Sleeping in the sideways position can be rather soothing and that is exactly why it is preferred by a large majority of people around the world. According to statistics provided by the National Sleep Founded, around 15% people sleep sideways with their legs outstretched while about two-fifths of people sleep in fetal position with their backs hunched and their legs bent. Side sleeping is also quite a common phenomenon among pregnant ladies who might not be able to accommodate their baby bumps in other sleeping positions. If you get your hands on the right kind of mattress, you could be guaranteed unparalleled rest, enhanced circulation of blood and reduced snoring.

Advantages of side sleeping

 Side sleeping comes naturally to most of us. It is such a great feeling to lie down in fetal position on your bed and drift off to sleep. This is also a more preferable position for the pregnant women since it reduces the chances of the fetus being pressed against the liver. It is also a good position to sleep in if you snore a lot at night. Moreover, if you are able to keep to your spine in an elongated position, it can greatly minimize pain and soreness in the neck and in the back. Lesser acid reflux symptoms have been observed in people who sleep sideways. What’s more, sleeping sideways can also be quite advantageous for the brain. According to a research conducted by the Stony Brook University, sleeping sideways helps an individual get rid of all the brain in the waste that could otherwise lead to Alzheimer’s disease. This waste is excreted through the glymphatic pathway that is efficient at night and particularly when the body is in sideways position.

Challenges of sleeping sideways

 With everything good, comes something bad. People can go through a sensation as if their breathing is being restricted while sleeping sideways. There are people who are perturbed about their aging and do not want to sleep sideways since they believe that with their faces pressed against the pillow, their chances of getting more wrinkles on their faces would grow exponentially. Side sleepers and especially the ones above 50 years of age, can feel soreness in their back. This can be reduced by placing a pillow between the knees but a good quality mattress would also help in this regard.

Best mattresses for side sleepers

 Side sleepers, more often than not, prefer a softer mattress that lets them sink into it while they drift off to sleep in fetal position. In an ideal world, a softer mattress should be able to conform to the shape of the spine and maintain a decent body posture throughout the sleep. Memory foam mattresses are a good option for side sleepers since their better contouring ensures that minimal pressure is exerted on the shoulders and hips of the sleeper.

Best luxury mattresses for side sleepers

 Oceano Mattress

 The oceano mattress by Brentwood Home is one of its kind. It consists of high quality ingredients and boasts an outlook that will blow your mind away. It ensures that the sleeper sinks nicely into it but also recovers instantaneously owing to its pocket coil base layer and a layer of micro coils at the top. Add in a gel foam layer of a couple of inches, natural wool fiber obstacle and hand tufting and you will get the mattress of your dreams. We have been displaying this magnificent masterpiece at our showroom for the past month and a half and it seems as if it lures everyone towards itself through its charisma and majesty. It is being greatly appreciated by the side sleepers.

Best natural mattresses for side sleepers

 Zen Haven

 Saatva is the parent company of Zen Haven. They employ the innovative Talalay approach to transform liquid latex into elastic layers for their Zen Haven mattresses. This allows for a proportionate mold and hence ensures top quality contouring. Side sleepers who have purchased the Zen Haven have reported a more bouncy feeling. The mattresses adjusts itself to the shape of the individual seamlessly; thereby enhancing pressure relief. The reduced pressure points ensure that the blood circulates in the body in a proper manner. This also tends to reduce that pins and needles sensation that is so often the case whenever veins and capillaries are compressed. They offer free trial period for their latex mattress and are only one of the very few who do so. This is an offer you cannot refure.

Best All-Foam mattresses for side sleepers

 Cocoon Mattresses

 These mattresses have been designed to provide softness and are greatly appreciated by the side sleepers who love to sink into their beds. Having said that, the sinking feeling is not an overwhelming one since the mattress is able to portray the required amount of buoyancy that is required to make the sleeper believer that he is not inserted into the mattress as a whole. It is a great combination of support and softness which makes it a good choice for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. It is available in both soft and firm configurations but soft is a better choice if you are side sleeper. You should note that the Cocoon is included in Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2016.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

 Wink Bed

 If you are not able to decide whether to go for the memory foam mattress which has better contouring characteristics or to go for the inner spring mattress that boasts better support and firmness, then there is a third option for you that is a combination of the two. A hybrid mattress is an unparalleled blend of innerspring and memory foam mattresses. WinkBeds are based on both these novel technologies that let side sleepers enjoy the softness of foam along with the firmness and support of inner spring mattress. More often than not, side sleepers tend to move to the periphery of their beds during sleep. WinkBeds resolve this conundrum through their dense perimeter of high ILD foam which prevents sagging that might take place as the mattress grows old and old.

No mattress can be the ultimate choice for any type of sleeper. Even side sleepers tend to have varying requirements and needs when it comes to mattresses. In general, however, side sleepers prefer mattresses that are soft and do not pressurize the shoulders and back. Whether you are back sleeper or a side sleeper, you should choose your mattress with supreme care since it can impact your health and wellbeing directly. Choose wisely!

Best performance mattress for side sleepers

 Layla mattress

 The Layla mattress comes with to options in terms of hardness. You just have to flip to the other side and put the covering on and your mattress will become either softer or harder for you as you want. Having said that, the Layla mattresses tend to be better for side sleepers since they are just a bit softer. It is the world’s first copper infused mattress and is a tremendous choice for all those who love to sleep sideways. The foam in these mattresses rebounds swiftly, thereby ensuring that the sleeper is able to adjust positions with ultimate ease.

Best budget mattresses for side sleepers

 Zinus Green Tea Mattress

 We suggest you not to believe in the manufacturer’s claims that their eight inch memory foam is an ideal choice for back sleepers. We believe that it is a bit softer and is a better choice for the side sleepers. This mattress consists of three layers: a two inch memory foam layer at the top, a stress relieving layer at the middle and four inches of high density foam at the bottom. The company also produces ten and twelve inch memory foam mattresses that prove to be an excellent choice for the side sleepers.

Best overall mattress for side sleepers

 Alexander Signature Select

 This is one of the most popular mattresses online by Nest Bedding. It has been the leader of the pack in terms of quality and luxury. The pillow top like sensation of the mattress is its greatest asset and that is why we believe it to be one of the best mattresses for the side sleepers on the whole. This mattresses embraces you in a warm hug while ensuring that an optimum temperature level is maintained. The medium firm or soft variants of this mattress are the best choice for the side sleepers as they will guarantee stress relief and comfort of the highest kind.

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