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Are you looking for a small sized, lightweight stroller that is also known as the umbrella stroller and is the very best out there? We believe that Kolcraft Cloud Plus is the leading product available on Amazon in its price range. In spite of it being a traditional lightweight stroller rather than an actual umbrella stroller, but it can be moved with ease due to its low weight. Moreover, it is fitted with features that are generally available in the higher-end and more expensive strollers.

How are we so sure that it is the best out there? Well, we have spent a lot of time researching all the strollers available on the market and there were about 230 of them. We have tested out more than a couple of dozen for their ease of movement, use, build quality and how easy they are to fold up and store.

When it comes to lightweight umbrella models, the ease with which they can be folded up and stored, is of primary importance. People typically use these kinds of models as their second option or to take on trips outdoors. None of the tested strollers can compete with our all-time favorite stroller- The Baby Jogger City Mini. But they certainly are worth-having if you are looking for a backup model or just a low cost lightweight one.

Parents are sometimes looking for an easier mode of transportation to get their kid across from one point to another. The models that we have tested out are perfect for this purpose. Most of them weigh less than 15lbs and can be collapsed to a very small size or an elongated, narrow shape that is easy to be stored. Parents certainly have expectations and to discover the results of our tests and the models which you think are the best out there, keep reading this post.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is the best lightweight umbrella stroller available on the market. During out tests, we discovered that it possessed a sublime blend of appropriate size, built quality, ease of movement, cost and features. Weighing less than 12lbs, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is equipped with features and storage space that is equivalent to larger sized and more highly-priced models.

In contrast to other models that were tested, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus can be folded with seamless ease and swiftness single-handedly with the help of a folding mechanism on the handle bar. It will take some time for you to get used to it. But once you are acquainted with the process, it will be nothing but a piece of cake. It is not a true umbrella model to be honest since it does not collapse into a long, sleek shape but it does fold into a smaller sized stroller. However, it can free-stand which is a feature not so common in most of the umbrella strollers.

As far as real world testing went, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus was able to come up with shining colors. We were especially looking towards the accessibility of storage basket to easily place our bags, blankets and other child equipment. We were also quite impressed by the ease with which we were able to maneuver it around obstacles. Moreover, the fact that you get a parent and child tray for such a low price is simply unbelievable.

It may not be as durable as the top quality full-sized strollers available on the market. But this was the best lightweight model that we tested. Even if you are searching out for a conventional umbrella stroller, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller should be on your list.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller is one of the most popular strollers out there. It  weighs less than 12lbs, offers plenty of storage. And it feels as good as some of the more high end models out there.

During our tests, we found it to be easily maneuverable despite its plastic wheels which offered a bit of resistance on rougher surfaces. It comes with a smaller wheel base which makes it easy to turn tight corners or store in cramped up spaces where larger sized strollers won’t fit.

This umbrella stroller is ranked at the second spot behind Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller for a few reasons. It is not loaded with a child’s tray, not easily foldable. The canopy does not give a great feel and the storage beneath the seat is not easily accessible. It collapses into the conventional umbrella shape but it is elongated and can sometimes be quite difficult to store.

Nevertheless, it is reasonably priced, lightweight and has received hundreds of great reviews by its happy customers. It is also a great choice for taller parents who generally have to bend over to reach smaller models.

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Cosco Umbrella Stroller

Sometimes you set out in pursuit of a low cost stroller only. The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is exactly the one, being among the most realistically priced strollers out there. It boasts small wheels, thin frame. Note that it does not come with any additional storage options such as the cup holder or a child tray.

However, remember that you will be getting a seat, wheels and a foldable frame for easy storage in addition to the whole setup weighing just about 8.4lbs. It is certainly not your conventional stroller with lots of storage space. Our research corroborates that most of the people looking for an umbrella model expect to use it only as their backup option. You can easily take out with you to a vacation with your backpack or some other carrying case for your essentials.

Keep in mind that its prices tend to vary at different stores. At the high end retailers, the Cosco Umbrella Stroller costs can vary, depending on the pattern and color. The versions with a canopy tend to cost a bit more than the typical versions.

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Baby Jogger City Tour

The Baby Jogger City Tour is one of the best traditional strollers out there. We pinned our hopes down on it owing to its low weight and collapsible design. It performed quite well in our tests but it costs quite more in contrast to our top ranked umbrella stroller.

The Baby Jogger City Tour is not a conventional umbrella stroller. It weighs around 14lbs and collapses into a design and shape compatible with parents who are always on-the-go. Similar to the City Mini, it comes with a pull-to-fold handle on the seat. However, you ought to fold it a second time using a button on the handlebar to attain its smaller size.

When in the unfolded form, the Baby Jogger City Tour appears to be a formidable model with smaller wheels in contrast to the conventional models. But the frame is more stable than with other versions of umbrella strollers available on the market. The canopy does a decent job. However, you have to spend extra for a child’s tray or a cupholder.

The seat is a major cause for concern for the Baby Jogger City Tour since parents have been lodging complaints regarding the seat being too shallow and sloped. So, the center strap is the only piece of equipment that keeps the child safe on the seat. However, we found out that the seat was not shorter in contrast to the other umbrella models. Nevertheless, we suggest you to try it out yourself first and then make up your mind.

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gb Pockit Stroller

The gb Pocket stroller is one of the most attractive lightweight strollers available on the market. At less than 10lbs, the gb Pockit Stroller offers support for kids up to 50lbs. It comes with an intricate folding system that lets it collapse it to a smaller size. That way, you can easily carry it along while you travel via airplane.

Once in the fully extended form, the gb Pockit Stroller offers a smooth ride and a seamless rotating radius. Similar to other strollers in its category, the stroller comes with small wheels so it does a decent job around tighter corners but is not able to live up to its expectations on rougher surfaces. The canopy is rather skimpy and does not provide a lot of protection from the sun.

Despite the fact that the gb Pockit Stroller is a great choice for parents who are always on the go, it is slightly expensive. So, if you are looking for a stroller that is collapsible to a really small size and weighs less than 10lbs, only then should you go looking for the gb Pockit Stroller.

If you are comfortable with a stroller than is a few pounds heavier, then the Baby Jogger City Tour is a nice proposition that is available on the market. It gets almost equivalent to the same size as the gb Pockit Umbrella Stroller and is equipped with a simpler two-fold action. In the open form, the City Tour has a better canopy and seat, offers more storage, better handlebars and is easier to move from one place to another.

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Graco Travelite Stroller

The Graco Travelite Stroller is a new model introduced by the manufacturer in the lightweight umbrella strollers category. It serves as a nice compatible alternative to the Summer Infant 3Dlite. As for design, it comes with a full-size canopy and a large seat that offers support for kids up to 50lbs. In addition, the underseat storage is sufficient as well.

Once you get acquainted to the folding routine, it is nothing but a piece of cake but you do require both your hands to fold the stroller. As soon as the horizontal bar is released, the stroller collapses. The horizontal bar is responsible for keeping the frame of the stroller rigid. In the folded form, the stroller is an elongated, sleek shape that is almost the same size as the 3Dlite.

During our tests, we found out that the fit and build quality of the Graco Travelite Stroller were quite good. The seat, canopy and buckles were quite decent despite not being of the same quality as some of the higher end umbrella strollers available on the market. The wheels are made of plastic and quite small in size but are still good enough. In addition, the Graco Travelite Stroller comes with a belly bar. However, we would definitely prefer a full child’s tray. The cup holder seems to be a good addition but it is shallow.

On the whole, the Graco Travelite Stroller appears to be a decent stroller. But if you intending to spend more money, then the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a better option. And if you are looking for an umbrella shape, the 3Dlite is quite a good choice as well.

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Summer Infant 3Dtote Stroller

Parents who are looking for a decent umbrella stroller but want one with higher storage capacity, then the Summer Infant 3Dtote Stroller should be their choice. As far as the design goes, the Summer Infant 3Dtote Stroller is similar to the 3Dlite. It comes with small wheels, a reclining seat, a full size canopy and a two-stage folding action.

Other than these features, it is an enhanced version of 3Dlite with a finer finish, solid build and sufficient storage capacity. You can comfortably place your full-size diaper bag in it in addition to multiple winter coats. And you’ll still have enough space for toys, keys, bottles and other child equipment.

In the folded form, the Summer Infant 3Dtote Stroller is not as compact in size as some of the other umbrella strollers and also longer and heavier at 18lbs. The lankier shape might be preferred by some people but the Baby Jogger City Mini tends to fit in easily in the car.

The Summer Infant 3Dtote Stroller is more expensive than some other strollers from our list. This price might be realistic if you are looking for higher storage capacity considering the fact that only full-sized strollers offer such storage.

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J is for Jeep North Star Stroller

The J is for Jeep North Star Stroller is certainly not one of the best around but it stands in the middle with traditional setup, a lightweight design and a solid frame. It collapses easily into an umbrella shape and weighs around 10lbs which makes it the lightest stroller on our list.

The J is for Jeep North Star Stroller is one of the most reasonably priced items in our list. In spite of the low price, the J is for Jeep North Star Stroller comes with a few additional features such as a cup holder and a carrying bag that hangs off the back for additional storage capacity. The underseat storage can contain a blanket or two as well.

During our tests, we found out that the J is for Jeep North Star Stroller collapses into a compact size. The folding mechanism can be tricky sometimes. Also, the smaller wheels, despite allowing easy portability, were not able to withstand the rigors of a few obstacles. The harness does not go over the shoulders and the seat is not adjustable which is not at all suitable for younger children. The J is for Jeep North Star Stroller comes with a three months warranty which is less than the competing models.

But if you are looking to purchase the Cosco and still want to get your hands on a model that offers slightly more features without having to spend an arm and a leg, then the J is for Jeep North Star Stroller should be the way to go.

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Baby Trend Rocket Stroller

The Baby Trend Rocket Stroller has great reviews online. However, it didn’t meet our expectations. The canopy was the main issue since it was skimpy, not easy to attach and could not stay in place.

If you are willing to overlook this flaw, the Baby Trend Rocket Stroller is a decent lightweight umbrella stroller. It is a bit hard to put together in comparison with other strollers but on the whole, it is a good enough product. The storage basket is easy to access while the wheels are small and can tight corners well. But when it comes to rougher surfaces and terrains, the wheels won’t be able to support you.

The only concern about this stroller is its canopy. You will going to need it on bright sunny days. And we do not believe that it will be able to provide you ample covering in such situations.

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Graco Literider Umbrella Stroller

The Graco Literider has a few fans on the internet. But in our opinion, it seems to be a lot better on paper than in reality. It features a full-sized canopy, large sized wheels, an adjustable seat, a child’s tray, cup holders and also provides support for Graco ClickConnect infant car seats.

We were quite enthralled by its features to be honest but it was not able to perform the way we expected it to. It was quite hard to put it together, the canopy was never in its place and the stroller needed quite a bit of an effort to fold correctly. Even if you manage to do it correctly, it was not just compact enough.

However, the Graco Literider can be moved with ease and the storage basket is easily accessible. The seat is padded and comfortable which is not the case with most of the strollers tested in this category. It is also equipped with the child and parent’s trays. The customers have given good feedback about the Graco Literider. And we do not anticipate any performance issues in the long run despite the poor first impression.

The build quality and finish is at par with the price tag of the stroller. The stroller is reasonably priced and you can also find it with an infant car seat for a decent price as one of the most affordable options you will come across.

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