I bet every woman has at least a pair of leggings in her wardrobe. My favorite pair is snuggling me right now, as if they know I am writing about them. And I’m very happy to say that most pregnant ladies have a pair or ten in their wardrobe too.

Once upon a time, pregnant women used to face hell every time they tried not to sacrifice the looks for comfort and convenience in a piece of clothing. Thankfully, that time is over, and now there are gazillions of options or everyone.

Whether you like to roam the stores or just hit the “Order” button from your couch, you can finally enjoy the abundance of styles. Which leads us to another problem: which brand to choose? Which features should leggings have?

Perfect maternity leggings should meet a number of demands. When choosing, make sure to pay special attention to these points:

  • Comfort. It goes without saying that your leggings should feel light as a feather on you.
  • Breathability. One of the more frequent pregnancy issues is swollen ankles and varicose veins. Your leggings might help with this problem.
  • Sizing. Again, thank goodness that fashion trends have changed and become much more inclusive, so now you can easily find plus-sized items. (I’m only using this term “plus-sized” for lack of a better one. As if there were minus-sized things.)
  • Belly support. There are specialized leggings that can help relieve that annoying and frustrating pain in your lower back. And that function doesn’t have to affect their awesome looks.
  • Price. Pregnancy is associated with so many expenses that you hardly need another reason to spend more money. Good news is that maternity leggings don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find a decent pair for a very low price, if you’re after the cheaper options!
  • Transparency. Literally. A decent pair of leggings has to pass the “bend over” test. If it doesn’t, you will only be able to convert it into tights. Or you can steal your hubby’s giant sweater to hide your rear end.

Which Maternity Leggings Are Best for You? Check Out These Options!

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Preggers 2 Pack Footless Maternity Compression Leggings

If you belong to the 40% of pregnant women who suffer from swollen ankles and varicose veins, look no further. You will be able to wear these all day long without your legs suffering, since the material is breathable and provides gradient compression to improve your circulation. They also have a support band to snuggle your tummy.

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Secret Fit Belly Maternity Leggings

These leggings will be among your most comfortable pants, with the belly band not moving up and down as you walk, bend or work out. Made from cotton and spandex, they are stretchy enough not to constrict you, but will stay up all the time. Put on a sweater and you’re ready to go anywhere. The only problem is that they are a little bit thin, so don’t wear them when it’s cold outside.

GAP Maternity Pure Body Low Rise Leggings

You know the old saying: when you’re not sure which brand to choose, go with GAP. Their super soft maternity leggings will sit right under your baby bump so as not to constrict you. Note that it’s recommended to choose your pre-pregnant size. And that means you’ll be able to wear them post-delivery too!

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Active Moto Leggings

Workout addicts, you’ll be thrilled with these! Not only do they look awesome due to the fancy moto details, but will also will fit throughout pregnancy and after. The features that make them great for mammas-to-be include a crossover panel for back support, low back design to keep you cool, antimicrobial & moisture-wicking fabric. You can wear them over your tummy or fold them – which is like having two different pairs.

H&M Mama Leggings

They come in black, plum and grey, and are made from cotton (95%) and elastane (5%). Even though they aren’t high-end gear, they will fit well and retain the shape after washing. The wide panel at waist guarantees an improved fit and will follow your belly growth. They are a wee thin, so you might consider wearing a tunic or an oversized sweater.

Franato Seamless Full Ankle Length Maternity Leggings

Even though they are made from 95% nylon, these leggings are extremely comfy. Some of the features include soft belly bands and a knit-in panel for back support. Choose from black, grey or blue and dress them up or down – they will go with pretty much everything. When it’s cold outside, you can even wear them under a pair of pants. They are seamless and won’t be visible.

Oh Mamma Maternity Full Panel Leggings 2-Pack

Maternity leggings can hardly get any cheaper than this, which is great if you wear leggings all the time and have (or plan to have) like 20 pairs in your wardrobe. They are thick enough not to be transparent, and there’s a full panel that will snug your tummy. Some customers complain that the band at the top is a bit too thick and tends to show under a shirt. But that’s hardly a great issue for something so affordable.