Teething is a part of a baby’s life that ushers the era of being able to devour solid diet. But the streams of drool produced by the little one can be really surprising for parents who are always wondering that how such a small baby is able to produce such massive amounts of drool.

The bandana bib is a stylish and trendy way to ensure that you do not have to do lots and lots of laundry while ensuring that the apparel of your little one remains dry and no dreaded drool rashes are created. This is a tutorial geared towards helping you sew your very own bandana bib for the lovely bundle of joy that you have been blessed with.

Material required

  • Two pieces of fabric (minimum size 22” x 8”)
  • Pins
  • Snap fasteners or Velcro or button
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Bandana bib pattern


Start off by printing this free bandana bib pattern onto a letter sized paper and trim it out. This pattern will be appropriate for kids aged between 3 months and 2 years.

While choosing a fabric, you need to ensure that it is highly absorbent otherwise it will not be able to catch the dreaded drool and so you will end up with a bib that is only aesthetically appealing but not functional at all. We recommend you to go for fabrics made of terry cloth, muslin, flannel or jersey knit cotton since these are highly absorbent materials and can be cleaned with remarkable ease. We chose an old baby towel and a kid’s t-shirt instead of purchasing a new fabric for our project.

Whether you opt for a new fabric or decide to use an older one, fold the fabric so that the entire pattern fits on the folded portion. Ensure that the pattern edge and the folded edge of the fabric are aligned along the segment that says FOLD.

If you do it in the correct manner, you will open the fold and bib piece such as the one shown in the figure below will be achieved.

Repeat the same procedure with the second fabric. If the second fabric is a bit difficult to fold like the t-shirt, simply place the first bib piece on the second fabric, and trim around that.

This will produce a couple of bib pieces of the same size and shape.

Now, pin the pieces of bib with the right sides aligned against each other. Begin along one of the bottom edges by using a 1/4” seam allowance to sew approximately all the way around the bib. Stop sewing from about 1.5” from where you began and leave some space for turning.

Now twist the bib right side out. Fold the edges of the space that was left for turning and press the seams crisp with the help of a hot iron. Now, by using a 1/8” seam allowance, stitch the majority of the bib from the top. You can sew it all the way but we prefer to leave the top edge a bit tender since that is where it will come in contact with your baby’s tender and delicate skin.

That’s looking pretty good, we suppose!

Now, we are going to add some kind of fastener to the ends. We have used the KAMsnaps but you can also go for Velcro or a real button and buttonhole. While using Velcro, sew the loop side on the inside so that the hook side does not irritate your little bundle of joy.

Now, attach the fasteners to the opposite sides of the fabric to allow the ends to overlap.

And this is your fist bandana bib. It cannot get simpler than this and you can go on sewing as many as you want.

Bandana bibs are ideal for both boys and girls and definitely can be termed as head turners when it comes to being trendy and stylish. They resemble the comfortable autumn scarf that your husband would love to have every so often during the fall season.

Put the bandana bibs with extreme care around your little one’s neck and also take care not to leave one on a sleeping baby. Use them only when you are with your baby.

If you have a busy and hectic routine, you may as well purchase a lovely bandana bib for your baby from the market. Here are some charming styles for your little ones.