Sleep experts highly rate back sleeping since it tends to put the least pressure on the spine and also reduces the chances of soreness in the back. Despite all the rambling and discourse being perpetrated by the sleep experts, a survey conducted by the National Sleep Council has revealed that only about one in every ten adults sleep on their back.

Downsides and challenges of back sleeping

 When it comes to back sleeping, the downsides might be a little less for an individual. But if that individual snores and also tends to share a room, then it could be trouble for his/her partner. Back sleeping exacerbates snoring which can be quite uncomfortable for others in the room. Some people are of the view that back sleeping can be dangerous for people suffering from sleep apnea but research has revealed that supine position tends to cause more harm than good for such people.

Mattresses for back sleepers

 Back sleepers should prefer a mattress that boasts stiff coils and a soft foam. If the mattress is too soft, the body of a back sleeper will sink too much into it and hence the individual would feel rather uneasy. On the other hand, if the mattress is too firm, it will put undesired pressure on the shoulders and the back; thus leading to soreness and ache in the morning after sleep. A large number of people tend to switch positions which can adversely affect the quality of the sleep in the fetal position. So, the selection of a mattress also depends on the sleep position, whether it is changed after some time or not and whether the bed is being shared by another individual. Here are some of the leading mattresses for back sleepers:

Purple Mattress

 This is a great choice for people who are looking for mattresses other than the memory foam ones. It is a no-pressure mattress that features a polymer gel-layer, which boasts tremendous pressure point relief and a unique floating sensation. This is a great mattress that conforms to all sleeping position including supine which is not supported by the majority of mattresses out there. Point elasticity is of the highest quality when it comes to purple. This ensures that you will get smooth sleep even if you share a bed with you partner who happens to prefer the supine position. The downside of this mattress is that it cannot be modified as per one’s requirements. The only modifications can be made in the toppers and mattress pads.

If you sleep on your back for majority of the time during sleep, there is a high probability that you will get very little aches and pains. And if you have invested quite a hefty amount in the mattress, you are likely to get your hands on a good quality mattress. Try to purchase a mattress that is moderately firm and serves as a perfect foil for support and varying sleeping positions. Also take into consideration your secondary sleeping position since there are people who primarily sleep on their backs but every now and then switch to supine or sideways positions. A good quality mattress should be able to provide for your needs and also your partner’s if you are sharing your bed with someone. So, selecting a mattress is an important task since it can directly have an impact on your overall health.

Brentwood Home Sequioa

 This is one of my favorite brands which is a vertically integrated company and manufacture all the mattresses in their own factory. Sequioa is a great choice for back sleepers as it provides phenomenal back support during sleep. It is a combination of latex and gel foam layer that provides decent stress relief without having the sleepers body sink into the mattress too much. The latex ensures that the mattress is sensitive to your positions and tends to keep a nice body temperature.

Zen Haven Mattress

 Some back sleepers find it very difficult to sleep on memory foam mattress since they get that sinking feeling. Latex, on the other hand, gives you a nice comfortable feeling, and despite having contours makes them believe that they are resting on top of a mattress; rather than sinking into it. These mattresses can also be flipped with one side harder and the other softer. The firm side is preferred by back sleepers while the side sleepers tend to opt for the soft side. This is a remarkable choice for you even if you are going to try it out for the first time since the brand also offers a fairly long trial period with money back guarantee.

Bear Mattress

 This mattress has been designed specifically for the athletes and exercise junkies who need their bodies to recover quickly after a nice night sleep. This means that this mattress tends to minimize pressure points since pains and soreness in the body is the most undesirable thing for any athlete. This is a moderately firm mattress that provides support for both back sleepers and a combination of back sleepers and side sleepers. The bear mattress has four layers of supportive foam. The Celiant cover, however, is its most impressive attribute considering its reasonable price.


 This mattress comes in three firmness ratings. The medium and firm options that were previously called as Aria and Classic respectively are the most suitable for back sleepers since they do not allow the body to sink into the mattress. If, after purchasing the mattress, you still are not satisfied with the firmness or softness of the mattress, you can order an additional kit that will help you adjust the mattress in accordance with your requirements. The Novosbed variants come in super soft top covers and elastic covers that are designed especially to protect the foam core.


Hybrid mattress turn out to be better option for some back sleepers who prefer greater firmness in contrast to conventional memory foam mattresses. Winkbeds provide a nice blend of spring technology and foam quality that make this mattress an impressive choice when looking for support and luxury. Tampered support springs ensure that localized relief is supplied to the pressure points. Hyperfoam provides the much needed buoyancy that is often found lacking in conventional mattresses. They are also compatible with adjustable frames which is an option quite preferred by back sleepers.