The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Ideas

Want to make your baby shower into Seussville? For a fun and clever shower theme, the artwork and phrases from Dr. Seuss make for an excellent atmosphere. Colorful and tongue-in-cheek, Dr. Seuss parties offer a lot of different ideas, from “Green Eggs and Ham” baby shower brunch ideas to “Thing 1, Thing 2” cake pops, you can expect to start up conversations with your guests over each piece. Most of these ideas are also fun for those who love DIY and want to try something a little different to celebrate the arrival of their little ones.

From Dr Seuss baby shower decorations to activities and food, there are a number of different ways to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy. As always, it’s great to get friends and family involved in the planning so you can create some of these ideas from home.

Quick Rundown of Dr Seuss Baby Shower Ideas

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Cake

If you love Dr. Seuss, why not decorate a cake with your favorite saying from a Dr. Seuss cake or get custom decorations that reflect some of the best characters? For example, “A Cat in the Hat” cake can be changed to a “A Bun in the Oven” fairly quickly if you want to gear the cake more towards a baby shower theme. There are a variety of cake designs with blue, red, and white colors to reflect the most famous book from Dr. Seuss, but you could also do “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” with a pink or blue theme if you want to celebrate with a cute color scheme.

Cat in the Hat Cakes

These can be fun fondant cakes that stack up high to form a hat or celebrate the characters from the book like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The Whoville Cake

This can double as a holiday-themed baby shower cake. You can take all the characters from the book to celebrate kindness, family, and Cindy Lou-Who!

The Lorax Cake

This is a favorite character for children. You can build all types of cakes for the Lorax or Bar-Ba-Loo teddy bears as well.

Horton Hears a Who

This is a fun cake to build with lots of outlandish but cute characters. You can also change the theme to be focused on the upcoming baby’s arrival like “The Dr. Hears a Who.”

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Appetizers, Snacks & Food Ideas

There are a ton of dishes and desserts that you can prepare for the baby shower. We picked the ones that are easy to make and fun to share with friends.

Lorax Cake Pops

Sweet treats make showers better, right? The Lorax is a fun book and film that has interesting and cute characters, including the Lorax and Bar-Ba-Loots teddy bears. You can make these cake pops rather easily as well with chocolate or vanilla cake and some wooden picks. It’s also easy to mix different color frostings to go along with your theme.

Cat in the Hat Shakes

A little bit of fun in a glass, why, just ask! Cat in the Hat gives you some fun ideas with red stripes. You can make shakes using strawberries, milk, and whipped cream.

Green (Deviled) Eggs & Ham

Colorful, bright, and fun, these eggs and ham are a little bit different but perfect for an appetizer at your baby shower. You can dye the deviled part or the egg with this recipe.

The Butter Battle Book Bars

This recipe works for any part even if from one of Dr. Seuss’ lesser known works. Clever and fitting for the theme, these a rich, savory treat to add to your snack table for the shower.

Cheesy Tomato Cat in the Hat Crackers

If you need a quick appetizer that’s easy to make, why not try cheese and tomatoes on a tasty cracker? You can stack delicious mozzarella or cheddar with sliced grape tomatoes. You can have fun with these recipe and take cues from the book to make it even more sensational.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitations

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For sweet Dr Seuss baby shower ideas, invitations usually feature designs for a boy or girl. With Dr. Seuss themes, you can pick from any book such as “Cat in the Hat” or “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and invite your friends and family to your event with clever phrases from the book. Typical colors for Dr. Seuss books are red, white, bright blues, yellows, oranges, and green. It all depends on what you would like to do with your invitations. You can work with Vistaprint or another online print shop to print out a Dr. Seuss invitation. You can find some invitations on Etsy that are already pre-made for “Oh the places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Games

There are a lot of games that you can play that are typical baby shower games with a Dr. Seuss twist. You can also set up areas using Dr Seuss baby shower decorations.

Pull a Question from the Cat in the Hat

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume Hat
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This one is absolutely fun and easy! All you need is “A Cat in the Hat” tall hat with red and white stripes. One of the funnest games at a baby shower is to play the mommy and daddy’s secrets game, where you gather questions from the mommy and daddy before the party to important questions that are fun to share in front of the parents without them knowing the answers!

There are lots of “Cat in the Hat” hats that you can find on Amazon like

First, talk to the mom and dad separately to gather their answers for questions related to the baby. Some of your quests might be:

Did you want a girl or boy?

Where were you when you found out the news?

What were you thinking when you found out?

What do you want your child to be when he or she grows up?

What sport will your child play?

What names did you think about for your baby first?

Next, put all the questions with the answers on flash cards or other paper into the hat. Ask the parents the questions at the party after pulling out of the cat. The answers can then be read by both parties as a fun surprise.

Because I Said So

You can ask guests to write down their favorite sayings from Dr. Seuss in the books or even a parenting phrase but in the style of Dr. Seuss rhymes. All the slips go in the bowl and get mixed up. Everyone can pick from the bowl and guess who made it up, and whether or not they would say it their kid as a form of parenting advice.

Don’t Drop Thing 1 or Thing 2

This is a fun game for outdoor baby showers. For this game, you’ll need hard-boiled eggs and food coloring, as well as markers. You will need two eggs for this game that you can paint to represent Thing 1 or Thing 2. The guests then have to carry the eggs in a spoon, escalating from different fingers to teeth until there is only one person left who has not dropped the egg. The goal can be to carry both eggs across the finish line without dropping them.

Dr. Seuss Bingo

You will need some blank BINGO cards and Dr. Seuss stickers to create the cards. You can draw random stickers until someone calls out BINGO. You can give away Dr. Seuss themed prizes, gift cards, or other gifts to the winners.

Dr. Seuss Decorations

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For this party, you have all kinds of dreamy, clever, and colorful ideas from various Dr. Seuss books. There are a lot of goofy but fun characters to play around with as well, including Cat in the Hat, Lorax, the Bearensteins, Cindy Lou-Who, and many others. You can also use various phrases to set up a relaxed yet playful atmosphere for your party.

There are a ton of decorations for Dr. Seuss. This pack covers most of the Seussville characters with removable wall decorations.

You can also try this red and white tablecover party accessory:

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Dr. Seuss Plates and Napkins

You can purchase a variety of different plates and napkins online that are themed after different Dr. Seuss characters. You can purchase red and white cups or different Dr. Seuss book party sets that have candles, cups, plates, napkins, and more.

Here is a Dr. Seuss party pack for 32:

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Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl Party

You can buy miniature fish bowls online and fill theme with fish candy. These are fun to make at the party or can be pre-made to hand out at the baby shower.

Seussville Character Cutouts

There are a number of different templates or purchasable cutouts for Dr. Seuss. This includes characters like Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Lorax, Sam-I-Am, Cindy Lou Who, the Lorax, the Whos, Joey, Mayzie, and Horton the Elephant.

There are also some phrases like “Oh the places you’ll go” to string up over the party table to celebrate the baby shower theme.

These are some cardboard stand-up characters that you can purchase on Amazon:

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You can use these Dr. Seus-themed letters to spell out your phrases:

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Baby Shower Diaper Cake Ideas

This is a fun activity to do at the party if you have lots of diaper, multi-colored ribbons, and some letters to spell out different phrases from Seussville. The most iconic would be the Cat in the Hat theme, but you can also use diapers and Seussville cutouts to create any diaper cake modeled after your favorite book.

There are some easy instructions on for creating a fun Cat in the Hat style diaper cake.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Crafts

Want to create something that your baby shower guests can remember the event by and share on social media? These are a few of the fun ideas that have caught our eye for the iconic use of different characters and sayings from Seussville.

Cat in the Hat Cookies

You can stack vanilla cookies, red frosting to create the perfect Cat in the Hat cookie tower treats to take home. You can give these away as party favors for your guests to take home as well.

Horton Elephant Ears and Trunk

You can create different accessories to take in front of a ringlight set up for photos at your baby shower, or you could create other masks from different Seussville characters. These allow your guests to get together and take photos, post to social media, and celebrate your big day with the party’s theme.

Sign My Baby Book

You can purchase a larger-sized Cat in the Hat book or other Dr. Seuss book and ask that your guests write messages for your baby in the book. This is a great activity for guests to use to sign their names and write messages that you can keep for a lifetime.

The “Happy Birthday to You” hardcover is a great gift that you can also use for a guestbook. You can find it on Amazon:

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Dr. Seuss Thank You Cards

You can print out Dr. Seuss Thank You cards or you can create your own using images and phrases from your favorite book. You can thank each guest with a different character that they like or you can create a basic template with a personalized message inside.

Have you used Dr. Seuss for your baby shower? What kinds of activities did you do with your guests? You can post your ideas to add to our list and make fun memories for mothers-to-be!

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