You are preparing for a family getaway but you are also aware of the fact that wherever you are planning to roam, so will your infant. A typical baby gate is not designed to accompany you on your travels, so you need to resort to a few alternatives. A portable baby gate is probably the way to go, folks! This handy device is light in weight and can be retracted into an exceptionally small size. You simply have to slide it into its pouch, stuff the pouch in your luggage and off you go!

While these baby gates come with plenty of benefits, they are also accompanied by a few drawbacks. Some of these downsides include the fact that they cannot be used at the top of the staircase as they are pressure mounted. They do not have walk through doors and have to be stepped over. So, they are not additionally tall.

Having said that, it does not matter whether you are staying at a hotel or visiting your grandmother since a portable baby gate will keep your toddler safe from harm while you are on your family getaway. This is particularly handy if you are flying and are in need of something that can be stuffed into your suitcase without taking too much space.

Now, without wasting much time, we will discuss with you a couple of options in this regard that are considered the best around.

1 – North State Portable Travel Gate

The North State Portable Travel Gate is ideal for normal sized doorways and hallways and can be expanded from 25.2 inches to 42.6 inches wide. It is also suitable for use in openings with baseboards thanks to the adjustment knobs fine tuning the width even if the bottom is slightly different from the top.

The North State Portable Travel Gate comes with a fabric mesh panel, a couple of vertical steel bars and a couple of adjustable horizontal steel bars. It is not that easy to assemble but with a little practice and some support by your spouse, you can pull it off easily. The fabric tends to bunch a little when not extended to its full length which needs to be taken into account when being used in a narrow setting.

The design is quite trendy and the gate weighs just about four pounds. It is low cost and will definitely offer you a peace of mind with your toddler.

2 – Evenflo Soft and Wide Portable Gate

The Evenflo Soft and Wide Portable Gate will block off a wide area as it expands from 38 inches to 60 inches wide. The 27 inch tall gate is a formidable device that can be stepped over with ease.

It incorporates washable fabric in gender neutral color tones that makes it an eye-catching piece of contraption. The gate is quite easy to configure and adjust. Similar to other portable gates, it has been designed keeping in mind the molding on the floor and consists of some basic components.

The non-marring rubber bumpers let you place the gate anywhere and no traces are left behind. This is especially critical when visiting hotels during your travels as you do not want to be a guest who leaves traces behind.

The Evenflo Soft and Wide Portable Gate weighs only 7 pounds and comes with a drawstring pouch for easy mobility.


We hope that you will have benefited with our post and you will be able to better plan your next family getaway. By spending money on this product, you will ensure safety of your toddler on the go and get the much needed peace of mind.