Essential Potty Training Accessories

Potty training accessories come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and fulfill a whole wide range of things. These potty training accessories will become essential to the process of toilet training your child. It will provide them with the tools to find success in the bathroom.

A big part of toilet training is providing your child with the confidence they need to use the bathroom independently. These potty training accessories might help them find the confidence that they need. Potty training accessories can come in the form of:

  • ​Potty chairs
  • ​Seat reducers
  • ​Stools
  • playFlushable wipes
  • playProgress charts
  • playVarious kid-friendly cleaning supplies
  • ​Kid friendly soaps
  • ​Underwear they like
  • ​Easy pull-up pants
  • playTraining underpants
  • playMattress covers

​The Most Important Accessories

Accessories the most important ones:

Potty Seats

Potty seats are little independent potties that are ideal for kids who are quite recently starting to abandon the diaper. The idea behind why potty seats are so typical is on account of they are a great deal less demanding for little youngsters to use, and they are significantly less scary than our large adult toilets.

Potty Seats Traning

Potty seats come in many shape, varieties, and colors. It’ll be anything but difficult to discover one that is particularly suited to your youngster’s needs. You may even be able to find one with their most loved cartoon character on it. A potty that your youngster appreciates will enable him to better conform to the change.

Seat Reducers

Seat reducers are essentially more affordable than conventional independent potties, but at the same time, they’re marginally less viable.

A seat reducer is a gadget that sits over a classic toilet seat, which changes the toilet seat to a size that is more pleasing to a little kid. Most seat reducers can be removed and put back on because having one on every toilet in the house can get a little inconvenient.

Seat Reducers

Saying this doesn’t imply that that seat reducers are meritless in any case.


A little stool that will enable your tyke to get up to a toilet with a seat reducer can be convenient. The stool can likewise be utilized to allow for your child to reach the sink and wash their hands, which is another critical piece of toilet training.

Some potty seats may also double as a stool for washing hands.

Training Pants

Training pants are right in the middle of diapers and regular underwear. They can be compelling in educating your kid to perceive the impression of ruined clothing in a way that is not quite the same as a diaper.

Training Pants

Training pants come in various sorts so it’s ideal to find the kind that will work best for you. These training pants are expendable like diapers, yet feel distinctive because they enable your kid to feel wetness.

With training pants, your kid realizes that he’s had a mishap, yet the accident is contained, so it doesn’t soil his garments.

Other Accessories

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are small, wet toilet wipes that are more suited for use by toddlers and kids potty training than regular toilet paper. When purchasing baby wipes, opt for the flushable ones that are less likely to mess with your plumbing.

Baby Wipes

The soft wet wipes are better than traditional toilet paper because they’re much softer, and make the cleanup a lot easier.

Kid Friendly Soap

A big part of potty training is teaching your child about proper hygiene, and a big part of maintaining adequate bathroom hygiene is the washing of hands. Have your child help pick out a hand soap that will motivate them to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Small children love bubbles, and so that can be something to keep in mind when choosing a hand soap that encourages good hygiene habits. Pick soap that makes bubbles or a dispenser that foams to allow for a more fun experience for the child.


Getting underwear for the first time can be exciting for a toddler, and even a significant motivating factor in getting them to be comfortable with getting out of their diapers. Your child will surely become excited about the process and in a positive state of mind is crucial to your success.

Underwear Baby

When picking out underwear, have your child choose colors, themes, characters and patterns that are familiar to them, and that they enjoy. This will make them feel good about their new underwear and proud.

Easy Pull-Up Pants

When first beginning to potty train, timing is crucial. Those few extra seconds of your child trying to deal with pants that are hard to remove can result in an unwanted accident. It’s important to provide your child with pants that are easy to take on and off, to aid them as much as possible in going to the bathroom independently.

Find some pants that have a loose elastic waist, and no zippers or some buttons. Look for something that your child can quickly get off and pull down in an emergency.

Progress Charts

Progress charts are little charts that you can fill up with stickers or check marks that track your child’s progress when potty training.  Every time your child successfully uses the potty, place a star or a check mark on the progress chart for the week.

The idea is that your child is building up to some reward after getting a certain number of stars or check marks. This helps promote potty use.


There are all sorts of potty training accessories that can be of great help to you.  Knowing what you need and why will be very helpful when it comes down to potty training your child and being prepared. Now that you know what you need, you’re better equipped to deal with whatever may come.

Raising a child is a lot of work, and sometimes people need a little extra help. Luckily we live in a time where we have access to all sorts of products and accessories which can assist us on our journey.