Sleep experts have always advised individuals to get seven hours of sleep daily for a healthy life. In addition, they also advise people to avoid sleeping in the prone position in which their belly rests on the bed. According to the data compiled by the National Sleep Foundation, around seven percent of adults prefer the prone position which happens to be one of the most difficult and dangerous positions. Having said that, one can easily get rid of the oft-repeated drawbacks of stomach sleeping by choosing the right kind of mattress.

I am not a stomach sleeper but I believe that it is not easy to find out a mattress that provides the perfect magnitude of firmness and stress relief required by stomach sleepers.

Benefits of stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping has always received bad comments by sleep experts but there could be a few situations in which stomach sleeping might prove to be beneficial. Among adults, stomach sleeping can play a vital role in reducing snoring. Some of the patients of sleep apnea have also reported that stomach sleeping lets them have a good night’s sleep. There is no empirical evidence to support this notion though. According to a research published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, prone sleeping enhances the frequency of apneas but not its duration.

Drawbacks of stomach sleeping

Sleeping in the prone position can be dangerous for the patients of sleep apnea despite the fact that it may lead to reduction in snoring. Moreover, if you are someone who is suffering from chronic back ache, this position is also not a suitable one for you since it causes compression of the lower back. A vast majority of the stomach sleepers lie down on the bed on their stomachs with their heads tilted sideways which inevitably puts more pressure on their neck. Stomach sleeping is also believed to expedite the process of wrinkling as the skin gets smothered by the sleepers’ pillow. This, however, can be minimized by using a soft silk pillow that prevents wrinkling in the short term and also aids in sebum retention.

Mattresses for stomach sleepers

Despite going through all the drawbacks of stomach sleeping, if you are still willing to persist with your habit of sleeping in the prone position, it is mandatory that you purchase a mattress that is suitable to you. A mattress that is the perfect one for you can help resolve all the issues related to stomach sleeping including morning aches and soreness. A firm mattress would do the best job here since it allows your body to be aligned appropriately. Here are a few mattresses that have been designed for the stomach sleepers:

Best spring mattresses for stomach sleepers

 The Winkbed

This is an excellent choice for the stomach sleepers since it is hard enough to eliminate the hammock effect that can put a lot of pressure on the lower back. At the same time, it is soft enough from the top. It is similar to the good old spring mattress. It maintains nice temperature and lets the sleeper breathe easily. If you are a stomach sleeper and share your bed with a side sleeper, it is a great choice since it is also compatible with the side sleepers.

Best All Foam Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

 Amerisleep Revere

 If you are looking for an all foam mattress that does not let you sink too much into itself, then you must try out the Amerisleep Revere. This mattress comes with a solid layer at the bottom while a layer of dense foam resides at the top that provides stress relief along with ample support for relaxing your limbs. The sleeper goes through a floating sensation when in supine position on this mattress. This mattress is placed at the higher end of the price spectrum but still is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers. It happens to be my favorite stomach sleeping mattress and consists of celliant fibers that convert body heat into infrared energy that in turn assists in seamless recovery.

Best performance mattress for stomach sleepers

 Layla Mattress

 Foam mattresses are preferred by side sleepers generally who enjoy the sinking sensation during sleep. If you are a stomach sleeper, you should avoid this kind of sinking sensation since it lying down on your stomach means that the back arches in the outward direction which in turn can damage alignment. Having said that, a few foam mattresses can serve the purpose that are designed with the firmness aspect in mind. Layla mattresses come with a couple of hardness levels. The copper infused memory foam side that is harder is more suitable for the stomach sleepers. This mattress is a good choice for those stomach sleepers who are planning to switch over into becoming side sleepers or even back sleepers.

Best customizable mattress for stomach sleepers

 Helix Mattress

 The more conventional mattresses out there are designed keeping in mind the preferences of side and back sleepers predominantly. A mattress that has been designed for individual inclinations can accommodate personal tastes, particularly if built while keeping in mind the person’s body weight, height and body shape. Helix are the pioneers in developing customized mattresses as they require their customers to complete a questionnaire before ordering the mattress they want. The questionnaire is designed to gauge the following four parameters: point elasticity, temperature, regulation, support and feel. These mattresses are a blend of micro-coils, latex and high-grade to ensure firmness and a comfortable night’s sleep.

Best luxury mattresses for stomach sleepers

 Brentwood Home Sequioa

 Brentwood Home bring to you products that are realistically priced and are of the highest quality. All their mattresses are made by hand using the best available materials. Their flagship Sequioa provides great support to the back and is soft enough to prevent you from alternating among different positions during sleep.

Best New Mattress

 Here are my favorite mattresses of the year 2018. This list will be updated as new mattresses make their way into the market.

 Best memory foam mattress 2018: Nectar Mattress

 The Nectar Mattress has gained massive traction among customers with its 365 days free trial period offer. Moreover, this mattress consists of dense foams and quilted foam ticking. In addition, the cover boasts the innovative phase change technology which lets it dissipate heat in a great manner.

Best Natural Mattress 2018: Avocado Mattress

 It is one of the best natural mattresses that one can purchase. It is a splendid combination of latex, pocket coils, wool fiber barrier and organic cotton cover. Moreover, it is hand tufted that grants it an admirable outlook. In addition to reasonable price, this mattress also offers a free trial period.

Best performance mattress 2018: Zaahn Mattress

 This mattress is one of the best in terms of design and attractiveness. In addition, it boasts adjustable firmness levels on both sides. They are giving hard time to the entrenched market leaders and are likely to become a dominant force in the times to come. They have also introduced pillows alongside the mattress.

Best budget mattress 2018: Love and sleep

Nest Bedding’s Love and Sleep mattress is making great vibes among the customers. It has been developed in United States of America and boasts two levels of firmness. If you are looking for a mattress this is affordable and boasts features that are in competition with the leading brands in the market, this mattress is the one that you should look out for.