itself. The fact that you will have to set the bottle up every time you are about to use it and then screw on the nipple could be a bit of a turn off feature for some parents who want to save some time.

The Flipsi is placed on the higher end of the price spectrum for a plastic baby bottle. On the whole, it seems to be a nice option for moms and as time passes by, we are hopeful that it will be able to climb up the ladder and attain higher spots in our reviews.

8 – Munchkin Latch Baby Bottles

These baby bottles come with a versatile anti-colic valve positioned on the bottom of the bottle which makes it easier to clean these bottles in contrast to the ones manufactured by Dr. Brown’s. As the baby drinks milk, air enters the bottle constantly and hence prevents the buildup of the vacuum which in turn reduces ingestion of air. Lesser the air ingested, lesser will be the burping and colic.

During our tests, we figured out that the valve functioned well but it was difficult to get it cleaner thoroughly. Moreover, the nipple got pushed in a number of times which was rather annoying. The bottle has been named “Latch” because of the fact that it comes natural to babies to latch onto a natural nipple and there is a close relationship between a baby’s mouth position, his sucking rhythm, the nipple and the release. Latching takes place when a baby sucks the nipple back to his soft palate. A good latch ensures a satisfied baby.

Munchkin have come up with this innovative nipple that resembles the feel, movement and let down of natural breasts. As the baby consumes milk, the nipple stretches to maintain a decent latch. However, the mechanism used by Comotomo is a whole lot better. The nipple boasts a dynamic flow; thereby producing more milk as the baby pushes harder at the nipple. The nipple is similar to an accordion as it flexes with the movement of head and the arm which helps in the maintenance of a latch and reduces air ingestion. The bottles were introduced on the market in 2015 and are slowly becoming popular among consumers.

9 – Playtex Ventair BPA-free Bottles

You can purchase a 9 ounce sized bottle from a company that has been producing them for several decades. The Ventair model makes use of an angular bottle shape that renders it easier to grasp and tilt the bottle during feeding stints. In addition to ensuring that your arm does not get sore, the angular shape also lets you place the baby in a more upright and natural position without having to tilt the head back. According to some research, the upright position reduces the probability of ear infections.

Similar to Munchkin, an air flow valve at the bottom of the bottle allows the flow of air into the bottle; thereby preventing a vacuum from building up. During our tests, we found out that the flow of the milk remained unhindered and the vent did its job well to prevent air ingestion which can lead to spit ups, colic and gas. The nipple is not as wide and natural feeling as that of Comotomo of Tommee Tippee but the babies involved in our tests seemed to have taken a liking to these nipples while mothers showed no signs of nipple confusion. A texture resembling that of Dr. Brown’s is used in the nipple to facilitate a decent latch while it is easy to clean the bottle. The different parts such as the bottle lid, valve and nipple can be removed and are dishwasher safe.

The bottle that we got had slow flow nipples suitable for babies from zero to three months old. However, you can also get your hands on medium and fast flow nipples. The venting system positioned at the bottle’s bottom produced a leak. During our tests, we filled up three bottles with milk and after leaving them on the counter for a few hours, we encountered a puddle formed underneath them. On the whole, this seems to be a nice bottle for your baby but beware of the leaking issues if you do get it.

10 – Born Free BPA-free Bottles

A single bottle of 9 ounces size comes with an ActiveFlow venting mechanism that minimizes gas and colic. The ActiveFlow mechanism was found to be quite efficient during our tests but it was rather frustrating to have another piece of equipment that needs cleaning, assembling and taken care of. The silicone nipple shape seems to be natural and maintains a nice flow. The gift set comes bundled with some handy accessories such as bottle brushes, silicone sleeves, fast nipples, formula holder and dispenser.

The great thing about these bottles is that their higher capacity to hold milk in comparison with other 4 and 8 ounce bottles. This leaves a little room at the top and when you mix in formula, the entire mixing process is rendered a whole lot easier. Considering that the nipple has a base and feel that is not as natural as you would want it to be, best cheap baby bottles seem to be a nice option for formula-fed babies. The bottles are priced realistically but the Born Free Breeze variant of these bottles has not been included in our list owing to its poor nipple design.

11 – The Kiinde Breastmilk Collection, Storage and Feeding System

It does not sound fair to be honest to enlist a system such as this amongst the best cheap baby bottles. But since we tested it out just recently, so we though you would all be interested in getting to know what it does and how efficiently it accomplishes its tasks. The fundamental concept behind it is that you can use pouches that resemble the juice pouches to attach directly to your breast pump, for freezer storage and subsequently to feed your little one. The primary concept is that instead of using Mandela or Lanisoh bags for pumping and storage, the same bags may be used for feeding purposes.

This is accomplished by incorporating a screw top in place of the traditional ziplock onto the pouch. The screw top is directly connected to your manual or electronic breast pump and once you are done with the pumping, you can put the cap on the screw top and place the pouch in the freezer for storage. Once you are about to feed it to the baby, you may thaw the pouch in warm water or using the Kiinde bottle warmer system. The pouch is then attached to the Kiinde squeeze bottle to get the undesired air out and put on the nipple. The whole process worked like a charm when we pump milk into the pouch and then left it for storage while subsequently using it for feeding the baby.

Kiinde has also come up with a handy storage rack for keeping the pouches in your freezer. Kiinde deserves appreciation for conjuring such an extensive mechanism that encompasses everything from pumping right until feeding. However, a question cropped up in our minds: once the pumping is done, the pump parts and the pump to bag adapters need to be cleaned. So, why not use a little bottle to save up on some time? During our tests, we also figured out that it was not easy to determine how much milk was being pumped into the pouch. We pumped milk into the pouch up till the 4 ounce mark but once we poured it into the Mandela bottle, it showed us 2.5 ounces. Actually, the milk was not heavy enough to puff the pouch out and get a precise volume measurement.

But that is not different from any conventional milk pouch available on the market. So, we decided to pump milk directly into a glass or plastic bottle to get a precise measure and then pouring it into a bag for freezer storage. The feature that lets you feed your baby by attaching a nipple directly to the pouch is really admirable. The nipple is a good quality one that boasts a nice wide base and since there is no air in the pouch, so gas and colic is minimized. The baby serves as a vacuum to such out the milk while squeezing the pouch empty. The bottle can also be squeezed to simulate a let-down. The pouches cost the same as the traditional mandela or lanisoh bottles but with a handier cap.

If the pouch is puffed a bit before pumping milk into it, you will get a more precise measurement. The starter system has the pouch, adapters, nipple and squeeze bottle and freezer rack. If you want to get the bottle warmer, the gift set can be found online. It is slightly expensive, but if your baby takes a liking to this entire system, all this hassle will be worth it.