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The Price is Right Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Jeopardy Most of us in the United States, and even some people in other countries, who have access to a television, or the internet, have watched the game of Jeopardy. It's a fun game to watch, and the contestants who appear on the show, often win lots of money. The main factor that made this game popular, is...
Baby Boy Ready to Pop Elephant Party Favor Tags - Baby Shower Wine Bottle Label Tags - Set of 12
17 Awesome & Completely FREE Baby Shower Games That Will Make Your Baby Shower POP Whether you're planning a baby shower for yourself or your bestie, it can really add up. You have to factor in the cost of games, prizes, presents, snacks, refreshments, a cake, a present for the mom-to-be, and decorations. But there are some great ways to...
Pass the Gift Baby Shower Game
Complete Baby Shower Checklist Are you a wedding planner who is reliable? Are you the soon to be mum and you want to know how to plan for your baby shower? If you are the chosen planner or you are a mum, we are going to look for a baby shower checklist of everything needed weeks and days before the...
The Price is Right Baby Shower Game
Price is Right Baby Shower Game Baby shower games are a fun way to involve guests in the celebration of a new arrival to the family. One of the most popular is the Price is Right baby shower game, an activity which lets players win prizes for making the closest guess to the price of baby items. The game is...
Baby Shower Diaper Game
One of the funnest parts of going to a baby shower is playing the different baby shower games! There are so many different games for babyshowers, and it seems like new ones are always being thought up.
Baby Shower Corsage Ideas
Beyond the planning of the baby shower games, menu, and décor, soon-to-be moms (and dads!) need to feel and look the part of the expectant parent. That is why a baby shower corsage adds a nice touch to any ensemble you wear to celebrate one of the biggest life events anyone can experience.
Bring a Book Instead of a Card Baby Shower Ideas
Are you looking for a fun baby shower idea? Here is one, bring a book instead of a card baby shower. It is a fantastic idea for making sure your baby has a well-stocked bookshelf or library.
Left Right Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Games If you are hosting a baby shower this season, you may find yourself searching Pinterest or other on-line sites looking for new and fun baby shower games. A baby shower is designed to shower the new mother with love (and gifts) that will help her when she comes home with her new baby. A mix of practical...
The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Ideas Want to make your baby shower into Seussville? For a fun and clever shower theme, the artwork and phrases from Dr. Seuss make for an excellent atmosphere. Colorful and tongue-in-cheek, Dr. Seuss parties offer a lot of different ideas, from “Green Eggs and Ham” baby shower brunch ideas to “Thing 1, Thing 2”...

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