Best Pregnancy Pillows

Even with pregnancy pillows and other specialized contraptions, pregnancy is almost always associated with a certain level of awkwardness. Say hello to the backaches while sitting for a slightly longer duration of time on a desk. Not to mention the calf cramps during the nighttime sleep. And horrible pains just about the pelvic region while standing! All of those can become a rather common feature of a mom’s pregnancy experience.

Sleeping tends to become more and more troublesome as you become more and more pregnant. In order to make this seemingly uncomfortable task less tricky, there are tons of pregnancy pillows available on the market that are there to ensure that pregnant moms are able to get the serenest sleeps possible.

In this post, we bring to you the three best pregnancy pillows. You should keep in mind though that all women are different from one another. Likewise, all pregnancies tend to differ from each other. And the additional weight of the mother and the baby is also carried in a different manner. So, we believe that it is not possible to find a pillow that will cater to all the preferences and requirements. That is exactly the reason there are lots and lots of pregnancy pillows out there.

1 – The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Speaking of the best pregnancy pillows, the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is the smallest but not the cheapest pillows around that comes at a very affordable price. It is actually a piece of foam that boasts a half-moon shape. The mom needs to place it under her belly while lying on her side to provide her support and avoid any sensation of lopsidedness. During our tests, we found out that it was not of the top quality and did not remain in place while our test cases tried sleeping with it for a night or two. Moreover, if you want to flip over, you will have to move the wedge to the other side and place it back again wherever you need it.

Our tests found out that the tummies of mothers did not really stay on The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge and sort of hung out next to them. This can be slightly different if mothers are farther along in the pregnancy and their bellies are bigger. But whenever our test cases woke up in the morning, The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge was found on the floor. There are numerous wedges available on the market that have been developed by other manufacturers. If you have had a nice experience with some of them from other brands, do let us know in the comment’s section below.

Final verdict on The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge: No

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2 – Newpoint Body Pillow

Our quest for the best pregnancy pillows continues! Next, we have the Newpoint Body Pillow that is actually affordable and worth it. It has not been designed particularly for pregnancy. And that’s actually a nice incentive as you can easily find a pillow case for it that matches your bedding. Moreover, you can keep using it after the pregnancy. Of the three best pregnancy pillows that we are reviewing in this post, the Newpoint Body Pillow is the most affordable option. You can place it horizontally at the base of your headboard. Plus, it consists of hypoallergenic materials. It supports tons of sleeping positions and is a nice gizmo to hug onto tightly.

The Newpoint Body Pillow is quite comfortable and offers a nice night’s sleep. It is fluffy and fills up the contours of a pregnant belly without making the mothers think one bit about the weird shape of their tummy. The pillow could have been handier had it been in the L-shape as it would have provided more support to the mom’s head. However, you can always add a conventional pillow to provide support to the head. Our subjects hung on to the Newpoint Body Pillow all night long. In the morning, they got up almost in the same position in which they went to sleep.

Final verdict on the Newpoint Body Pillow: Yes

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3 – Snoogle Total Body Pillow

As we look for the best pregnancy pillows, we land upon the Snoogle Total Body Pillow that costs a bit more. The manufacturers dub it the Mother of all Pregnancy Pillows. It boasts a shape similar to the letter C. According to the description, it should provide supreme comfort from head to toe. However, we believe that its shape kind of looks rather preposterous as it resembles a large snake. It tends to take up almost half of the space on the bed. Had it not been for the sake of this review, we would never have purchased it at all.

Nevertheless, we found the Snoogle Total Body Pillow to be a lot more comfortable than we expected it to be. With the Snoogle Total Body Pillow lying beside you, there is no need whatsoever for any other pillow. This pillow provides support simultaneously for your head, belly and legs. In addition, mothers can sleep with the C shape providing support round about the back region. Or you can sleep facing the back of C so that you can have something to hang onto from the front. Both positions are quite comfortable. Maybe you don’t want to create an awkward obstacle between you and your partner? If so, sleeping facing the front of the C shaped Snoogle Total Body Pillow would be a wiser option.

The Sex Repellent

Now, we come to the negative aspect of the Snoogle Total Body Pillow. It tends to create a separate sleeping region that is away from your partner. We ended up naming this pillow The Sex Repellent since it can easily prevent your partner from making a move while you are clinging onto it. However, if you are looking to force your partner to maintain a distance from you, well, then it can be a great choice. Nevertheless, the Snoogle Total Body Pillow is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Final verdict for Snoogle Total Body Pillow: Yes for a comfortable sleep but No for a happy sex life!

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Pregnancy Pillows – Summing It Up!

There must of millions out there who are still wondering if looking out for the best pregnancy pillows is really worth it. We believe that it comes down to your personal preferences. There are lots of mothers who didn’t use a pregnancy pillow during their first pregnancy. You can go for a typical pillow for head support, snuggle onto a conventional pillow and place another regular pillow between your legs. For some pregnant ladies, this could be a great and simple solution. But for others, it can be quite a hassle to make them stay in their place all night long. A pillow such as the Snoogle Total Body Pillow can certainly help mothers stay in a stationary posture.

If you are going through a really discomforting time of late, it won’t hurt to look out for the best pregnancy pillows. Are you terrified by the idea of purchasing something that you will end up using for only a couple of months? If so, you may as well try out the Newpoint Body Pillow. It is the most affordable option of the three pillows in our post. You can lay it horizontally at the base of your headboard to support your pillows when you are hugging your partner.