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child holding a wooden letter for baby shower word scramble
Baby shower parties seem to be very popular these days. It is a traditional party, of course, but lately, it looks quite different. There are more people invited, it is not women only, and it is not thrown for the first child arrival exclusively. However, playing games is still a part of this celebration. Baby shower word scramble is...
baby shower cakes for boy and girl
Being pregnant is one of the most overwhelming experiences in life. Everything seems to be exaggerated. Emotional ups and downs go off the charts. Happy-go-lucky can turn to angry or sad in a blink of an eye. But, overall it is a blissful experience. The same routines that go day by day can trigger the down phase. On the...
She is Ready to Pop Sticker Labels - Baby Girl Shower Party Favor Labels in Pink Damask - Set of 30
Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game It won’t be long until your friend welcomes her brand-new bundle of joy, so before the day comes, you and a couple friends have decided to throw her a baby shower. Now, with this being her first baby you want it to be special, so you will want to provide her with all...
Your friend is expecting her first baby, well in her case, her first two babies because she just found out she’s having twins.
47 Messages to Write in a Baby Shower Card
Messages to Write in a Baby Shower Card So, you got an invitation to a baby shower. You have gone through the registry, ordered the gift and it will be at your front door within a matter of days. You have mapped out the address, you know what time you need to be there, and you’re prepared to wear the clothespin...
Your friend or family member is expecting a baby girl, and you’ve been invited to the baby shower. You don’t want to bring something you picked up last minute, or something that feels generic.
Did you know that baby showers actually originated in ancient times? For example, in ancient Rome and Greece, the pregnant woman was isolated before and just after the birth.
Little Man Themed Baby Shower Invitations
You may be wondering what the best baby shower themes for boys are, below you will find just that. So, your baby boy is almost here.
Baby Shower Etiquette Tips
Baby Shower Etiquette Tips Many parties or events in all walks of life have unwritten rules. The rules need to be stated so that people can have a grasp on what is acceptable and what can be perceived as self-centered and egotistical. This simple guide of baby shower etiquette tips will help any mom-to-be a little more aware that her...
12 Mini Popcorn Box Party Favors, Popcorn Boxes, Baby shower Teddy Bear TREAT BOX
Planning a baby shower can be an extraordinary experience, but it can also be stressful. Take some of the stress out of planning by incorporating popcorn baby shower favors into the theme of the shower!

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