Name five most important things every baby mama should bring when taking the little one out for a walk.

Diapers (obviously). Milk bottle. Water bottle. Few spare onesies. A bib or two. That’s already more than five, and we’re not even halfway through! Baby powder. A couple of pacifiers – the giraffe teether isn’t enough ‘cause she might toss it, or just get bored with it. A pack of wipes, a burp cloth. Oh, and a wet bag and hand sanitizer for yourself. Having a baby means always being ready for wet accidents.

Let’s not forget a blanket in case it gets cold, and a sunscreen in case it gets too bright.

And those are just mere essentials. It’s not that your imagination is running wild. This is just an inventory of things every baby might need at just about any moment, whether it’s convenient for you or not. So, you’d better get ready!

That’s Where Diaper Bags Come in

I can totally imagine how diaper bags got invented. One day, a busy mama stuffed so many baby things in her tote that she couldn’t find her own lotion. A friend she was having coffee with exclaimed: Wow, that’s such a neat idea – did they actually make a tote just for baby things???

Of course, a perfect diaper bag should be roomy enough to fit ALL mentioned baby items, and some of mama’s things too. And spaciousness is not all you need. You don’t want to be looking for a needle in a haystack every time you need that lipstick. Therefore, your ideal diaper bag should be well organized, with a bunch of big and small compartments, specialized for certain items.

Must-haves keep rolling. In recent years, diaper bags have become notorious for capacity not large enough to house everything you need, and for the inconvenience of having to drag them around – and they aren’t light at all.

… Or Diaper Backpacks

CoolBELL Baby Diaper Backpack with Insulated Pockets
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That’s why it’s great to have a diaper backpack, that would actually transfer the load from your arms to your shoulders and back. Another thing worth mentioning – a backpack frees your hands so you can fully commit to the baby instead of juggling between a stubborn wipe, the tote, and the baby itself.

Even sweeter, once you’re done with the diaper phase, you can ditch the word “diaper” and just call it a backpack. And use it like one – for hiking, cycling, gym sessions, photography classes, you name it.

There are many nice diaper backpack options on the market. Today, I picked the Coolbell Baby Diaper Backpack to review. Read on for features as well as yays and nays before you make your purchase decision. And, if you already have one, feel free to let me know if you agree with me!

Coolbell Baby Backpack For Diapers – Main Features

  1. 17.3 x 13.3 x 7.4 inches, 26 L in volume
  2. A side tissue pocket
  3. Side insulated pockets
  4. Two waterproof diaper pockets at the front
  5. Bottle compartment with three bottle slots
  6. Mesh compartment for towel or diapers
  7. Hidden zipper pocket for keys
  8. Main compartment for clothes
  9. A waterproof pocket on the bottom
  10. Spoon slots
  11. Diaper changing pad
  12. Insulated sleeve pouch
  13. Two stroller straps

A List of Yays

  • Very spacious. As you could see from the features above, this backpack really has a bunch of different compartments. You can put everything you need for the baby, plus tuck in a bunch of things for yourself. Just zip your car or house keys into the designated pocket. Carry your laptop or your toddler’s ipad along with all those clothes, towels, blankets, bottles, snacks.
  • Waterproof materials. When the baby makes an accident, just put the soiled clothes or diapers into one of the waterproof pockets. When you come home, just wipe them clean – no washing needed.
  • The tissue pocket is awesome. It actually has an opening beneath the lid that makes it super convenient to pull out a wipe without having to tug the whole package.
  • A bunch of insulated compartments. Milk, water or juice bottles have their designated spots – plus, there are insulated side pockets for more things you don’t wanna get spoiled, such as liquid baby formula. If that’s not enough, there’s the separate insulated pouch that comes with the backpack.
  • When full, it won’t lean on the side. It’s stable and will stand on its own. No need to worry it would trip over when you are taking a break on a bench.
  • Attach it to the stroller for more convenience. Your arms already praise the backpack. Your back will praise it even more because of this feature.
  • Versatility. As I mentioned above, this backpack will be great for any use. If you’re a dog or cat parent, just repurpose it to accommodate their snacks, toys, towels and accessories.
  • It’s unisex and stylish. You know how husbands sometimes are when it comes to design of a baby bag. This one is gender neutral and the color is very combinable, allowing both of you to wear it with just about any outfit.
  • Affordable. Diaper bags and backpacks are usually on the costly side. This one is pretty inexpensive considering what you get for the price.

A List of Nays

  • Be careful with the zippers. There are customer reports about zippers having broken after a few months of intense use. I don’t know if that has to do with the way different people handle them, but it won’t hurt to be gentle.
  • The stroller straps aren’t strong enough. It can be annoying if they break in the middle of your walk. However, this isn’t something that can’t be fixed.
  • Not every bottle will fit the bottle spots. For example, Dr. Brown wide-neck bottles are just too wide for the spots. As I mentioned above, there are other insulated sections for the bottles, but it would be nice if every brand and type would fit the designated spot.
  • The backpack itself is a little bit too heavy when empty. Since saving your back is one of the main points of getting a backpack instead of a diaper bag, this could be a bit of an issue.
  • The deep compartments tend to “swallow up” stuff. This is not necessarily a con. Some compartments are extra deep, all the way to the bottom. That means things will tend to sink to the bottom. Nothing that can’t be solved with a tad better organizing.
  • Chemical smell? Take this with a grain of salt since it comes from just a couple reviewers on Amazon, out of nearly 600. According to them, the product emits a very strong smell that is very hard to override.

That being said, you shouldn’t get discouraged by these drawbacks. Coolbell’s customer service is exceptional and you will almost certainly receive a refund or a new product if something isn’t right.

When you weigh in all you get with this backpack versus possible issues that happened to some people, the conclusion is clear. While this is probably not a diaper bag that will last forever (if such a thing exists), it will certainly cover most of the functions you need.

If you aren’t a baby parent yourself, you’re probably here in search for a baby shower gift idea. Go for it!

Have you had a chance to use this diaper backpack? If yes, let me know about your experience in the comments section!

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