cute baby dinosaurs illustrated in the jungle

Baby shower parties are all about babies and mothers. However, guests are mainly, if not all, adults. So, it is natural to choose a baby-appropriate theme, but it should be entertaining enough for adults as well. A dinosaur baby shower theme fits the mold perfectly. Every kid has a ‘dinosaur phase’ sooner or later, while grownups are fascinated with these ancient creatures as well.

Baby shower parties have a very long tradition. It goes all the way back as long as we remember. Ancient Indians, Egyptians, Greek, and Romans celebrated pregnancy and childbirth and showered a new mother or mother-to-be. It took various forms in different cultures and different ages, but it was always celebrated. Even today, celebrating mother and baby’s arrival differs widely in different cultures around the world. But, it is always a joyful event.

Most people enjoy going to parties and celebrations. It’s a whole different story when it comes to organizing such events. Throwing a great party can be a daunting and frustrating task. Some people would rather leave it all to party planners and enjoy the party just like the guests. However, you don’t really need a party planner for a baby showers party. It is a close and intimate event for family and close friends. With a couple of tips and tricks, it is actually easy to throw a great baby shower party.

happy dinosaur family posing and smiling

Make a Plan

Since the baby shower party has ancient roots, it is quite appropriate to go back in time even further for the theme. Let’s say 70 million years ago! But before we move on to dinosaurs, there are a few steps to take care of.

After you set the date and time that expectant mother chose, make the guest list and determine the budget. Then you have to consider the location. Can you fit all of your guests into the living room? Depending on the season, your backyard can be an option. But I wouldn’t recommend it because you can’t rely on a long-term weather forecast. If you have a larger guest list, a restaurant or hotel could be the solution.

Once you’ve done these basic preparations it is time to go Jurassic! 


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Before you start making dinosaurs or prehistoric jungle, send the invitations. Early invitations would allow your guests enough time to make sure they will come or to inform you if they can’t come. Of course, your invitations will announce not just the time and venue, but the theme as well.

Roaring, stomping, and chomping dinosaurs should put a smile on your guest faces even before the party. There’s plenty of cute and amazing designs for dinosaur baby shower invitations all over the internet.

Decorations and Food

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Decoration plans are more or less the same for all shower parties. You will need a lot of balloons, banners, and garlands. You just need ‘Jurassic’ ones. It means that you need to choose an appropriate color scheme. It is usually, green, yellow and brown. Mini dinosaur toys are simply adorable. You can scatter them around on the tables, or you can use them as party favors. I’d love to keep them so maybe you should purchase two sets of these. Make sure that you have an attractive banner at the entrance, along with a couple of balloons. Put some balloons and garlands on the walls, but keep enough of them for your centerpiece. 

As for the menu, you should offer drinks to your guests as soon as they arrive. Use dinosaur-themed cups. Actually, you could have a whole Jurassic set: plates, cups, and napkins. Cookies with dinosaur footprints are very effective and easy to make. Cupcakes are also convenient and with themed wrappers and toppers, they can be super-cute and delicious. For comprehensive shower party food, guide read our Best Baby Shower Food Ideas article.

Finally, prepare some party favors. Of course, they should fit the theme. I have already mentioned miniature dinosaur toys. Dinosaur lollipops can be a great parting gift for your guest’s little ones. You can also choose any presents you like and put them in party-themed bags.

Final Thoughts

Throwing a dinosaur-themed baby shower party isn’t such a big deal after all. It is so easy today to find hundreds of decorations to make it look spectacular. You really have a lot of options. However, don’t overthink it. Baby shower parties are all about getting together with people you care about and honoring the mother-to-be. Decorations, food, drinks, and games are just a bonus. So, don’t get too serious and enjoy it!